Pokemon GO Joystick location GPS hack
Pokemon GO Joystick

Latest Pokemon GO hack, tricks, and secrets have been flooding the internet since the launch of this augmented reality (AR) mobile game. If you are still not aware of Pokemon GO game, you might be living in a cave. Anyways here’s a brief description: It’s a pseudo reality game where players hunt virtual Pokémon on their phones in real-life locations. It uses the camera and GPS on the player’s device to catch Pokémon.

There’s much more to it, of course, but that’s the general gist. Naturally, the internet has gone bonkers for the game. I assume it’s a combination of the super cool technology and the fact that anything Pokemon hits all our nostalgia buttons in all the right ways. If you’ve been wondering whether there are ways to make your “Pokemon Go” experience even better, guess what? We’re here with a simple hack (cheat) which allows you to catch Pokemon without moving & I mean it!

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Now you might ask, why would you ruin the joy of game by doing so? Well, if in case you’re tired, not feeling well or its raining outside & you can’t go out. Why miss the adventure? Enjoy it from your home, and you can still catch ‘em all. During regular days you can enjoy the original game. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Let’s jump to the Pokemon GO Android hack.


  1. A rooted Android device.
  2. Xposed Framework & installer: If you want to root your device but want to receive OTA update & warranty, you can use Systemless Xposed method which allows you to disable everything in one click. (Samsung device owners must install Xposed using Xposed for Samsung method)
  3. Pokemon GO App
  4. Pokemon GO Joystick module (v2.5): Download.

Create Pokemon GO Spoofing App as System App

Pokemon GO Android Hack Complete Chart

Before starting of with anything, let me clear everything about the above image. After the recent Pokemon GO updates, Niantic has started detecting spoofing apps installed in your smartphones. In order to avoid this, you need to install the Pokemon GO App either by Downgrading your phone or by Rooting and converting the App into System App.

While some think downgrading and rooting are pretty much same, Downgrading and rooting are two separate things. You do not need to root to downgrade your version of Android. Downgrading your version of Android should not void the warranty on your phone as long as you use official firmware. Converting a joystick to a system app usually requires root privileges. You can convert a joystick to a system app without rooting your Android, but you will need help from a custom recovery.

The easiest versions of Android to spoof on are Marshmallow and Nougat before the March 5, 2017 security update. After the March Android security update, many people started complaining about Pokemon GO Spoofing not working or they are facing shadow ban.

“Guide will be updated soon”

Pokemon GO Joystick (Pokemon GO hack)

What is Pokemon GO Joystick hack
What is Pokemon GO Joystick

Pokemon GO App is created using Google Maps’ API. It traces your location with your device’s GPS & shows the type of Pokemon as per the region shown in Google maps. This app (Pokemon GO hack Joystick ) makes the GPS believe that you are changing locations which in turn moves you in the game. The app offers control buttons (similar to a joystick arrow keys) to move in any direction you want. You can also adjust your moving/running speed. The joystick appears as an overlay. The module is still in beta so you might find some bugs which you can report to the developer (balamu96m).

App NamePokemon GO Joystick
Last Updated8th Aug
App version2.5
Android Version Required4.0+ (Rooted)
App Size32 MB
Other RequirementsXposed Framework
FeaturesJoystick for Pokemon GO Game


  1. Boomerang feature: Jumping to desired location – Just tap on any location & you’ll be there! A useful feature if you want to catch water Pokemon in big lakes, bakes or finding grass Pokemon in dense forest.
  2. Choose movement speed.
  3. Tap on any point on screen to move in that direction – Option to hide joystick in this mode.
  4. Clear mock location history – restore original location
  5. Search for a location in map
  6. Store favourite locations as bookmarks and load them quickly!
  7. Continue from where you left
  8. Choose starting location in map – Now you can enter latitude and longitude
  9. Use the persistent notification use toggle joystick on/off on the fly!
  10. Choose movement speed on the fly!
  11. All this for free!

