How to root Asus Zenfone 2 Laser| Unlock Bootloader| Install TWRP
How to root Asus Zenfone 2 Laser| Unlock Bootloader| Install TWRP

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL announced on August 2015 comes with an Octa-core CPU which seems enough to power your daily needs & manage to offer decent battery life. But, if you are a gamer or use your device lot, you’ll experience slowing down because of heavy Apps like Facebook, Messenger etc. Most people remove those Apps to improve performance. While some try the other way i.e rooting their device. If you don’t know about rooting, you can refer our Everything about rooting guide. Most of the guides available online are mostly hard to follow or doesn’t work. Before rooting Asus Zenfone 2 Laser , read the disclaimer. So, lets get started with rooting Zenfone 2 Laser.


You device’s warranty may be void after following below mentioned instructions. If any thing goes wrong and you end up with a bricked or semi-bricked device then neither our site or any of these app developers will be responsible. So, try these instructions at your own risk.

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Prerequisite for rooting Zenfone 2 Laser:

  • Additionally, you must have a windows PC.
  • Install USB drivers for your Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL.
  • Goto Settings -> About and tap multiple times continuously on “Build number” to active “Developer options” and then goto Settings -> Developer options and enable “Usb debugging” option.

Update:  Working On Latest Update Of Marshmallow

Download Rooting Tools:

Note: Its Not Compulsory to Unlock Bootlader For Marshmallow Users.

How to Root Asus Zenfone 2 Laser (ZE550KL)

How to unlock Bootloader

Step 1: Download all the above tools & transfer all the Apk files in your device.

Step 2: Now Install ZE550KL Bootloaderunlocker.apk in Your Device. Follow Below Screenshot Instruction.

Step 3: Extra ‘ADB Fastboot Tool.rar’

Select Extract To ADB Fastboot Tool
Select Extract To ADB Fastboot Tool

How to Install TWRP Recovery

Step 1: Move ze550kltwrp.img into extracted ‘ADB Fastboot Tool.rar’ folder.

Step 2: Now in ADB Fastboot folder open command windows by Pressing Shift+Right click –> open command windows here. See In Below Image For Easy Understanding.!

Select Open-Command-Window-Here
Select Open-Command-Window-Here

Step 3: Now Enter the Following command in Command Window. (click Ok if Prompt on Your Device)

adb Devices
adb devices
adb devices

It will return your device code which confirms you have installed all the files properly.

Step 4: Now to reboot your device into Fastboot mode which allows flashing files, enter the below command in command prompt. or else you can Manually Reboot To Fastboot Mode By Switch off Your Phone And Press Volume Up + Power Key Together.

adb reboot bootloader
adb reboot bootloader
adb reboot bootloader

Step 5: Now to flash the TWRP recovery, just enter the below command.

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
Installing TWRP
Installing TWRP

Once the flashing process gets completed, your device will automatically reboot into TWRP recovery.

Rooting (SuperSU)

First Install TWRP Recovery Using Above Steps 1 to 8.

Step 1: Place The Downloaded SuperSu File into Your Device SD Card or Internal Storage.

Step 2: Boot Into Recovery And Select Install. Now Locate SuperSu Pro.Zip File in Your Device And Flash it.TWRP-Recovery

Step 3: Most Important Part Of Rooting is Patience wait For Minimum 5 Minutes to Boot Your Device. Hurry.. You Done it Well. Check Your Device Root Status By Any Root Checking App. 😀


Now you can flash different mods, custom roms, kernels & lot more. If you are a Xposed lover, you can refer our guide of Installing Xposed Framework & installer in Marshmallow. If you are new to rooting, you can check best apps for rooted Smartphones. You can checkout few mods for improving battery life & performance.

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He is a Gujju Guy who loves to try out new stuffs and explore Technology. Always tries to find the most easiest & efficient way to do a job. He is a Proud Geek and tech enthusiast, who is ardent to learn more about the technology that surrounds us. He loves to tinker around with his gadgets and when he find something new and exciting, he shares it on Devs-lab. Last but not the least he is a true gamer by heart.

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  • Susaa

    Just a heads up, there’s a mistake in the guide.
    When you’re flashing the recovery you gotta enter “fastboot flash recovery twrp.img”, the “recovery” part is missing from the guide.

  • John Manalansan

    I did ALL the steps and when i reboot to recovery. it goes back to stock recovery. What seem to be the problem here?

