Pokemon GO hack for Lollipop TuTu App
Pokemon GO hack for Lollipop TuTu App

Pokemon GO has taken over the Internet like a storm. Most of us might have visited almost every nearby places in search of Pokemon but still can’t catch most of the Pokemon. Its fun to play Pokemon GO until you visit almost everywhere you can. What after that? Why waste your time & efforts just to catch virtual Pokemon? I know its fun. But there’s always a point where you get really exhausted & give up. That’s when you enjoy hacking the game! We have already published Pokemon GO hacks for rooted & for Non-rooted devices.

Then why write this one? Well the other Non-Rooted guide is for Android Marshmallow (6.0) & above devices only. If you are using Lollipop or Kitkat & can’t follow the steps mentioned in that guide, you can refer to this new hack for Pokemon GO Lollipop & Kitkat.

Update 27 September 2016 – 100% Working now!

Please follow the new method as mentioned below. Uninstall all the previous installations of TuTu App & Pokemon GO game. Make sure to delete everything completely.

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  1. TuTu Android App: Download | Mirror
  2. Pokemon GO modded v0.39.0: (You’ll find the app in TuTu app but if in case TuTu again removes the app, you can download it from here. I would recommend you to download it from TuTu): Download
  3. Android device running Android Kitkat (4.4) & above.
  4. Uninstall all the previous Pokemon GO app  & TuTu installations.

Note: We won’t be held responsible for anything happening to your Pokemon GO account. You’re solely responsible for your decision to hack this game. This hack won’t harm your device in any way.

How to hack Pokemon GO without rooting in Android Kitkat & above

Step 1. Go to Settings App> Security> Enable installation from unknown sources.

Enable unknown Sources
Enable unknown Sources

Step 2. Install the TuTu app downloaded from above link. (If you get any warnings while installation, just ignore & allow installation to complete. We have not yet faced any issues with this app.)

Step 3. Once you have installed the TuTu App, download the Pokemon GO modded app.

Pokemon GO TuTu hack downloadPokemon GO TuTu hack download
Pokemon GO TuTu hack download

Step 4. Now install the downloaded Pokemon GO app (Make sure you don’t have Pokemon GO installed).

How to install modded Pokemon GO app
How to install modded Pokemon GO app

Step 5. Go to Settings >Location & services > Make sure GPS mode is set to High Accuracy.

Step 6. Launch Pokemon GO app & allow all necessary permissions.

Pokemon GO modded app

Step 7. It will open window to allow apps to draw over other apps, just find Pokemon GO from the list & allow “drawing over other apps”.

Pokemon GO hack draw over other apps
Pokemon GO hack draw over other apps

After everything is done, its time to test the hack. Launch the Pokemon GO app & you’ll find a beautiful Joystick floating over the original game. Sign in to your Pokemon GO account. You can also refer below video to understand everything 

As Android Lollipop & below versions doesn’t have “Select mock locations app” you can’t use the Joystick without rooting. Make sure you don’t jump to too far locations after each switch or else you’ll face soft ban i.e for 30 minutes, you can’t catch Pokemon.

I know its a bit pain to perform all this to change locations but the limitations of Android Lollipop & below won’t let you do anything. I would suggest you to Root your device if you’re using it for quite a time. There’re many advantages of rooting. Let us know if this worked for you. If you’re still facing any issue, you can report about it in comment section below.

  • romburac

    i see it s updated on 14 june 2017 , same problem, it says can t authenticate.

  • Kayla

    I followed all of the steps but when I go to log into pokemon go, it says it can’t authenticate.

  • Abjit

    Guys this will no longer work . Pokemon go has disabled all hacked apks. They are just normal apks . U can only hack pokemon go on marshmallow or nougat now

  • rahul mahajan

    It says “Unable to authenticate. please try again.

  • Will be bringing new method soon.

  • KO


  • Dohboy58

    App wants to update and won’t let me bypass, suggestions??

  • Kumaran Ray

    i want to know for kitkat

  • paylospot

    Do we have any news about this method? Are the guys in TuTu going to find a way to mod the new version so the guys like me with Lollipop can play? 😀

  • الرد القوي

    it is not working, the joy stick not appear, please fix it

  • الرد القوي

    i don’t know if this still working, but i will try

  • Kilo

    is it working on lollipop

  • Cadron

    I finally got this hack working in my kitkat.