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Changelog v2.5 (8th Aug)

Please uninstall all the previous version of Pokemon GO Joystick before installing v2.5. All the major bugs are fixed now.

  • Fixed blank map error
  • Fixed bug with show/hide joystick from notification
  • Code cleanup

This guide is for Rooted Android devices. If you have not rooted your device or not willing to root your device, you can check our Pokemon GO modded hack for Non-Rooted devices. But don’t forget, Rooted hack has lot more features that non-rooted hack available anywhere. But still you can jump to locations & use joystick to move in non-rooted. 

Now you can catch ’em all like a boss!

Pokemon GO Hack catch ‘em all.
Pokemon GO Hack catch ‘em all.

How to install Pokemon GO Joystick:

Step 1. Assuming that you have installed Xposed in your device, Install the Joystick app in Android using the downloaded apk file.

Step 2. Now launch Xposed app in your device & go to Modules option & check “Pokemon GO Joystick module”.

Xposed Pokemon GO Joystick
Xposed Pokemon GO Joystick

Step 3. Now restart your device to allow the module to use Xposed framework.

Step 4. Start the app by launching it from list of installed apps.

Pokemon Go hack Joystick
Pokemon Go Joystick hack

Step 5. Toggle master switch on & select the speed at which you want to move. At the end tap on Open/Close joystick.

Step 6. Now launch Pokemon GO App & start playing. Have fun!

Pokemon GO Joystick hack
Pokemon GO Joystick hack

Pokemon GO Joystick FAQ

Note: Don’t leave the country, you might get banned! When the game says ‘failed to detect location’, try moving the joystick. The error will go away. Enable ‘Continue from where you left/ from chosen locaiton’ if you select your start location from map.

1. Pokemon Go v0.37.+ compatibility

Since Pokemon GO servers have started banning rooted devices running Pokemon GO with Xposed modules, we must hide the System Root.

  1. Re-flash custom or restore your System or you can uninstall Xposed, modules & everything.
  2. Remove root (obviously skip this step if your not rooted) – Simply go into the supersu app and remove from there. (How to unroot Android devices)
  3. Now to make Root Systemless,
    1. If you’re using TWRP, use the terminal in advanced settings and type the following: echo “SYSTEMLESS=true” > /data/.supersu
    2. OR You can use your favourite file explorer and create a file named .supersu at: /data/.supersu and simply write in the following line: SYSTEMLESS=true
  4. Flash SuperSU 2.78, which will be flashed in Systemless mode as per the config file we created in the previous step.
  5. Flash Systemless Xposed 86.2 (this version does not depend on Magisk, therefore Magisk does not need to be installed at all).
  6. Flash SUhide (It hides Root from particular app rather then turning off root globally)

2. If you get any location related error in Marshmallow,do this!

Pokemon GO Joystick Mock location app hack
Pokemon GO Joystick – Mock location app

Enable:Settings -> Developer options -> Allow mock locations”. Open this app and then Open Settings -> Developer Options -> Choose mock location app -> Choose ‘Pokemon Go Joystick’

3. How to Choose starting location?

Choose location directly in Pokemon GO
Choose location directly in Pokemon GO

You can enter your desired location name in Choose location option. Make sure you don’t enter any location outside your country.

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4. How to use Bookmark feature?

Bookmark location in Pokemon GO Joystick
Bookmark location in Pokemon GO Joystick
  1. Open map
  2. Tap your favourite location
  3. Give it a name
  4. Done!

5. How to delete Bookmarks?

Long press that bookmark -> Delete.

6. “Failed to detect location.” (if this doesn’t work, then do the teleportation fix)

Change the GPS to High Accuracy, move your location on GPS Spoofer and restart Pokémon GO.

7. “Pokéstops not working/Pokémon fleeing after 1 Pokéball?”

You probably traveled too fast and got soft-banned, don’t worry, it lasts an hour.

8. “My player keeps teleporting between locations.”