    • Vasu S

      Me too facing same problem. Any solution for go into twrp mode

  • John Manalansan

    Hi. where is the ADB Fastboot Tool.rar ? located? I already downloaded all the files.

  • ညီ ေနမင္း

    IT is 1000% work in Asus_Z00LD
    Thz Men

  • danang

    My asus zen550kl bootloader is still locked! I’m already try unlock with ur apk. But, when i want press to lock the device. Ther is some notification “ur not insert device pin to verify ur device” but when i press ok, my device is still lock. How to fix it? PLEASE HELP

  • danang

    Hey. Anyone can help me? My asus ze550kl on mm. Already unlock the boatloader. My question is. How if we want to relock the boatloader? Because before unlocking, i’m forgot to make nandroid backup. Thanks before

    • Vikas Samdare

      Buddy there no need to relock bootloader .I assume you followed above guide and able to boot in costume recovery twrp,there you have option to backup,make sure you back up to your external store rather than internal.

  • Yokesh

    Hi, I am having resurrection remix os nougat in my phone Where I am using two networks one is jio and another one is Vodafone , If I change the data connection to Vodafone the cellular network is disappearing, Kindly help me on it.

    • Vinayak Nag

      keep the data sim in sim slot 1

  • Reyann Duquez

    How long it will take to boot after rooting? Mine is already 20 mins. still booting.

  • Alessandro

    Hi Everyone. I solved the SuperSu installation problem downloading the last apk from internet (2.79) and installing it manually.
    Just google “SuperSu latest version zip file”.
    Now my phone is rooted.

  • Ananthajith S

    thank you so much. It worked. as you said unlocking bootloader wasn’t needed for marshmallow.
    Thanks once again

  • Chinmoy Roy

    why is it saying remote:unlock phone to use this command ….i am on marshmelllow

  • Gg

    Not working….
    APK only not installing first step failed!!

  • Anandha Narayanan

    Hello Admn, I followed all the steps mentioned above. My device is visible when I pass ADB devices command. But once in to FastBoot Mode, my device is not getting identified. The Cmd Prompt is showing . Can you help here?

    • Chinmoy Roy

      Get asus USB driver for pc.. Connect you ph. Open device manager and update driver.

  • Peerawat Zhin

    super su saying binary update needed and if i update it shows installation failed and reboot

  • hai

    from where to extract adb fastboot tool

  • Sagar Dabodia

    it’s not working

  • 何品謙

    thank you so much!!!

  • sharukh shaikh

    I have installed Unlock Tool. It was showing network error but i was having a secure connection…please help..having marshmallow…

  • Cyriac Smith


  • Abhijit


    I got Asus zenfone 2 laser 550KL running Android 6.0.1(v21.40.1220.1998_20). Installed the new bootloader unlocker for Marshmallows & went to fastboot, installed TWRP (v2.7) and installed inbuild (TWRP’s Su binary). After reboot it does not start but gets stuck at home screen (Asus In search of incredible logo with loading sign). Kindly help. Let me know what should I do next.

    • Khai

      If You’re On Marshmallow Firmware Version 1877,1943 or 1998, you don’t need to unlock your bootloader. The good part is it won’t void your phone’s warranty.

    • Vikas Samdare

      This seems the problem of bootloader also called soft brick , i assume you are able to boot in to recovery (twrp) try after wiping factory data (factory reset + dalvik cache).Try this and let me know the status.

  • Bayu Toffano


  • Gokul Perumal

    So, after rooting my phone, i proceeded to install a custom rom, at the twrp menu i formatted the current rom through advanced formatting…after that i went to the sd card through the twrp menu to install the custom rom, something happened and now my phone is on a boot-loop, the only way im able to access my phone is through the asus recovery mode..

  • Try Downloading Correct Rom And Flash Agian,

  • May Be Its BootLoop.. Flash Stock Firmware Again.

  • Radix Alzo

    super su saying binary update needed and if i update it shows installation failed and reboot

    • Try Flashing Latest Version OF SUper

      • Peerawat Zhin

        File Expire

  • Suyash Prasad Hello Geeks,

    I have tried the above method but it fails to root the device. My Device build number is attached

  • Hamza

    Hi my device isnnt starting its stick on in search of incredible i waited for 10 houts butstill plz give smsolution

  • Aljen

    Hi admin, I recently tried this process however when I was at the point wherein I had to flash ze550kltwrp.img, I get this error

    FAILED (remote: unlock device to use this command)

    Note: I have already unlocked my device by using the unlock tool within the link.

