Snapdragon 836, Qualcomm’s successor to the Snapdragon 835 SoC might not feature in Samsung’s yet-to-be launched Galaxy Note 8 in August, this year. At Least we had reports for the same, but when Samsung sent out invites for its “Unpack” event a few days ago, it was made clear that the new device wouldn’t be powered by the new SoC. Now it seems like Apple iPhone 8’s competitor Google Pixel 2 might be the first device to get its hands on the new powerful and faster chip by Qualcomm.

This news however doesn’t really come as a surprise as we saw how Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 821 processor in Google Pixel last year. We could witness the same scenario again if Google plans to be the first to run the faster version of the Qualcomm chip on its Pixel 2. Now if Galaxy Note 8, as far as we know, is using the Snapdragon 835 chip, this could also mean that LG V30 and other phones which will be launched at IFA, likely won’t feature the Snapdragon 836 either.

Now obviously Snapdragon 836 wouldn’t be kept exclusive to Google, as other manufacturers would surely try to refresh their devices with the new chip once it is launched. Qualcomm’s previous SoC was launched in January, and their new flagship chip might come with some incremental updates in the form of faster CPU and GPU clock speeds, and battery life improvements.

Now what should we do? Wait for the manufacturers to announce their devices ship with SD836 SoC in the last quarter of 2017.