One Click Root Android

Android is becoming one of the most popular OS for devices because of its Open source. Stock Android phone comes with lots of Pre-installed Apps which are not used by most of the users. Each of this Pre-installed App eats up your RAM, CPU & Battery in background, indirectly slowing up your device performance. One of the main reason for Rooting is to uninstall this Apps & Customizations. Before Proceeding make sure you know about What is Rooting?, What are the advantages and disadvantages of Rooting & it voids your smartphone’s warranty.

If you are rooting your phone using this guide then you are responsible for anything you do to your device.Success with this   application void’s warranty of your device.

Precaution Before Proceeding:

1. Charge your phone upto  20%
2. Backup data. Although Rooting doesn’t delete your data but its better to backup your important data like Contact & messages.
3. We won’t be held responsible for any failure caused during any of this process.

Apps to Root your Android device:

1. Kingroot :


Kingroot is another Android one click App to get easy root access with pretty good success rate. KingRoot is an amazing tool for “lazy people” who just want to get root access but don’t want to flash any third party Recovery into their lovely device. It is one of the most famous root tool in China. They have their own App (Kingroot)  to handle root permissions. It doesn’t have an English translated App.

Download : Kingroot App.

Method :

1. Download the app and install it normally. If its shows some security error, Goto Settings > Security > Select Allow unknown sources.

2.  Launch the App & click on ‘Try to ROOT’ to start rooting, follow the on screen messages. This will start rooting your device, hold on till it shows Rooted Successfully.

3. If this App fails to Root your device then You can close Super Root Android. This will cause no harm to your device.

2. Framaroot :

Framaroot is a one click Root software by alephzain. As its too outdated app, success with this App is quite less. But, its best for few Mediatek devices, Asus, LG, Samsung etc.

Method :

1. Download Framaroot from Below Given link  :  Framaroot -1.9.3.apk
2.   Install the app normally. If its shows some security error, Goto Settings > Security > Select Allow unknown sources.

After Installation :

1. Open Framaroot, for root select Install SuperSU and Click on  first option
    for unroot select Unroot and Click on first option.
2. Message Popsup Showing :
    “Success 🙂  … Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device”
3. Reboot your device and you are done !! You have Successfully rooted your Android device.
If you have any queries regarding rooting, you can comment below.
  • aniketh 20503

    the best way to root is to flash twrp via pc and flash the supersu file suitable for ur phone

  • Juanjo Toledo Gimbert

    I cant root my Wolder millennial , help plz . I tried a lot of apps but none of them are successful

    • You can try unlocking the bootloader & again trying Kingroot. If it still doesn’t root, it can’t be rooted.

      • Juanjo Toledo Gimbert

        Any method to unlock ? I have no known form to do it. The manufacturer not helps. Kingroot says not adaptable.

  • Deoideson

    Any Sony Xperia Z3 users, to root your device, use kingroot 4.8 or above (reliability for rooting is greatly improved if you use mobile data as the app requires prerequisite downloads during the rooting process which can be blocked by your broadband). Once rooted successfully, you must install recovery using XZRecovery. Once done, your device will reboot into the recovery. From there you must flash the SuperSU zip file to install SuperSu.
    Your phone will reboot. (you now have kingroot and supersu). Use kingremoverV9 to remove kingroot. Once done, open supersu and update the su binary. Once successful, device requires reboot. Done. You are permanently rooted. ie. Your root won’t be lost after a reboot.
    I’ve perfected this down to a total of less than 10 minutes for the whole operation.
    (Sony Xperia Z3 Dual D6683 5.0.2)

  • jake d snake

    Hello i have a LG G2 running lollipop. Neither of above methods worked and im unable to use a pc. Is there still hope? Please help!

    • Shubham

      U may use iroot app but its root app may harm ur phone . some time u see the dialog
      of setting apk stoped working (that happen to my phone i don’t know any defect may cause to ur phone or not ). batter to give it a try .

  • Hitanshu Gupta

    I want to root my android device name lenovo a6000 plus . Which software should i use. ??? And what are the chances of failure in rooting

    • aniketh 20503

      bro root via kingroot v4.0.0 , then if u want supersu download flashify from the play store and flash the twrp file for ur phone which u will get in xda developers website and using twrp u can flash not only su file but even custom roms , mods etc., this is a failproof method

  • Divyesh thakur

    How to root my gionee m5 plus mt6753.. I tried every app kingroot, towelroot, framaroot,root genius, one click root but its not working… Please help me out and can you send me twrp recovery for gionee m5 plus i really needed.

  • vivekxingh

    how To root mmx d304 kingoroot not wrk

  • Randy G

    Help please verizon galaxy s6 marshmallow 6.0 was lollipop before upgrade. . Core 4 build#= kltevzw
    Ive tried Every apk method.. framaroot,kingroot, kingo, 1click, iroot… u name it.. no computer so I cant try usb/debug methods.. also I’ve disabled Knox so it wouldnt cause problems or trip

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      In Samsung models, you need to unlock the bootloader before rooting or installing custom recoveries.

  • Randy G

    Kltevzw model

  • Randy G

    Help please, Galaxy S6 6.o marshmallow
    Ive tried them all.. xda says its very dificult for my phone due to knox… ty in advance

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      May I know the model no.

      • Randy G


  • rajat kumawat

    devs lab i would be highly obiliged if you tell me how to root xperia ray (st18i).Above two methods do not work for me.Plz help

  • King

    Hey admin…did u know how to root asus zenfone selfie with qualcomm protection?? Please help me!!

  • Aniket

    Is any of those works for lenovo zuk z1?kingroot dsn’t work for me…can you give me a easy root solution in my zuk z1?plz?

  • Jack

    I can’t get either on to work on my Moto X gen 2.. can anyone help?

  • Noor Fairoza

    how to root note edge N915FY

  • Sherwin

    How to root Samsung Galaxy j2 2015 edition android 5.1 lollipop?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Using KingoRoot.

  • Mahesh

    How to root moto g4

  • Sean123

    I want to root my Lenovo A6000 but none of theese work can someone please help me?

  • Prateek Singh

    how to root Karbonn titanium s2 plus safe

  • Vicky

    karbonn titanium dazzle 2. help me to root…..

  • most of root s/w go moy wotk properly how to perfect root karbone s2 software supported. [email protected]

  • himanshu dedha

    How root in my device karbonn mach one.

  • ravi chauhan

    i use many apps for rooting but i can’t rooted. plz tell me how to root
    lava pixel v2 android 5.1
    plz help me
    [email protected]

  • Mehul

    How to root karbonn s2s5?

  • arvind sriram

    Please add how to root karbonn titanium dazzle s201

  • Ismail Hossain

    You must be a pro. your article helped me a lot to root android

  • after rooting there is no sim detected .for a26 karbonn please suggest…i even flashed your xperia ROM and working great except " no sim management:

  • Sanga Hauhnar

    Can u tell me how to root karbonn s2 plus kitkat version

  • Sanga Hauhnar

    Can u tell me how to root karbonn s2 plus and install cwm recovery

  • Anonymous

    How to root and install superuser in karbonn s2 plus

  • Anonymous

    Can u tell me a method for rooting my titanium octane i cant root it ive tried all one click apk apps but non of them worked i tried poot towelroot root master easy root etc etc. But as expected no success.. Can u please help me.

  • Ankit Gurjar


    master. apk is working fine. and upgrade to LewaOS.
    facebook is not working in this os.

    Ajinkya can you find solution for this.

  • Ankit Gurjar

    Hi Ajinkya,

    i can't root my karbonn A27+ with above process.

    pls. guide.

    • Ankit Gurjar this method of rooting should work for A27+ try rooting after reinstalling framaroot. Please inform if this isaue is solved.

    • Anonymous

      download root master. apk fully working in ny karbonn A27+..
      Good luck

  • Rishabh thanks for informing us. We will soon post other method of rooting your Octane+ 😉 Thanks for passing by. 😀

  • How to Root Karbonn Titanium Octane Plus running on Android 4.4.2(KitKat)
    Framaroot not working.
    Suggest me some WORKING methods.