    • deom

      how ………….did you get it working??

    • الرد القوي

      is this confirmed devs-lab?

    • Mandy

      This hack can work for android 5.1.1?

    • Kumaran Ray

      how its work on kitkat i want to know

  • HDsports

    WHen you bring a new solution ????????

  • Shamroz

    Hey I have done all the steps mentioned above but when I install the apk it is not installing just giving the note that the app is not installed

    • This hack doesn’t work currently.

      • thomas

        Why make this page if it’s useless thenot?

  • Ark Tesalona

    Hi I have a question I’ve downloaded tutuapp but when I open the downloaded file the apk file keeps pooping up saying can’t open the file, so I’ve downloaded a rar but I can’t even extract it, what should I need to do?

  • Ana Pau Gamarra Doldan

    Hey I have one question, i have done everything as stated above, but when i open the pokemon app, it wont let me log in, why is that?

    • This hack is not working currently. We are working to find new method. Stay tuned. You can try all our other hacking tricks.

  • Aaradhya Dashore

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b586d24b7092691f9e088e29417cb68e662d08f6bc8e13d649b16ecb3946c9a2.png i done all things but you know about pokemon go updated version, so when i open it and it says update to continue so u pls tell me how to download hacked pokemon go latest version

    • I’m sorry the TuTu app hack is not working currently.

  • Tmz leet

    I’m running on adroid 5.1.1 I’ve downloaded the pokemon go app from tutu but there’s no mod on it. I’ve tried a few different ones like fly gps but it’s saying failed to detect location.. what can I do?

  • Poopie

    Permissions do not have the writing over apps and that option is not presented when launching Pokemon Go from tutuapp. It appears there has been a new update, but same thing. Is app not working?

  • Dichter

    Cant finding Location got no Pokestops and arenas as well….got android 5.1 what to do 😀

  • Ali Kapadia

    I am using S7 Edge and have Installed pokemon go as per the instruction and it work fine but I don’t see the joy stick nothing like its a hacked version. Also did not see any pop up saying drawing over other apps.
    Am I missing something??

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      I guess you might be running Android Marshmallow in your Galaxy S7 Edge device. We have a different fully working guide for Marshmallow devices Pokemon GO GPS hack

  • Turnover

    It wont let me launch it because it says i have to update it to continue pleaz fix this there is no other way to hack pokemon go.

  • ioto

    The joystick doesn’t appear in KitKat android.
    Any suggestions?

    • Bobby

      Use gps joystick apk. Fisrt you need rooted kitkat and twrp. push gps joystick apk to system with lucky patcher. Search where location gps joystick apk in your system. Next download custom rom without root for your device. Open with winrar on PC and add gps joystick apk to the same folder in your rooted device. After that, flash custom rom with twrp. you will have gps joystick application on your unrooted kitkat device and you can play pokemon go with joystick.

  • alex


    this screen with Chinese text don`t pop up, what should i do?

  • Net

    I downloaded the most recent fIle from tutu (41.4), but it’s not modded…any suggestions??

  • Net

    Downloaded most recent fIle from tutu (41.4) and it’s not appearing to be modded at all…any ideas??

  • Dan

    This method doesn’t work on Pokemon latest update version 0.41.4 anymore. Niantic has tweet their settings.

  • John Doe

    Everything was correct and worked as said but game will not launch. Says Pokemon go has a new update and it directs me to the play store.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      We’re trying to fix this issue. Stay tuned! 🙂

      • Andres

        Any news?

      • Aaron

        Same problem. Thanks for working in it!

      • Frank

        Yay !!!!

    • Fin

      Followed instructions but it did not ask about drawing over apps

  • Rain Jonson

    is there a working hack already for kitkat and lollipop.?? help please.. its been 2 weeks since i played..

    • App install but this app want update. I’m live in India, Pokémon not launch in india

  • Ratronix

    Not workinig on the 05/10…old version

  • Manoel

    Coloca uma atualização de joysticks para a versão 0.39.1…

  • Rain Jonson

    just wanna ask if the hack is now working for android 6.0 below.?? its been a week since i got to play.. hope they update it already badly wanna play..

  • jamar Gilmore

    Doesn’t work

  • Hi admin.
    I’d like to know why when i download the pokemon go from TuTu app it says “Pokemon GO” ?
    I dont even see the joystick or anything, Pls help.

