PussyFap ROM for Titanium S5+ & Coolpad 7295C

I know the name is too weird for a ROM. But, trust me the ROM is better than other ROMs. You can even say it as Android Lollipop V4 ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5+ & Coolpad 7295C. The original developers of this ROM are Team Pussy (Weird B-|). This ROM doesn’t have any bugs, any FC’s, bloatwares & any other trouble causing stuff. It is fully optimized by Zipaligning. It is pre rooted & have lots of feature to turn your Jellybean phone into complete Lollipop phone. Lots of Android developers have started building their own ROM. This is one of the those ROM which is perfectly themed with few Optimizations. I won’t say this as the best ROM, as I leave that decision to you. You can find the best out of all the ROMs for Karbonn Titanium S5+ & Coolpad 7295C.

ROM Features :

  1. Android L (Material) themed
  2. Lollipop Bootanimation
  3. PussyFap bootlogo
  4. Settings and all other apps themed like lollipop
  5. Lollipop Keyboard
  6. Dolby Digital for better sound
  7. Pre Rooted
  8. Themed Recent Apps
  9. Battery Style Options
  10. Built in Network traffic, List view animations.
  11. Added wake up with volume rocker option, shutdown animation option
  12. Engineer Mode, Performance Control are part of settings
  13. Added heads up n app privacy option
  14. Lollipop Platlogo
  15. Partition Info in about phone
  16. Nova Launcher as default
  17. Tinted Statusbar.
  18. PussyFap Wallpapers.
  19. Android Lollipop Ringtones
  20. Four reboot option
  21. And many more, find out yourself.

Bugs :

          No, this ROM is not even a single minor bug. But, If you find any bug, you can report about it in the comment section or to the ROM ported i.e Arun Bansal.

Screenshots :

Downloads :

How to Install :

  1. Root your Titanium S5+ & Coolpad 7295C : Follow this.
  2. Install CWM by this method : CWM for S5+ & 7295C.
  3. Download the Zip file from above.
  4. Follow the steps given here : How to Install custom rom.

How to Fix Playstore Bug :

  1. Install the ROM & Create / Enter your Google Account.
  2. Switch off your phone & Flash the Patch without clearing anything.
  3. Once the patch is installed successfully, Switch on your phone.
  4. Goto Settings > App > Google Playstore & Clear data.
  5. That’s all.

Suggestions :

1. How to make Navigation bar transparent?

Use Gravity Box module (4.2.2).

2. Status bar color doesn’t change for some App?

Install Tinted Statusbar module & set custom color for Apps.

3. How to change Statusbar Network icons like MIUI?

Follow this method : Change Statusbar as iOS, MIUI, Xperia & Many more.

Credits :

  1. Team Pussy for this Awesome themed ROM.
  2. Helper : P.C
  3. Ported : Arun Bansal.

I Hope you like this ROM. Don’t forget to +1 & Share this Post with other Titanium S5+ & Coolpad 7295C users. If you want to port this ROM to your device make sure you take permission from the Developer i.e  Team Pussy. If you have any other questions or facing any kind of issues with the ROM, you can comment below. Have a good day !

  • Akshat Gupta

    playstore message apps are not openning it showing error

  • sourabh

    Google play store rh 01 error solution…..plzz

  • shaikh

    I hv a question, does custum update android version or just mobile interface………..
    plz ans…………

  • Akshay

    Awesome Rom dude……the best Rom in all s5+ roms…working smooth….apps opening rapidlyy ….processing doubled than bi4. ..and only I ‘m using boot animation to change phone starting look….it iz just suprcool….thnx a lot 4 this bugless…….pack….

  • pradeep

    can any one suggest how i install recovry and flashing steps

  • Hassan

    I found two bugs.
    1. Unfortunately settings has stopped when click on display, I tried reflashing It and factory data reset.
    2. Can’t see notification, notifications are seen on expanding and collapsing quick settings.

  • bhushan

    pls tried to next lollipop rom geneate with fix permissions and swift wifi app because
    somtimes after flashing any custom rom, hide ssid can’t access

  • bhushan

    hi ajinkya hw r u i have experienced this pussy rom install and run but google play store singned as per your patch file
    but not connected apps in play store. So how can any person download any apps from google play store after your flashing your rom because hide wifi error recover in swift wifi ok
    1 not connected apps in play store
    2 android fix permissions error

    pls concentrate this both 2 issues

  • abhijith

    android.process,.acore stopped error what should i do

  • Chaitanya Rajput

    Bro cant fix Playstore Bug, Patch installed still I am not able to access Playstore. Funny thing is though I performed Restore Factory Settings, Erase Internal Memory, Wipe Factory Data, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik Cache . My old applications and data are still present even after installing this rom, I dont know whats going wrong ? Please ping me on facebook “facebook.com/chaitanya.phad.rajput” or On Twitter “@cv32001” I’m eagerly waiting for your reply.

  • Adnan Manzoor

    There is huge battery drain even in sleep mode .how can i solve this???? and status bar is not smooth as lollipop , it is sometimes difficult to expand notification panel,plzzz help me… and thanx for the rom.

  • Shardul

    the ROM is awesome….
    but for the negative part, the error ‘android.processes.acore has stopped’ is haunting me,
    i know that it is due to “Contacts Storage”. and i tried reflashing ROM, factory reset, replaced “Contacts Storage” with one in stock ROM, tired using alternative app like truedailer, and many thing,

    BUT!!! The Error is still There, Now i have just uninstalled “Contacts Storage” via lucky patcher and i am doomed!!!! NO Contacts, NO Call Logs, NO Adding New Contact!!!

    plz help what should i do, either tell a fix or a replacement app for contacts…..

