Google Pixel XL 2

Google’s Pixel line smartphones is about to turn one and it’s successors, the Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2 will be officially launched on October 4. While many leaked images of the HTC built phone have surfaced earlier, latest reports reveal more details as to what to expect on the software side of things.

This is based on a tweet from @ArtemR, the founder of AndroidPolice. The details are supposedly from someone who got his hands on a Version unit of the Pixel 2.

To start things off, the new Pixels will come with a redesigned Pixel launcher. The Google search bar has been relocated and it now sits right above the navigation bars instead of the top of the home screen. The Google homepage is also said to sport a new look.

Disappointingly, the Google Pixel 2 will not feature dual camera’s on the rear. With every manufacturer moving to this trend this year, it was expected that Google will follow. Although, the Google Pixel 2 will receive a Portrait mode which will blur out the background and highlight the subject. It is worthy to note that dual camera’s provide way more functionality than just a portrait mode. They can provide loss-less zoom or a wide field of view.

Another neat addition is the always-on music recognition feature that will display song and artist information on the lock screen while the song is playing. Also, the Pixel 2 will feature a squeezable frame just like the HTC U11 which will perform different actions based on the intensity of squeeze.

Google mocked the iPhones for the removal of the headphone jack last year and the news is that the Pixel 2 will skip on it this time. How ironic is that! However, the Pixel 2 will include dual stereo speakers unlike it’s predecessor.

While the Pixel 2 is not expected to become more expensive, the Pixel XL 2 is rumoured to cost more than the Pixel XL. Apart from the Pixel smartphones, Google is also expected to unveil the PixelBook, a Google Home Mini and a new Daydream VR on October 4.