While many await the days of blazing fast 5G, some like Qualcomm think it will only take 2 years. Hence the chipmaker has just launched the first 5G-enabled modem at the 4G/5G summit in Hong Kong. The company also launched the Snapdragon 636 chip along with the modem. The new module called Snapdragon X50 is definitely much easier to fit in smartphones. Unlike the huge components that were demonstrated earlier by Sprint and others at MWC this year. Qualcomm’s chips seem ready for prime time and have also been tested by the company already.

Qualcomm’s lab tests show the modem can reach speeds of up to 28 GHz on mmWave frequency band. The company has also released the footprint or reference work for manufacturers to adopt the new chip. The reference design is more for testing purposes rather than retail manufacturing. The module will be tested for battery efficiency and performance so that it doesn’t face the issues that 4G faced in its adolescence.

The 9nm thick chip will be using higher spectrum bands like 28GHz, 29GHz as compared to 4G that used up to 3 GHz. Qualcomm is hoping to deliver the chips to its partners next year while consumers will be able to lay their hands on it in 2019.