    • Try rooting the device using KingRoot. If it doesn’t, your bootloader is still locked.

    • Its Means Your Bootloader is Still Locked. You Have To unlock Bootloader First.

    • Abhinay

      I too face the same problem. Did you find any solution. Few people say no need to unlock bootloader in Marshmallow.

  • Ravi teja

    i have flashed twrp ..but when i go to recovery using power+vol down button..its still the stock recovery..not me

    • Try flashing TWRP through flashify app.

    • Flash TWRP By This Command: fastboot flash twrp.img
      and reboot again. it will work 101%.

  • Pollic

    This Guide Needs Update.Unlocker Don’t Working And Guide Say ”Its Not Compulsory to Unlock Bootlader For Marshmallow Users.” But Even İf I Don’t Unlock Bootloader It’s Still Not Working.

    • This Guide Is Working Fine For Me. And All info is Updated. Thank For Your Comment

  • Aman Raturi

    This method worked for me at
    Version WW-21.40.1220.1877

    I wanted to know if the same would work on
    Version WW-21.40.1220.1943
    as it has JIO VoLTE Issue fix. Please reply as soon as possible.

    • Aman Raturi

      Hello ??? Admin there ??

    • Yup., 90% Chances. But You May Try Ur Luck

  • Mustard Sandwich

    Please help the unlock device app for marshmallow is not work please reply fast

    • No Need to Unlock Bootloader For Marshmallow Users


    New Bootloader Unlocker App is not working. It always shows this error. I have Asus Ze550kl

  • Swapnil Gawali

    there is no such file exist like ADB Fastboot, this guide is incomplete, P.S. i have installed Minimal Fastboot Tool.exe but dont know how to use it, no instructions given in this guide.

    • Check under “Download Rooting Tools:”, you’ll find a link for “Minimal ADB Fastboot Tool”. That post contains everything in detail.

      • vijay

        after installing minimal fastboot tool goto local disc c in tha program folder u find minial fd folder then move ze550kltwrp.img file and proced to next step

  • Rahul patil

    ther is no file option to downlod ;;;‘ADB Fastboot Tool.rar’ …………..the ffile is missing.give me downlod linl

  • Muhammad Yazid Mahadhir

    Im having a problem when im flashing Cyanogenmod 14.1 on my Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL.When I tried to install the Cyanogenmod 14.1 using TWRP,it said that the file that i download is not compatible for Ze550kl but for osprey.In addition,I just noticed that when i plug my phone with my computer,it shown that my phone name is Moto G 2015.Can you suggest anyway to fix this?Thanks in advanced

    • if you Mount Your Device While Using TWRP it Always Shows You MOTO G in PC..!!

      • Rahul Agarwal

        what to do?
        install cwm?

  • Tahta Kenang

    thanks bro, its work!!!… 😀

  • Bharadwaj Aleti

    hey i just had unlocked bootloader ony device( ASUS ZENFONE 2 LASER ZE550KL) but when i try to flash twrp and install supersuzip its not showing any errors but its saying failed, no matter how many i try to do. not only installing zip but nothing is happening on twrp cannot flash zip files,cannot wipe cache/dalvick, cannot enter into adb sideload.

    i tried with custom recovery its saying cannot map files, instillation aborted, same error in cynogenmode recovery, i tried with adb sideloader too same error

    help me i want to root my device but its not happining

  • Shridhar

    I have successfully rooted my ASUS ZOOLD marshmallow 6.0.1 ,But when I try to open superSU app it gives popup “The SU binary needs to be updated continue ?” & after continuing it says “installation failed ! please reboot and try again”

    Please help how to resolve this issue..Thanks

    • Vijay patel

      We Updated SuperSU to Latest Version v2.78. Now Flash This New Zip File And Let Us Know Your Problem Solved Or Not.?

    • Flash Latest Version Of Super Done. Problem Solved..!!

  • nivu

    I rooted my ZenFone 2 laser but its super su binary is not getting updated plsss help bro
    I sent u the screenshot on Facebook

    • Vijay patel

      We Updated SuperSU to Latest Version v2.78. Now Flash This New Zip File And Let Us Know Your Problem Solved Or Not.?

    • Vijay patel

      We Updated SuperSU to Latest Version v2.78. Now Flash This New Zip File And Let Us Know Your Problem Solved Or Not..?

    • Flash Latest Version Of Done. Problem Solved..,!!