  • sagar

    Please upload twrp recovery…. For s5+..

  • Arun

    Bro new roms are available for s5+ contact me [email protected] or on whatsapp9041920120

  • nandkishor rathod

    if anyone have any help for this rom or any problem so you can contact me via mail
    [email protected]
    if i can i will help you

  • nandkishor rathod

    super rom arun bhai i am install this rom supper speed.phone become dual 3G phone Thank You bro….
    for this rom …
    unfortunately android.process.stoped this problem you can solve it by this method. and also playstore error .
    Go to application manager
    find out download manager .
    clear data/clear cache
    problem will be solve
    again thanks arun bhai

    • Arun Bansal

      Welcome bro 🙂 thnx a lot.. for new roms contact [email protected] i m using iphone rom

  • utkarsh gadkari

    can i install rom to my karbonn titnium s5

  • anonymous

    If u get any notificatio n like android.process. something kindda that first flash the ROM then come fire up the phone then go to play store and sign in.. It won’t so let’s go to install the patch now ..
    Then fire up the phone now go to play store and open its app info and clear data now again sign in now u wont get the notification.

  • pawan

    cann i install pussyfap rom in karbonn titaniums5

  • abhijith

    umar remove cwm recovery and install twrp recovery

  • akshay reddy

    playstore fix can be done by flashing the playstore patch ….and gallery fix can be done by going to settings ->apps->all ->download manager ..then Clear the data and all problems will be fixed ..IT WORKED FR ME

  • umar

    Arun brother… pls tell me.. how to formatt systm… in cwm my system is not formatting… help me.. my phome is not working… reply to me brothr

  • umar

    Arun bro… my system is not formating.. in cwm recovery…. it shows error…..please tell me how to fix it… please.. i need it..

  • ashish ranjan

    i ahve found too many bugs in ur rom…..i installed it and everything stopped working…like media gallery google chrome browser etc etc…please reply me on mail and here too

    • Arun

      Reflash the rom with proper formatting

    • akshay reddy

      try going to settings and from there go to apps then ALL then download manager then clear the data…it will work

  • Victor

    Before long time i’m used MIUI from stock site for Coolpad 7295c. And had some problems but there allmost one year without updates so i deside to try your ROM. And I like it.
    Faster than MIUI, easy to use.
    I don’t have usefull things as in MIUI but may be i will found it in Xposed.
    But camera works worst than in miui. Photos less quality, more light but less contrast. May be you can give good solution?

    • Arun

      Bro better to try S5 and Htc Rom

  • umar

    charan raj bro.. how did u fix the problem.. of play store nd gallery also

    • Arun

      umar bro pls see there is a patch present….first of all read full descriptions -_-

      • umar

        Brother… i my system is not formating.. when i format the system… it shoWS error.. wht to do… otherwise ur rom is osm.. please help me…

    • umar

      Nd also i am using the cwm recovry.. by mobile uncle tool… nd its modded recovery… can u tell me some other recoveries.. please reply soon…

  • Aditya

    Best ROM ever I have used ..
    Stable too
    Thank you very much

    • Arun

      Welcome Bro 🙂 try my other roms as well

  • AKshay

    ppl ios7 rom is there on rom jd ……. btw arun what tools did u use to make custom roms for mt65xx based device like ours….did you use android kitchen….,but when i did so it never worked …… i made one plus one rom for this devcie keeping in care of all the apps but at installation time it says error 6 ? confused what to do …plz send me te links to ur files so that i acn too make custom roms…. i ahve htc,motorola,s5,one plus one ….. so i keep experimenting on these so plz help me beg u 🙂

    • Arun

      Bro i use simple porting methods ..i dont know about porting using kitchen

      • AKshay

        simple porting tools like what tools

        • Arun

          Hit and trial method bro changing files and zipping

          • AKshay

            by the way i tried that for many roms did not work and by the way i got cm12 for this devices will post it soon and i tried many htc samsung roms of mt6582 but i always get stuck at boot loop what do i do bro ? i tried this for 5 timess plz help me

  • Pussy Fan

    Best Rom ever been on my phone Thanks bro ! And also change the font and boot animation too

  • Victor

    I have one bug, when i have incomming sms or unanswered call in locked screen i put this icon in ring and phone not unlocking just icon stuck inside ring. before patch i had russian localized dialpad, after patch i have only english. And speaker sound when phone is ringing need louder, i don’t hear it on street.

    • Arun

      Thnx to try my rom…i know there is a lockscreen bug ..u have to increase audio using engg. mode and put values in loudspeakers @160 both

  • Rakesb

    After flashing the playstore bug… Both the sim is not working…. D rom was awesome but bcoz of the problem i had removed it….plz find the solution bcoz d rom was awesome

    • Arun

      Bro first time it takes 10 sec to start sims…if not working then put phone on airplane mode first it will definately work 🙂

  • Ashok

    Sir please post some videos on this rom please!!

  • Charan Raj

    this error started when i installed whatsapp and when i uninstalled whatsapp this error not coming plz fix this

    • Arun Bansal

      This error is coming only on whatsapp installing?uninstalling

    • Charan Raj

      This error coming for social apps like whatsapp, facebook , gmail…

    • Charan Raj

      I re flashed ROM bro now it working bug free its really awesome ROM bro.

      Can u develop iOS ROM for karbonn titanium s5 plus

      • umar

        bro how did u fix the playstore problem.. please tell me

      • umar

        and please contact me [email protected]…. plese brother

  • Charan Raj

    If u fix it .This rom is really very nice

  • Charan Raj

    this rom is really very nice but a error popping up always