Qualcomm has been having a busy few weeks in the past days, the premier ARM chipset designer recently announced a switch in its naming convention. Henceforth model numbers will start with an SDM prefix in lieu of the current MSM prefix according to a report at PhonesDaily. According to noted tipster @rquandt the company is also planning to release a new entry-level chipset dubbed the Snapdragon 450 with the designation SDM450. This would supersede the current Snapdragon 435 (MSM8940) chipset in the hierarchy and should theoretically offer some performance gains.

Just like the MSM8940, the Snapdragon 450 is likely to feature an octa-core CPU composed of two quad-core clusters of ARM Cortex-A53 cores while the GPU would be clocked at 600MHz. In a change, the SDM450 will be fabricated on the 14nm node thus making it even more frugal when it comes to power requirements. Currently, other details like what modems and LTE version, camera support and spectral bands are yet to be known but it is speculated the chip would support Quick Charge 3.0.

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The release date and shipping dates for devices carrying the new chipset are also currently unknown although it is likely to be announced sometime next quarter. With that timeline, we should start seeing devices in Q4 2017 or early 2018.

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