  • Edson Krauss

    I’m with the error “You did not enter the PIN device. still want to unlock the device.” accepted and I click OK it restarts when the CMD “fastboot boot ze550kltwrp.img” in fastboot, and appears to Feedback “failed

    • may be device is Still Locked. Check Status Of Bootloader By fastboot check device oem-info

  • Jeet

    Hey i m on lollipop version but get error unloack device what should i do even i install unloack app

    • try Latest Unlocker Apk And Let Us Know It Works For You Or Not?

      • Karthik K

        Where can I find the latest version of unlocker app for ze550kl ??? Please pass the link.

  • Ekansh

    Unlock app is not able to unlock device…..any 100% fix to this..??

    where is the ADB Fastboot Tool.rar …its not given in the above link..

    plz update this thread to all latest info and tools properly working ..

    • Vijay patel

      Guide Is Already Updated.. Try Again.

      Thanks For Your Support.

    • Shubham singh

      Yes after updating to 6.0 the new unlock tool app is able to unlock the bootloader at once.

      Thakyou for this new app.

      • Karthik K

        Where can I find new unlocking app for my Asus Zenfone laser 2 ze550kl ??! Please pass the link anyone .

  • Fiber

    No data loss detected

  • Fiber

    Took me a while to find the solution. Try finding working drivers for your PC and do NOT forget to reboot your PC after downloading and installing them. Rooted my phone successfully. Thank you so much!

  • Rohit Sasanamari

    Wiill there is data loss in this method

    • Vijay patel

      no Data Loss in This Method..!!

      • jiss

        sir when i click open command window nothing will be display what will do it shows users c desktop pls give a solution

        • Vijay patel

          You Have To Open The Adb Folder..

          Then Press Shift Button and DO not Release it till You Press Rgt Click On Mouse..(Shift Key+Rgt click). You will Have New Context Menu.. in That Click On Open CMD Prompt Here. Done.

  • lokesh

    this steps don’t work for marshmellow . . .no matter what the admin says. . .as the unlock bootloader app won’t work. so just downgrade ur device.

  • akihiro

    i tried all your step and its succesfull but when i open my phone is stock in logo screen ? please help me my mom will get angry if she see this

    Sent From Asus Zenfone laser Ze550KL, Asus_Z00LD

    • Vijay patel

      if you got bootloop. Just flash StockRom Using ADB. Done

      NOTE: All Data Will Erased.

      • akihiro

        how to flash stockrom?

  • Daniel Raj

    Where is “ADB Fastboot Tool.rar” ???

  • deeraj

    Hi bro that unlock device tool is showing unfortunately stopped what to do….?

    • Manish

      to unlock bootloader with above methof you should be on lollipop only then you can successfully unlock bootloader after bootloader unloacked you have to manually install each update to go to mashmallow with stock boot images and stock recovery and firmware update files after you are on marshmallow you can go ahead with flashing Cyanogenmod ROM

      • Vijay patel

        MR. manish As We Updated Guide. and Given Two Different Tools For Marshmallows And Lollipop Users. So This Guide Is Now Worked For All Zenfone Laser Users..!!

  • Sarath

    Hi Vijay
    I tried to unlock Bootloader many times using the app, but finally the reply is “the device is unlocked”
    But if I check the status in fastboot with “fastboot oem device-info” it shows “false”

    So unable to flash twrp

    Please help…
    And send me solution to my mail id

    [email protected]

  • Pawan


    • Sumit

      Haan yaar it seems to be impossible

      • Vijay patel

        Plz Try Again With New Updated Tool.. On The Above Guide.. And Let Us Know It Is Working For You Or Not..

        Thanks For Support!

  • spencer

    i was stuck in asus logo after i flash superSU …. help me pls….!!!!!

    • yosh

      hi i too having same problem what to do? after that

      • Antony Stinil

        i also had the same problem. After i install superSU it would restart and get stuck. and i removed battery and go to recovery but it would go to stock recovery. I did try stupid things to try flash CMod rom, and SUperSU, but it showed signature error and same problem persisted. Finally mine is working and having cyanogenmod but still twrp is gone, i have only stock recovery. Though i am not sure how i got it to work but i did this thing. You see the problem is with the TWRP and the supersu here in this page.

        Before you try this please download the stock rom from Asus website.
        And dont keep anythhing else in your sd card. because my sdcard also got formateed with this.