Install an app from the Play Store called “DisableService” and allow root (obviously), search for the service “Fused Location” under System tab and disable that service. Then reboot. Doing this trick will disable your real GPS and then no teleporting will be happening. If you want your real GPS back, just enable “Fused Location” again and reboot.

9. “When I try to disable AR, everything freezes/crashes.”

Disable camera by going into REGEDIT on your computer and going to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\And roid\Config”. Press camera and change the ‘1’ to a ‘0’, save and you’re done.

10. “When I start Pokémon Go Mod Apk, I get a gray screen.”

Either close Bluestacks entirely and relaunch Bluestacks or uninstall Bluestacks and redo the tutorial with Bluestacks for Windows 7/8.

11. “When I throw a Pokéball, the game crashes.”

Delete your Google account from settings and restart Pokémon GO.

12. How to use ‘move on tap’:

  • Enable this mode, by tapping the palm button.
  • Tap anywhere on the screen for the player to move.
  • Turn off the mode by using the same button.

NOTE: When Move on tap is enabled, you can’t touch items in the game. So enable and disable this mode whenever needed.

12. How to use ‘Pokemap’:

  • After searching or without searching, you have to tap on a particular location on map.
  • And then use ‘Load nearby pokemons’ button.
  • Wait for few seconds for it to load the pokemons.

Best practices

  • When moving form v1.x to 2.x, Clear data before launching the updated app. Make sure you ‘Allow mock locations‘ or Select this app in ‘Select mock location app’ (Marshmallow) before launching the module
  • Set location mode to ‘Device only‘ in case you are troubled when fighting/capturing.
  • Set speed to slow/slower if you want to search for Pokemons. Running faster may not give adequate time for a Pokemon to spawn in that location.
  • Don’t start at far off locations. You might get banned.

We know that this hack ruins the real fun of the game but its for times when you can’t go out maybe because of climate issue, time, health issue or any personal issue. Every one deserves to enjoy catching Pokemon. Make sure you don’t go too far in search of Pokemon. The game has some rules that you must follow. Don’t jump to different countries you might get banned. Don’t forget to share this awesome method with all the Pokemon master & friends.

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    Just tried doing this on Android M (OP2). Stuck with a Failed to detect location. Did i miss something or is there a fix to it? Thanks <3

  • Only if you have root and using Android M.

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  • Yup!

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    Will rooting work with the current version of the app, until the point of deploying the joystick, and if I hide the root status by making it systemless, will the xposed framework operate?

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    sorry for the long paragraph :/

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    My Pokemon Go will not start as long as my phone is rooted

  • Did you install Xposed Framework?

  • Can you help me out? When I root the device and open the game, it says my current device is not compatible, I got a Samsung Galaxy S5. Sorry about my previous comments on the other post. I mistook the titles

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  • New update has been added.

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  • Try clearing app cache & check if you’re facing the same issue with new account.

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    Hey there! Everything seemed to be working just fine until it would no longer let me buy pokecoins. When I click on them, it acts like it has trouble loading. No amount of restarting helps. Ideas?

  • Adriel Jimenez

    my Pokémon Go is crashing as well, I’m using the Pokémon Go++ with the Cydia impactor method, iPhone 6. When tapping the app, it shows the first white screen, then crashes

  • I’m really sorry for that. As its difficult to check every comment. Try clearing your Pokemon GO’s cache & data as everything seems fine in my device. No crash or bugs.

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    I have a Zenfone 2 Laser(ze550kl) currently running cm13 I have done all the steps correctly but when I flash suhide zip my device falls into bootloop. I tried it again after wiping data but still it falls into bootloop.What am I doing wrong? Need Help

    • Maybe the Zip file might be incompatible with your device. You can try “Magisk” to hide root.

  • Did you hide root from Pokemon GO app?

  • Try this: Root Cloak

  • You can use the app from rooted Android devices by rooting your device.