    • William martinez

      You can’t download pokemon go(hacked) anymore from tutu app because they took it off and the one you get from this site won’t work because it says it needs to update

    • John

      I think its because the modded app is available only in some countries, not all. Those who dont live in these countries will download the normal app, not the modded. Tried to follow these steps using UK proxy but still nothing. Im confused

  • Samuel leong

    Hi admin, why pokemon go not compatible to my device ( Lenovo A806 ). How to solve this issue ?

  • Rain Jonson

    is it working already.??

    • Ann

      It works but still the joystick does not show up

  • Francis

    Draw over apps wont activate for pokemon go

    • Same here can you do it in settings instead of from the tutu app devs labs?

  • AlmostPro

    I have problem i download TuTu and from TuTu got pokemon go, on my alcatel one touch pop 3 (5), if i opened this and logged, joystick not opened Just clear pokemon go, any sugestion?

  • otwist

    Unfortunately this does not work. Even tried factory reset on my Note5/Android 6.01 phone. Installed tutu, downloaded pokemon go through tutu, installed, allowed privileges, started app from tutu, no overlay screen just regular game now updated to 0.39.1 (didnt even ask to update).
    If i download pokemon go through your alternate download link in your instructions, it downloads 0.35 which does then allow the overlay, but you cannot logon and play.
    Thanks for the effort though.

    • They use to have the modded version but when pokemon go updated tutu app just put the unmodded version on

  • Marito

    Only work for Android 6.0+, don´t work in any others devices. Say that in the capture of the steps 6

  • Aiden

    I have android 4.4 (Kitkat) and I am having trouble with the process. When I open the Pokemon Go app, it doesn’t ask me to allow necessary permissions. Also, I cannot find “Draw over other apps” option and the joystick overlay does not show up.

    • Sergio

      I have that problem too

    • AlmostPro

      Same here

  • Ruthy

    All was fine, but the tutu App never asked me

  • Pokefan

    Im using android 5.0 lollipop (NOTE3). I followed all steps but no joystick & no “draw” coming out. At times, cant even open PokemonGo App. Then i tried opening Developer Option & Allow Mock Loc; joystick appeared when open PokemonGo App but “UNABLE TO DETECT LOCATION” even after set it to HIGH ACCURACY and im stuck at PokemonGo SignIn loading page.

    Please advice

    • Jake

      Same 🙁

  • Danny

    Same here no step 6 & 7, Just the original gameplay with no joystick at als.

  • desi

    Followed the steps above but not working. Pokemon go app attached here is version 0.35.0, eventhough it says 0.39.0 on the article. The pokemon go app 0.39.1 from tutu has no joystick, just like the original one from play store. Please fix it.

  • Big Joe

    I installed TutuApp and downloaded Pokemon Go. However, there was no Step 6&7! When i opened the game there is no Joystick nor the floating thingy at the top.. Zenfone2 Android Lollipop user here!

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Did you allow TuTu app to draw over Pokemon GO app?

      • Chris

        Had the same problem….was never asked to allow the app to draw over anything

    • Danny

      Same here. Just original gameplay.

      • Ali

        App install but this app want update. I’m live in India, Pokémon not launch

  • gaurav

    is there any other method other than tutu app because im in lvl 28 and dont want to play from starting bcoz tutu app only acept ptc acount no gmail login available.

  • Jeff B

    Not working since the 0.39.1 update. Hacked app will not run, it is forcing you to update the latest version.

    Tried all the steps above but none work.

    • jay

      this is a lie its a old video it says as of sept.27th but that cant be because its update 0.39.1 this is for 0.39.0 this is old dont listen to this website or video

  • Chris

    Followed the instructions and when I launch Pokemon go it still ask to update

  • Rain Jonson

    pokemon go at tutu app is not working its not yet updated.?? im using android 5.0 when i log in PTC its telling me that there a new version of pokemon go continue to update.?? pokemon go in tutu app is still 0.35..

  • Anthony

    Tested September 27th 2016 at 4:48 us eastern time. Android 5.1.1. Was not working due to update issue before and i found this article. I uninstalled everything as was said in the instructions and re downloaded tutu app and the 0.35.0 pokemon mod. After the install i resigned in and as soon as that was finished it was still asking for the update. I did it a second time clearing all caches and still the same outcome. THIS DOES NOT WORK.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Install Pokemon GO from TuTu app.