        1 ) I searched in google for “ latest” and download the latest one from someother site.
        2 ) And i searched in google for TWRP for “Asus Laser 550kl” and i found the url in a webpage called “” .i downloaded the version “twrp-3.0.2-5-Z00L”.
        3 ) I connected phone to my laptop and opened ADB and typed “fastboot boot twrp-3.0.2-5-Z00L.img”.
        4 ) this TWRP version is different from the one in this webpage. So this one did not show any error when i first installed SUPERSU and then continued with CyanogenMOd from this page. And wipe cache and dalvik cache.
        5 ) And it restarted and i waited for 15 -20 seconds…voila… I can see the cyanogen mod logo…
        6 ). Though i have installed CMod, my recovery is back to stock rom and my sd card got formatted. And i want to change to TWRP.
        7) First i willl download the stock rom and try these in case i mess up something.

  • Khel

    Bootloader not working. It says “unlock device tool stopped”. My unit is Asus ZE550KL 6.0.1

    • Vijay patel

      try New Unlocker App Updated In Above Guide..!!

  • Dexter

    Hello brother, I’m using ze550kl running on lollipop. I cannot unlock my boot loader using the app given here or by using the latest version of the same app from ASUS official website. How can I solve this? Please help. After trying the app, phone restarts and the software update notification pops up.
    s/w version: ww_1.17.40.1531

    • DEXTER

      Why no help from anyone?:(

    • Dexter

      I asked for help in July and now it’s almost getting a month! No-one knows , not even the founder admin of this trick, why or what to do!!

      • Vijay patel

        Bro. We tried Our Best To give You Guyz Solution.!! This Is The Only Method Which Was Worked For All Asus Zenfone Laser user. In Some Cases this Method is Not Working. We Request You to Follow Method Carefully. Bcz This Is The Only one Method By using You Can Root Ur Device. If You Unable To Do that.Wait For Post To be Updated. We Will notify You When ever we Got another Way Of Rooting.

        Thank You.

        • Dexter

          Alright admin. Hope you’ll update thus thread with a new working method. Thanks.

          • Vijay patel

            we Updated Guide.. Plz Try again And Let Us Know It Working For You or Not..

            Thanks For Support

  • apoorv

    hi my name is apoorv from india
    so i m at twrp recovery and have downloaded the beta supersu on my phone in downloads when i install that zip file it gave me nothing at root checker it said my phone has not been rooted
    it says like i m only half rooted or something or like not properly rooted

  • Zecen

    error : can’t load ze550kltwrp.img

    how to fix it ?

    • Vijay patel

      plz follow guide and place twrp.img file in adb folder. then go through step you will got your solution.

  • revank

    thanks I’ve succeeded in root my asus zenfone ze550kg , have now I want to ask how to twrp be permanent?

    • Vijay patel

      there is no way currently for twrp to be permanent but we will surely update guide after get any way to do so..!!

  • priyesh

    My device is ZenFone 2 laser ze550kl with latest 6.0 stock rom. I am not able to use unlock boot loader app. Asus has removed that app from their site also i realy want to root and flash cm13 if u have any solution please sent link and files to my email [email protected]

    • Vijay patel

      plz.. Try New Unlocker App Update On Above Guide..

      Thanks For Support.

  • revank

    This tutorial can for Asus Zenfone 2 laser ze550kg?

    • Vijay patel

      its only for ze550 KL but yes. You Can Just Follow Guide. but Need Different Files For Flashing.

  • Francis Goh


    Your steps will NOT work on Marshmallow 6.0.1 version.
    Even the XDA sites are confirming that the latest Boot Unlocker will NOT work on Marshmallow 6.0.1.

    • Vijay patel

      try New App Updated On Above Guide..!! 😀

  • Rodrigo Rafael

    root ok no Marshmallow test……How to unroot of Marshmallow?

    • Vijay patel

      Open Super Su. App.. And Go to Option. Now Select Full Unroot. And App Will Unroot Your Device Automatically

      • Hemanth kumar N

        Any thing happens for device (brick or lost twrp back up)

        • Vijay patel

          no… no data loss in that.

  • Sangeeth

    Hello buddy,

    Since you’ve updated this thread, you should’ve included the latest version of TWRP which is v3.0 I think. So can we flash the latest version instead of the version listed here? If so please update the thread again hosting the latest twrp update.


    • Vijay patel

      We Not Even Tried To Flash Latet TWRP. As The Old Version is Working Perfect And Ni Bugs There. But Yes. You Can Flash Latest TWRP Version. 😀

  • elen

    how about zenfone 2 ZE550ML?

