We all know what happened to the infamous Galaxy Note 7 by Samsung. Soon after it’s release, users of the Galaxy Note 7 became frustrated with battery related issue. It quickly turned from a trend-setting device to a threat to humankind due to its battery’s explosive nature.

Let’s leave all that behind us because when Samsung stated that it will release the smartphone again, we knew it would be a revamp of the previous Galaxy Note 7. Samsung confirmed earlier this year that it is working to revive the infamous Galaxy Note 7. Last year, the successor to the flagship Galaxy Note device was released but with plenty of acclaim from reviewers and users alike.

Due to a malfunction in the battery, Note 7 devices started exploding while being charged. After that, phones started exploding while in use. One Note 7’s explosion caused a fire inside a person’s car, while another resulted in the burning down of a family’s house. Samsung was forced to recall the device, but the company resumed sales when it thought it had determined the cause of the fires.

However, Samsung was wrong with their decision to continue the sales. Note 7 phones kept exploding, and the South Korean company had no choice but to recall it again and then later discontinue it completely. Now, Samsung is set to re-release it’s Note 7 device but under a different name. According to a new report today from ET News, it will be called the “Galaxy Note FE.”

Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy Note FE “Fandom Edition” next month. In terms of specs, the Galaxy Note FE is expected to be exactly the same as the original Galaxy Note 7; only it’ll feature a smaller 3,200 mAh battery. By reducing the battery capacity from 3,500 mAh and spreading out the components within the battery. Samsung is apparently confident that phones won’t explode anymore but we’ll have to wait and watch.