      • Rain Jonson

        i alreay install pokemon go in tutu app but its not working.. theres no joystick.. and there’s no draw over pokemong go.. how to fix.??

  • Danilo Cardenas

    still asking me for update any tips?

  • Danilo Cardenas

    just tried it and the app says it needs to update. So how to fix it?

  • Danilo Cardenas

    just tried it, it still asks me to update how to fix it?

  • buttercup

    Unfortunately still says I need to update Pokémon Go to continue. Will keep checking to see if a new version comes out, hopefully it will, I’ll have a phone with 6.0 on at some point but for now this would be perfect, if it’d work!

  • omi

    ola buenas tardes ya no me deja entrar desde el dia de ayer me pide actualización

  • Andy

    I was not able to use my Google but was able to use a pokemon trainer account. Was able to get my account up to level 18 within a couple hours but by that evening the app started asking for an update. Looks like issues happen off and on so I’m sure a fix is on its way.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Article updated, everything is working fine now!

      • Nikki

        Still not working for me has anyone else logged in to tutù version this evening

      • Phil

        Still not working, on the 0.35 version, when I signed in, it just asked me to update. When I download the new version from tutu, it doesn’t have the direction pad.

      • Jeff B

        No it is not, we need the 0.39.1 hacked version. Your version will not run as the update is still required.

  • Connor

    Hi Devs Lab Staff, recently the apps needs to be updated. Do you have a updated version? Thanks.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Article updated. Everything working fine now, enjoy! 😀

      • Xys

        Still has the pokemon needs to update issue

      • Xys

        I also is facing this same issue.

  • Nuno

    It no longer works. But the tutu aplication is interesting. Keep an eye on it.
    thank you very much for this post 😉

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Article updated. Everything working fine now, enjoy! 😀

  • Rashad

    Neither method is working tried countless times got nothing using a galaxy core prime

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Article updated. Everything working fine now, enjoy! 😀

  • Nidhi

    Not working with new 0.39.0 update

    • Nikki

      Snap was fine for me until today 🙁 now update needed

  • Tisjken

    Update needed every day difrent prob how to fix ? -_-

  • vince

    needs update appearing..help please..

  • Maxx K

    It works on me, i signed in using PTC, not google. But there is a problem, whenever i signed in, it will point to somewhere in chinatown san francisco, I am in singapore. So to the guys in devs-lab, is there anyway when i start pokemon go, the program will default to my location in singapore? Thanks!

  • Trivasha

    hi, I have android 5.1 and tried downloading the tutuapp, but unfortunately it keeps says “cant open file” please help…

    • Justin

      I had this issue. Clear your cache of all files, as well as all remnants of the original file that you downloaded… Make sure you also force stop before you do this. Then redownload and it will work. Took me awhile to figure this out.

  • Gelo

    Has always worked for me but now it’s asking to update to a new version of the Pokemon Go app. Leads to the Playstore. What to do?

    • Dj

      I’m having the same issue

      • Jay

        Has anyone found a fix for this?

    • Richard

      Same issue here. Please update.

    • scott toasty

      same exact issue, was just working fine yesterday, now tries to make me update which directs me to the play store or chrome link for pokemon go which says installed cant do anything about it though. it wont let me not click ok to update. fml im on house arrest its the only thing keeping me sane haha.

      • Devs-Lab Staff

        Article updated. Everything working fine now, enjoy! 😀

        • Unknownnn

          It’s still not working as of now

  • Rick

    New update unable to play please come with new mod thnx 😉

  • Josh

    It’s not even letting me sign into my account.

  • Mike

    It works but won’t let me use pokestop and pokemon always run away won’t let me catch anything

    • Jae

      That is because the game realized you hacked it and gave you a “soft ban” for 30 mins.

  • William

    When I have mock locations on,it actually works-i can move and pokestops show up,etc but it crashes after like 20 seconds 🙁 When i turn it off,it says Failed to detect location and nothing shows up

  • Jd

    I’m getting the red banner on top that says “cannot detect location”
    What’s the problem?

  • A Mercyful Soul

    Cheers. I managed to log in using a Pokemon Trainer Account. But inside the app I constantly get the message: “Cannot Detect Location”. I have maintained the option to allow fake locations in my Phone. Anyone knows a solution?

    • Jd

      Same problem

  • Satish

    Hi there

    Followed the steps but I can’t log into the modded Pokemon Go app. Gets to the loading screen, I select Google account sign in and it does not log into the app. Just stays at the loading screen permanently. How can I resolve this issue?