    • Vijay patel

      Soon We Will post Rooting Guide For Zenfone 2. Stay Connected With Us. 😀

      • Vijay patel

        We Updated Guide For Zenfone 2 Root. Click Here To Root Your Device.!!

  • imran

    Nice article.

    I have one question, can I install Android 6 WW directly on Anroid 5 CN version?

    • Vijay patel

      you have to first update your device to V.1.17 after that you can go to marshmallow.!! 😀

  • siddharth

    hey can anyone provide me the link to stock recovery of android m for asus zenfone 2 laser 550kl and a steps to do that im unable to do hardreset plz help

  • Marcos

    Thanks, works fine to me! I was having problem with adb, it couldn’t recognize my device, but the trouble was in the cable. When I change the cable everything works just perfect. Best tutorial for asus zenfone 2 laser that i ever found. cheers!

    • Vijay patel

      Thanks For Your Valuable Comment.
      keep Visiting Devs-lab For More Stuff.

      Cheers!! 😀

  • Soumik Das

    After Marshmallow The Bootloader Unlock App Isn’t Working Stopped Working,I Want To Root Please Fix This.

    • Vijay patel

      Try Again Using Above guide. Its Working. 😀

      • Sarathlal

        it doesn’t work on marshmallow

        • Vijay patel

          its work man.!! Proof is Already Given in Screenshot. See in Tutorial Last Step..!!

          • Subha

            Not working on Marshmallow.

            • Vijay patel

              its working man.!! Proof is Already Given in Screenshot. See in Tutorial Last Step..!!

              try again using above guide 😀

          • Anoop

            bro just updated my zenfone2 laser in marshmallow 6.0.1 . the app is not working . error ( unfortunetlly, androiddevice tool has stopped ).

            please help. and please mention the step no.

            • Vijay patel

              Steps Already Maintained. Just Follow Guide Again. And Go Through Step By Step.. 😀

  • manigandan

    Bro..If we install twrp…we will not get any official update?

    • Vijay patel

      After Unlocking Bootloader You will No Longer Get Any Update From Asus.

  • Amarnath

    Hi bro
    How to root asus zenfone 2 laser ze550kl in ww.
    Pls help bro…..

    • Vijay patel

      use the above method..!!

  • ANDREY386

    Vijay patel can you help me? my phones dead now after downgrading from marshmallow. do you have any solutions for this? please help me.

    • Vijay patel

      flash Stock Rom. 😀

  • Shemeer A S

    have any rooting method for Azus Z00ld Model, please help me

    • Vijay patel

      The Above Method Is For Asus Z00LD. Check it out in Screenshot.

  • Danar Putra

    Hello i’m from Indonesia
    I want to ask why my ZE550KL doesnt detect on fastboot mode? I want to root but get this problem how to fix it?

    • Vijay patel

      Plz Recheck That Driver is Properly Installed. Or Else Try Again With our Guide Step by Step. M sure Your Problem Will be Solved..!!

    • Vijay patel

      After Update I Personally Faced This Problem. But ignore it And Go to Fastboot Mode Manually And Flash Recovery File. 😀

  • Aman Raturi

    Does not work for MArshmallow.
    I tried it. twice but got into bootloop.
    Had to flash Marshmallow all over again.
    Please post separate post after trying it yourself.
    Thank you for the support anyways !!

    • Vijay patel

      Thanx For Your Good Support. We Will Surely Check it Out And Back to You if We Got Problem in Marshmallow.!

    • Aman Raturi

      Just a helping note if you get stuck at ASUS logo just flash the marshmallow firmware via adb sideload. It will boot normally !!

      • Vijay patel

        i know that.. :p 😀

        • Aman Raturi

          LOL.. it was for the members , not u obviously .. hahaha

          • Vijay patel

            But Replied on My comments so I thought That helping Not is For Me. 😀

      • yosh

        How to side load file please help.

    • Vijay patel

      Now Try Above Guide Again. We Update Rooting Guide For Marshmallow. See Screenshot Images As A Proof. 😀

  • Aman Raturi

    Can you provide a method to root Ze550kl Marshmallow version please ?

    • Vijay patel

      This Method Can Be Used for Any Version. No matter You using Marshmallow Or Lolipop..!!Matter WHat is WHich Device You Using..!!

      • Saroj Kumar

        Me too not able to unlock bootloader through this tool. how can we unlock bootloader on marshmallow updated ZE550kl.

