When we heard last month that HTC’s sales slump was so bad that Oppo managed to outsell the firm on its home turf, we knew the situation was grim for the Taiwanese OEM. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. HTC has not been faring well since a couple of years, to say the least. Even after a good offering like HTC 10 failed to boost the company’s fortunes. And after the release of the HTC U11, there were rumors of a sell-off making the rounds.

Well, adding a new chapter to that story, reports are saying that Google is eyeing the smartphone manufacturer. As such, the talks are in an advanced stage. The report from a Chinese publication, Commercial Times, says that the Search giant has two options on the table. Either it could become a strategic partner to HTC or just buy off the whole unit with hard & cold cash. HTC’s Vive VR segment is not a part of the talks as contrary to previous reports.

We don’t know yet what Google’s long term plans are with the takeover, but we do remember Google faltering with Motorola after they bought it which led to a sale eventually. HTC’s recent financial reports point to a dark future as the company recorded the worst days of business in 13 years. Revenues are down by more than half from last year and HTC seems to be desperate to do something about it.