Reliance Jio
Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio has been the latest company in the Indian telecom sector who had started its operations in the Indian network by operating on 4G networks only. Reliance Jio gained its subscribers by offering unlimited free voice calls and data for the past one year to all of its users. Last month, Reliance Jio announced that its free offer is about to end soon and Reliance Jio will start charging customers for their service.

Reliance Jio, however announced that if the users want to continue their current plans which include free voice calls and 1 GB data/day, they can continue it by enrolling to Reliance Jio’s Prime subscription plan which offers some exciting plans. Reliance Jio subscribers will have to pay an annual subscription fee of Rs. 99 to enroll in the Prime offer. Reliance Jio also announced the deadline for enrolling to Prime which was set for March 31st after which users cannot subscribe to their Prime offer.

There has been a report however, which states that Reliance Jio’s Prime membership deadline of 31st March could be extended by a month to April 30 for subscription to their Prime membership offer. This report was published by TeleAnalysis, who got in touch with one of the sources at Jio and got the information that company may extend the deadline to subscribe to Jio Prime by another month. The source according to TeleAnalysis said that the Reliance Jio has achieved 50 percent of its target for Prime subscribers.

According to the report, Jio has only managed to attract around 22-27 million users onto Prime so far, and a March 31 deadline doesn’t give the company enough time to get some more subscribers which is the reason for an extension.

There are other plans too from the company other than the Prime offers which offer lesser data. One thing to note is that Reliance Jio offers free voice calls to users on each and every plan.