        • Vijay patel

          Try Again Using Above Guide. We Updated This Post. 😀

  • ajith

    Hai bro,

    My phone model is ze550kl I recently updated marshmallow now i cant unlock bootloader why??can you tell me please

    • Vijay patel

      Follow Above Guide Step by step for unlocking Bootloader..!!

      • ajith

        I already followed your instructions but when i install “unlock device tool” after went to check agreed that app then its not working…

        • Vijay patel

          Try Again. We Updated Tools And Also Full Guide For Rooting. 😀

  • ankur

    hey bro,
    I got a bootloop i’m running the nightly vesrion build 12/06 after this update installed and restarted my phone got into boot loop..though i formatted it does not go..any help?

    • Vijay patel

      Goto Recovery. And Wipe Data, Cache.

      Re Flash that Zip Step By Step Maintained By Developer Of that Rom And If Still Got Bootloop Report Problem To that Deveoper.

      For. Current Use You May Wipe Data, cache. And Flash Any Other Rom Which iS Fully Out Of Bug. And In Working Mode.

      • ankur

        i am using asus zenfone 2 laser and i only have CM to install. I did all those but still didnt work. It works when i install the old april build. Y like this?? can you help?

        • Vijay patel

          flashing method is same for all roms. so just follow above guide to root and install recovery. after that flash new rom by going to recovery..!!

      • ankur

        i am also unable to go into fastboot mode..though I type the command correctly it restarts the phone to normal state

        • Vijay patel

          You Can Go to Fastboot mode by Switchoff Your Device

          And Then Hold Volume Up+ Power Key

  • Sangeeth

    Hey buddy, I’m using Asus ZenFone 2 laser ze550kl, running on lollipop 5.2 and build no:

    I want to know whether this build number is supported by your root method? ☺


    • Vijay patel

      This Method is Universal Method. Does’t Matter Which Version You using. Just Matter What is Which Device You using.?

      • Sangeeth

        Thanks for the info. One more doubt, can we update “super su” with the latest version after flashing this version? Usually people say dont update supersu after flashing it. Also, does unlocking boot loader initiates a factory restore and hence full data lose??

        • Vijay patel

          No Data lost in unlocking bootloader.!! And Also no Need to update Super Su. You Will Got Notification For SU binary To be Update if its out of date. then just install it.. Till then No Need to update Super Su!!

  • Raghavan

    Thank you very much for your grateful work. WW_1.17.40.1234 rooted as above steps (drivers already installed).

    Can i update to Marshmallow? I have downloaded from asus site.

    After update, again unlock boot loader? again root?

    By which method? Place in root directory and restart? ADB fastboot (like rooting)?

    • Vijay patel

      Yes You Can Update To Marshamallow. by That Downloaded Zip File From Asus. no Need To unlock Bootloader Again As Your Device Bootloader is Unlocked And Rooted Already..!!

  • Mohawk


    Will this also apply on a newly updated zen fone 2 laser 5.5 (ZE550KL) – Marshmallow version?


    • Vijay patel

      Yes. you Can Apply. Does’t Matter Which Version You Using. Just matter What is Which Device You using.!!

  • Jin

    Do you have back up stock Recovery? If you have please give me it. Thanks a lot

  • kranthi

    unlock boot loader is not installing the asus zenfone 2 laser ze500kl model ….can u help how to unlock the boot loader….

    • Vijay patel

      you Don’t Need To unlock Bootloader To Root ZE500Kl..!! You Can Root Your Device Without Unlocking Bootloader!!

      • Mohawk

        Can we root ZE550KL without unlocking bootloader?

        • Vijay patel

          No.. there is No Way To Root it Without Unlocking Bootloader

      • Sangeeth

        If we don’t want to unlock the boot loader, then why is it included in the steps? Also, does that mean we don’t want to unlock boot loader for flashing TWRP as well?

        • Vijay patel

          because you can not root your device without unlocking bootloader..!!

  • Antony Fabin

    Still not able to unlock my device’s bootloader. When i run the unlocker tool after agreeing to its terms my device reboots. But when i connect my phone and enter the command fastboot oem device-info it shows ‘device unlocked – false’

  • utkarsh shukla

    help me . i am not able to root my device.
    i have unlocked my bootloader.
    but when i try to install the boot img
    it shows:-
    FAILED (remote: bootimage: incomplete or not signed)
    finished. total time: 0.859s

  • Byomakesh Patra

    sir, there z no option to download adb fastbool tool.rar file….rather nly the .exe file z available for download…plz provide the link of the rar file

  • Byomakesh Patra

    Sir, adb fastboot tool.rar file z not available for download…nly the minimal adb fastbool tool.exe file z available for download…plz provide the link to download the rar file

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      .rar is updated to .exe file.

