It has been two years since Google and Levi’s announced a collaboration to work on smart clothing. Today known as Project Jacquard, the initiative aims to embed conductive yarn into your everyday clothing: Thus, enabling smart-interactive clothing. This allows these everyday mundane fashion accessories to turn into gesture canvases to interface with your smartdevices. The first of these new generation of smart-clothing is the Commuter jacket by Levi’s powered by Jacquard.

The project known after the special weave which needs to be embedded into the fabric of the clothes, Jacquard. Wherever this weave is integrated allows that section to become touch sensitive to the point of detecting the intensity of pressure being applied. This weave is compatible with all existing forms of industrial looms so clothing manufacturers do not need to invest in new equipment. But to really make this nerd fantasy a reality, the companies will need to embed various sensors into the device, so in the Levi’s apparel the cuff buttons double up as bluetooth sensor to interface with your smartphone. Google and Levi’s had showcased a prototype Commuter last year but it is only being released in the fall of this year with a price tag of ~$350 (~₹23,100).

As stated earlier the Commuter trucker jacket incorporates a touch-sensitive area that upon pairing via the bluetooth cuff can be used to control your smartphone. With a few gestures you can answer calls, pull up directions and even control the audio playback on your device without retrieving it from your pocket.

The jacket is the first of its kind which showcases the full potential of the technology and how it can be integrated, now it is up-to the clothing companies to integrate the weave into their products and what functionality it will bring to the table.

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