    • YOLO

      Looks like in Android we can not use Google account, only PTC. On the other hand, in Ios u can use both. :S

    • Daniel George

      It does not work with a Google account. I had the same problem. I had to start from the beginning with a new email address.

    • Joule

      It doesnt work for me neither, so just log in with the poke trainer account. It will take one day to level up to like lvl 10

  • Nimbus

    It works like a charm.. However I often find myself entering the latitide and longitude coordinates every session otherwise I automatically spawn in San Francisco.. resulting in a soft ban.

  • Meh

    Trainer just keeps going on and on in the same direcrion

  • burandon

    I can’t use the joystick can some one help. It doesn’t allow me to go into my pokemon setting and do that thing he did to use the joystick.

    • ramossr4

      Me too

    • Justin

      With some devices, there is a bit of a lag. Imagine that you are dragging from the button to just outside the button… then wait like 10 seconds. You will see your character move.

  • zul

    im using kitkat 4.4 . and i do all the above step. but my joystick not appear. please help how to solve it ?

    • Aldebaran

      If you already have the tutuapp and downloaded the modded pokemon go, every time you launch that modded pokemon go, there should be a joystick on the bottom

  • Cedric

    I can work it but my start spawn is for sone reason sand fransico

  • Vanessa m

    Followed step and got it working… Sort of working. I can move, spin, collect pokemon, but cant battle. Whenever i enter a gym i freeze up when it says “GO”

  • TIA

    Please help me. I did all the steps needed. When I launch pokemon go app it doesn’t let me log in into my account. It just keep loading and the “GPS signal not found” keeps reappearing. Please help me. There is no pokestops near me I have to commute 3 hours to go to the nearest pokestop. Please!

    • Suyash

      Same problem here i cant login my accnt it just show loading and ps signal not found plss help .

  • Jack

    It works perfectly fine for me though it’s a bit laggy. Please teach me how to fix it. Thanks!

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Might be because of low device specs!

      • mAC


        • Niantic

          you’ve been banned

      • plz translate it in English

  • Stanley

    I tried it in the first method. Everything works fine except that it keep putting me in San Francisco. Even when I click on my location it goes back to Union square San Francisco.

  • StephEliz

    Am I supposed to download the actual game from the Play store? It won’t work?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      You need to use the provided Pokemon GO app.

  • Steph

    It won’t allow me to download actual Pokémon Go app from the Play store?

  • Pokefan

    The first day the app worked fine, but now i cant spin any pokestops, the pokemon never stay in the ball and as soon as they get out of it they always run away. And I cant be in any gym battles, an “error” line pops upp (it looks the same as the “GPS not found line). Does this happen to other people? If so did you solve it? Please. Help me.

    • Justin

      That’s what happens during a soft ban. Try going within range of a pokestop, spinning it, exiting, and then repeating. It takes 40 times for you to be not soft banned anymore. Try loading your “location” at the screen where you see the gyarados.

  • Antonio Junior

    Seems like only 1 or 2 individuals here claims it is working. An astonishing number of us here can’t get it work. If you have a updated guide pls provide the link and the revised steps. Gps signal not found or can’t detect location . If you are reading these comments , pls take some time to explain yourself else there is no point in providing this forum . I had to delete everything to revert back to the original Pokemon go. Now that’s a waste of time. Potential users coming in later pls read through the comments posted else you will end up wasting your time with something that doesn’t work!

  • Vishal

    I tried that fly GPS hack …..it works ….but after sometime joystick disappear….. And I teleported to my original location…..
    Plz give me a solution…..
    Marshmallow 6.0.1

  • Kayla

    Doesn’t load with Google account sign in. It loads of you use trainer club option. However, the app is unstable and keeps disconnecting me.

  • Josh

    Followed instructions. Go app won’t load account. After I select Google account just loads endlessly

    • MJ

      I get the same. Any advice?

    • Ben

      Same here

    • Satish

      Same issue here. Haven’t even been able to log into the modded Pokemon Go app yet

  • Uzuiha

    Hey guys, I tried using this tutuapp and then the hacked version of pokemon go .. I have android 5.1 so I don’t need it rooted. After having everything installed and allowing mock locations, I can’t sign in.. It just loads forever! Any ideas? Thanks

  • Jason

    I’ve use pokemon trainers club account and it was working yesterday. But now, I can still able to login but I can’t see any gyms or pokestops anymore.