  • Kigwa

    doers this work on 1.17 firmware?

    • Vijay patel

      Yes it Will Work..!! You Can try it Out..!!!

  • Antony Fabin

    Even after update my device is still locked i dont know what to do?

    • Vijay patel

      If You Want to unlock bootloader Follow Above Method this is the Only Way to unlock bootloader..!!

  • sam

    Can you please provide link to stock rom for ze550kl model …that will be apperciated 🙂

  • Antony Fabin

    I tried to root my phone using this method i’m on 1.15 build when i tried the flashboot command it said that my phone is still locked.Then i found out that you can unlock your phone using the apk only if you are on the 1.16 build.Before, i used to get a message that a system update is available but now when i check for system update it just loads and stops.Please help me.

    • Vijay patel

      its Seem May be Your Bootloader is Unlocked..!! So You Will Not Got Any Official Update From Asus. you Can Check Bootloader Status By booting into fastboot mode.

      Type this Command with out quote- “fastboot oem device-info”

      if you Want to update Your Device to V.1.16 and As You maintained in Comment You not Got Update In System update Check.. you Can update to V.1.16 by Manually Update. to Do So you Have to Download Firmware Version 1.16 From Here. now Copy this Zip File into your SD Card And You will Got Notification On Your Device About System update Just Click On it And install..!!


  • Antony Fabin

    Will this method format all the data in my device ?

    • Vijay patel

      Nop..!! this Method Is Totally Safe.. no Data Will loss During Rooting..!! Plz Use This Guide And Follow Each Steps Carefully.!!


  • Shivam Tiwari

    my phone is not getting detected while giving command adb devices
    what should I do?
    I have installed adb and fastboot through setup several times!
    I have also unlocked it using apk given by you.
    but still everything in vain

    • Vijay patel

      i think Problem is in CMD.!! You Have To Open CMD in ADB Folder By Pressing Shift+Rgt Click And Select Open CMD Here option From List..!! Then try It..!! I Request You To Disable Your Antivirus During This Process.. Follow Each Steps Carefully And Try Once Again.!! if Still Getting Errors Try With Another PC.!!

  • Ankur

    hey bro after installing cm13 my device says root acces is not properly installed..what to do? and if i try to root it goes into boot loop. can you help me out with this?

    • Vijay patel

      Rooting Method is Same For Stock ROM or Any Other Unofficial ROMS..!! So You Can try Above Method For Rooting.!! As You Maintained You GOT In bootloop While Rooting On CM13 SO I want to Advice You TO Follow Each Steps Carefully And Try Rooting.!! Bcz Personally i Rooted My Device Using Same Method On CM13 And Working Fine Without Any Problems..!!

  • Ankur

    hey bro after I updated to version 13/11 device stuck in boot loop..and after installing the cm13 it shows as the device is not rooted. how to root it again? or what is the problem..could you help me out?

    • Vijay patel

      Rooting Method is Same For Stock ROM or Any Other Unofficial ROMS..!! So You Can try Above Method For Rooting.!! As You Maintained You GOT In bootloop While Rooting On CM13 SO I want to Advice You TO Follow Each Steps Carefully And Try Rooting.!! Bcz Personally i Rooted My Device Using Same Method On CM13 And Working Fine Without Any Problems..!!

  • Guilherme

    eu também estou na versão 1.17, estou no aguardo.

    • Vijay patel

      Please ask Your Query in English(Universal Language) so any One Can Easyly Understand.!

  • Prakash Vishwakarma

    I think my device is still locked even after using Unlock Device Tool…because this command
    fastboot boot boot_200007.img
    gave me an error that device is locked…
    Please help me in unlocking the bootloader. I’m on 1.17.40 build.

    • Vijay patel

      Yes.. After Update.. Some User Of Zenfone 2 Laser Face This. Issue.. We are Trying To Find A Better Solution.. When We Got Proper Solution For It.. Surely It Will Be Updated..and.. We Will Inform You That..!!

      Thanks For Support
      @Devs-lab Team

      • Ivan

        Same problem with my phone, give me solution tootoo. Thankyou