Qualcomm has just filed a suit in China against Apple demanding a halt to their iPhone production & sale in the biggest smartphone market. As per a report by Bloomberg, the lawsuit filed in a Beijing intellectual property court relates to patent infringement. Plainly speaking, Qualcomm alleges Apple is using their inventions without paying royalties and is violating three patents.

This is the latest twist in the tussle between the two tech giants that stretches back to January. It started when Apple filed a lawsuit claiming that Qualcomm was holding payments. While this lawsuit is the an attempt of the chipmaker to get Apple out of business in China. An earlier similar lawsuit in July also claimed that Apple was infringing 6 patents. That was on US soil.

But here is Apple’s viewpoint of the story. “Apple believes deeply in the value of innovation, and we have always been willing to pay fair and reasonable rates for patents we use. In our many years of ongoing negotiations with Qualcomm, these patents have never been discussed and in fact were only granted in the last few months,” an Apple spokesperson said. “Regulators around the world have found Qualcomm guilty of abusing their position for years. This claim is meritless and, like their other courtroom maneuvers, we believe this latest legal effort will fail.”

The latest lawsuit is unlikely to get Apple banned in China, experts say. It seems to be a way to get some revenge from Apple which has many lawsuits in a number of countries. Meanwhile, Qualcomm has been under fire globally for its licensing policies, most recently in Taiwan. Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission slapped a fine of $774 million on the San Diego chip maker. Other countries have also grown tired of Qualcomm as they seek to put a stop to their abusive licensing fees which profits the brand due to its monopoly in certain components.