  • Abbey

    Im stuck on a loading screen. The joystick and everything appears. But game wont load after i sign in.

    • Anonymous

      Happens to me too

  • Ozcur1791

    I followed a steps but every time I open the app it says Unfortunately Pokemon Go has stopped? I don’t know what I did wrong? Anyone can help me?

  • ____

    Hey if your game isnt loading and just keeps showing the spinning pokeball icon, sign in under pokemon trainer club. Worked for me

  • Sarah

    Followed each step correctly as best I could, but my phone doesn’t allow me to change app permissions (5.0.1 Lollipop), and when the Pokemon Go mod is downloaded, no window pops up whatsoever for me to allow it go over other apps. And then the game endlessly loads. I’m extremely disappointed in this, especially since most things in this guide I couldn’t even follow anyway, even though I’m higher than 4.4. And only a few people claimed it worked.

  • shub

    Cannot load my account. It keeps trying to sign in forever after selecting the account

  • Kevin

    It only shows screen like the one when they’re having server problem.

  • Heather

    Keep getting GPS NOT FOUND, also i can see streets just not seeing Pokemon or stops. I’ve tried enabling mock locations and disabling them… I’m running on 5.1 lollipop.

  • Sue

    Hey, it has me stuck on the loading screen after I try to sign in with my account

  • The pokemon go modded app wont login – it just spins after i sign in

  • Milnace

    It says that I have to download Pokemon Helper first. Where is that?

  • arnold

    Just downloaded new app (Tongbu Tui) but it asks me to download Pokemon Helper before getting the Pokemon Go app

  • Secret

    It won’t download Pokemon Go from the app, I get a message telling me to download Pokemon Helper first :/

    • Ted

      I got the same problem as yours. Have you solve the issue yet?

    • knighttux

      Same msg here…. I’ve search this App: Pokemon Helper but its not effective….

  • Jeff

    this is not working ..

    i follow all the instruction but the tutu app ? no pokemon go applocation what should i do to download the latest moded pokemon go .

  • Sabaw

    So where is the new update on the procedure?

  • Rae

    I cant find the pokemon go app on tutuapps any suggestions

  • jay

    i cant make it work. i cant find tutuapp on your link.

  • nids

    i cant find pokemon go and the link that you provide is just like a playstore.

  • Madason Tuggle

    The app that you said to download has updated or something because the first application you see isnt Pokemongo.

  • Adni

    No pokemon go apps at tutuapps to install……what next?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Please check the updated guide.

      • Yndk

        There is no updated guide

      • Liesl

        Which updated guide? There was no pokemon go app in tutu app, and I can’t findcthis “updated guide” you speak of.

  • Victor Neri

    I keep getting spawned in the same location as you in the video. I can’t get to where I’m currently located

  • Victor

    Its stuck in the loading screen after I sign in to my account

    • shub

      Same happened to me

  • XxLunaGalaxy

    Do You Have To keep the Real Pokemon go app
    Or Delete It?


    • Devs-Lab Staff


  • koko

    There is no pokemon go app in tutuapp.

  • …..

    Cant find pokemon go in tutuapp

  • Ajoi

    Not working.
    It spawned me to the desired place but with no pokestop, no gym, no pokemon or whatsoever.
    #lollipop user

  • Rizky Hadyanto

    Its an old tricks, its wont work with the latest Pokemon Go version.
    Your tricks is to old man

  • Malaysia

    Same problem here.

    I am not sure the VPN stuff… how to turn on or off and what is VPN Cloud? Another apps that need to be downloaded?

    I am not in USA country, any idea can choose Asian country?

    I follow other steps and end with GPS signal not found… and I still standing at my actually current location…

    Anyone can help and/or have any other solution and apps to used?

  • Butterfree_Lover

    I did follow the instructions also and it always says that “gps not found” when i read again the instruction, i got curious on this phrase says that “tap the build no. 7 times” ? What is that ?

  • JustSomeGuy

    How do you go on “developers option”

    • Saviour

      Go to Settings > About Phone > Device Information > tap 7 times on Build Number, a new ‘Developer options’ should show up with “Now you’re a developer” message.

  • Rezei Tadako

    I have the same problem. I followed all the steps, and once I open the game, I spawn at my desired location, but it says “GPS signal not found.” