bixby key toggle
Image credits: Sammobile

Even though Samsung had high hopes for Bixby, the troubled AI has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. To start with, the full-fledged Bixby Voice was promised on the Galaxy S8 launch but it was only announced working a day ahead of the Galaxy Note 8 launch. All that time, the Bixby button was the scourge of Galaxy S8 users worldwide. Because it didn’t serve any good purpose. Rightly so, people started searching ways to disable the unwanted button. And there were some apps on the Play Store that could do that. But not for long. Samsung didn’t want people to neglect its love child in that manner. So, these apps were made redundant quickly.

Now, we learn that Samsung finally understands the pain and suffering of these users. In a new update, Samsung has added a setting toggle that lets users that deactivates the button. This setting can be found in the Bixby settings menu. Users will start seeing the toggle after the update at the top of Bixby Home. But that doesn’t mean Bixby Home is going to disappear. It can still be accessed via a left swipe from the home screen.

One more thing worth noting is that the implementation isn’t appearing for everyone. It seems to be random. Some devices have reportedly got the toggle while some have not. But, it assures us that at least Samsung is working on it.

Samsung’s reluctance in allowing the remapping earlier was to get users on the Bixby platform more and more. And that was only possible through a button. A physical button goes to great lengths in reminding users of its existence.