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    xposed is working on nox but how to install SUzip custom recovery?
    Every emulator is rooted can you tell full procedure for pc

    • You can install latest Android Emulator running Android 6.0, install Pokemon GO & Fake GPS, complete guide here


        my phone is lolipop thats why i cant choose mocking app and when fly gps start all pokemons are invisible in game .

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    Does this work for 4.4.2, can I hide the root?

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    • This is for Rooted phones. You need to root the emulator before using this.

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    • That’s it. Now SuperSU will be installed systemless.

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    I tried it out yesterday and worked. But today when loading up, message popped up requiring to update to new version. Can you take a look?

    • The module requires an update? Or its the Pokemon GO app asking for update?

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    I am having KitKat and if I root, pokemon go will not even log me in

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      New TuTu updates will roll out soon! Stay tuned.

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      Remove everything & install again. Make sure you remove all traces of previous installations.

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      Disable Joystick module & reinstall game.

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      You need to keep Xposed permanently.

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    how to fix it?

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      I have the same error, I think is because we are using android 4.4.4 (or less) and in developer options we can’t select an app to mock location. But is it possible with the xpossed framework? Did you try that? I’ll do that

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    It won’t even let me set a location. I try typing in Virginia Beach, Virginia. And nothing happens. I find the location on the map and hold where I want to be and nothing happens.

    Nexus 6p, running Resurrection Remix and xposed framework 85 installed. Developer options enabled, mock app set, fused location turned off. I regularly use Pokemon go Controls which is just a joystick with no features except auto wall and that works fine. I want to use this though because it seems a lot better but it won’t let me set my location.

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    This app works great, the best one I’ve tried yet.
    There’s only a small problem which is kinda annoying. Sometimes the joystick disappears, which is ok because it shows up again 5/10 seconds after, the problem is, whenever I move it after it’s back again, I teleport back to the position I chose on the map. I tried turning off Fused Locations but I get the “Can’t find GPS” error. Is there a fix for this?

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    EVERYONE!! I FOUND THE FIX!!!! Im running a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus on Tmobile in the US. I was having the same problem as EVERYONE. I tried EVERYTHING… always got that fucking can’t “detect location” etc…

    ANYWAY… here’s the fix (must be rooted):
    1. Download app called DISABLE SERVICE (the app icon is a little blue android with a white S in the middle)

    2. If prompted, allow root permission. (it didn’t prompt me)

    3. When in the app, select the “System” tab to on the top right

    4. Click the magnifying glass icon for search at the top and search for “Fused Location”

    5. Select to UNCHECK the FusedLocationService (at this point it requested me for Root access, i granted)

    6. Reboot the phone and VOILA! That pesky “Cant detect location” was not showing up anymore.

    I had originally tried all sorts of spoofing apps and thought none worked. But once I did this… all the previous spoofers worked. I am currently using Fake GPS Location.

    By the way… do these steps in addition to the instructions you find everywhere about “Allow mock location” ,setting GPS to High Accuracy… etc…. It seems that this is the last step that all the forums are missing. 🙂

    This is the only thread that had that answer… its in the FAQs above. Thanks OP!

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      Previously with my joystick app it said failed to detect location and then after seeing your post I downloaded DISSABLE SERVICE and selected UNCHECK on Fused Location and rebooted my mobile but now when try to open my joystick app and sellect CHOOSE STARTING LOCATION is says “Unfortunately, Pokemon Go Joystick has Stopped.” Can you please help me. THANKS in advance.

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      When I try to uncheck FUSED LOCATION it says wait and nothing happens please suggest further actions
      PS(it did not ask for root access and my phone is rooted.)

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    Using the joystick app via xposed alone, with location settings whether on high accuracy or device only, and mock locations allowed.. I get “failed to detect location, try moving joystick” message and my avatar won’t budge. I installed mock mock location and now my avatar moves, but I still get failed to detect location and now I can’t see any pokestops or gyms I’ve been seeing before. Help..?

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    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Are you using any custom ROM? Have you enabled High accuracy in GPS settings & have you installed Xposed framework properly?

      • Benot

        No more Pokémon’s or pokestop’s since I loaded the joystick. Even though I uninstalled it. Still nothing no more pokemon are spawn. And I don’t see pokestops anymore. Help pls.

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Softban! Just wait for few hours.

    • Xposed

      you need t have mock mock locations installed.xposed module

  • Kunwar

    My controller disappears as the game starts

    Running miui 8 on redmi 1s

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Allowed Mock location?

  • Tom

    Whenever I have a mock location app selected the game stops showing me nearby pokemon, I dont get any encounters and when I try to interact with pokestops it tells me to try again later as though they are on cooldown is there a workaround for this?

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    but i dont have a joystick in game so i cant move unless i change position in the joystick app again.

    any answers? thanks in advance.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Please mention device name & Android version.

  • Francis

    I have an issue, in Pokémon go it says failed to detect location even after doing the fix, using the teleportation fix it simply says GPS signal not found, I have also tried to turn off and on gps and it still doesn’t work please help.

  • Jared

    It would appear that I’m having the exact same issues with this. Running android 6.0.1, all instructions followed carefully, and it still doesn’t work…

    • Jared

      To clarify, it keeps saying ‘Failed to detect location’

  • Logan

    When i try to set a location it says location fixed! How do i make this work?

  • Marwan El-Seidy

    i tried all of the fixes even ones replied in the comments section and tracking through the app reactions I’m almost positive that it is related to the mock location choice in developer settings since my location can be changed but that needs me to allow mock location choice during any fake gps actions but whenever i tick mock location the app has the failed to detect location error and no in game interactions happen i mean its not a soft ban its just there is nothing there to interact with no pokemons or pokestops or gyms the joystick works fine if i don’t try to start in a location I’m not at and the app loads my home gps location as if normal and as for the prerequisite steps I’m near positive i have them done correctly.

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    Please email me thank you

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You can only find mock location if you’re on Android M. You can find it in Developer options. If you can’t find any developer options in Settings, goto About Phone > Tap on build number 7 times.

  • Bob

    I have an issue, in Pokémon go it says failed to detect location even after doing the fix, using the teleportation fix it simply says GPS signal not found

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Switch on & off your GPS 2-3 times. It might fix this issue.

  • pdn

    I have a Yu Yureka mobile with cyanogen in it. Do i also need to root the device to use this hack?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      CyanogenOS comes non-rooted. You need to root your device to use this trick.

  • Harshil pandya

    Whenever I tick the “allow mock location” option and leave the page the box gets unticked. Please help

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Custom ROM?

      • Harshil pandya


      • Freshdordz

        i have the same problem , and yes mine is custom rom
        cyanogenmod 12

  • Gangirboy

    When i try to catch pokemon, pokemon doesnt see. Only work pokestops. I see first 3 or 4 pokemon another pokemons seem only circles.

    • Gangirboy

      All frameworks done. Xposed done. Android 4.4.4

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Clear App cache & clear device’s cache from recovery.

  • yellow

    Ich habe wirklich alles exakt so gemacht wie beschrieben.
    Die Fehlermeldung “Standort konnte nicht erkannt werden” kommt trotzdem ?!
    Was kann ich noch tun. Ich bin ein Rollstuhlfahrer.

  • Jalada Pandya

    I have an Android 4.4.2. Whenever I click on allow mock location box and go back the tick disappears. Please help!

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      It only works for Android M+ devices.

  • Jon

    Doesn’t seem to work at all on Nexus 7 (2013 – wifi). I can use the joystick to move around in Google Maps just fine, but in Pokemon Go it just constantly says “Failed to detect location”. I can move around on the map and my avatar seems to be in the right spot but the error doesn’t go away and it never loads any pokemon/pokestops/etc.

    I have tried:
    – toggling location between high accuracy and device only
    – toggling fuselocator services
    – toggling mock location app between nothing and pokemon go joystick
    – rebooting

  • Sunny

    Firstly the game said that location fixed.

    Then I changed the location settings to “GPS Only” and the game is now showing “GPS signal not found”.

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Cyanogenmod 13 installed in it.

  • op

    When I do “Choose mock location app”, then in Pokemon Go i got an error message on the top of the app, displaying : “location fixed. What can I do? Thanks

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Set location mode to ‘Device only’ in GPS.

  • Csium

    When I do “Choose mock location app”, then in Pokemon Go i got an error message on the top of the app, displaying : “Impossible to find your location”. Then I can move with the Joystick but no pokemon appears and no pokespot either.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Using Custom ROM? Seems like some ROM related issue.

      • Csium

        I have an HTC one M7, Android 5.0.2 – Android Revolution HD 92.0 by mike1986 and my Recovery is TWRP.

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Xposed was working fine in this ROM?

          • Csium

            Well yes, i fleshed it during this tuto, no error occured, rebooting ok the first time. I checked the Pokemon Go Joystick module, I don’t know what i could have done wrong.

      • kenny33

        Got the same issue on Oneplus 3 (oxygenos 3.2.1)

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Set location mode to ‘Device only’ in GPS settings.

          • Csium

            Still the same issue :/

            • Devs-Lab Staff

              Please refer updated FAQ section.

  • Charles

    When I open Pokemon GO joystick cloose

  • Joe

    When I play Pokemon Go with the joystick on my screen, it tells me “failed to get location. Try moving the joystick”. It says that while I am using the joystick. I’m using lollipop version for android.

    Also, when i’m in the “xposed installer” app, I downloaded the Pokemon Go Joystick module, but when I click on “Modules” in red font, it says “This module requires a newer XposedBridge version (53) and thus cannot be activated. ” But I am still able to open the Pokemon Go Joystick app and see the joystick on screen. So I don’t know if it really is activated or not.

    Another thing, when at the main screen for the Xposed Installer app under “framework” in red font it tells me “The latest version Xposed is currently not active. Did you install the Framework and reboot?” But when I go into it, it has a tab to install/update or uninstall it, but it’s grayed out and I can’t click them. In red font it says, “Please download the latest ZIP file from XDA and flash it manual via recovery.” How do I download that? I checked and couldn’t find the exact file I need.

    Can you please respond to all these questions? Thank you.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Main reason for all this problem is improper installation of Xposed framework. Please mention your device Model no. & Android version. If you are on Android 5.0+, flash latest Xposed Framework zip from here.

  • X13

    The joystick works alright but the pokemon go app doesn’t load pokemon and shows ‘unable to find gps’ when mock locations is active. Do you have a workaround for this?

    • X13

      Android 4.4.4

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Xposed framework is installed correctly? Are you using any unstable custom ROM?

      • X13

        Stock touchwiz Rom and xposed modules are working fine for everything else I have 🙁

  • Stephanie

    I downloaded the joystick but now its not showing the pokwstopa or Pokémon. Is there something else I am forgetting to download with the joystick

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Xposed framework?

  • re

    but, there’s no.. “Choose mock location app” in my developer settings.. please help

    • ImmobileBlock

      “Select mock location app”? Its under the debugging section of developer options in settings.

      • Clarity

        Not on mine either. I think the the choose mock location app was introduced in android 5.x and I’m on 4.4.2, there’s just a tick box for “Allow Mock Locations”.
        also when attempting to run any joystick overlay with Pokémon go it always disappears on me, its still there just underneath the pkmn go app

  • Александр

    все поставил по инструкции, пишет в игре покемон го “Failed to detect location” что можно сделать?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Похоже, GPS выпуска устройства.

  • Paul

    FakeGPS just keeps overriding my choice of mock location app. Running on Android 6.0.1

  • Paul

    When I try to select the joystick when choosing a mock location app, it shows up on the list, however, it does not select the actual app. What’s wrong?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You can try installing the latest version.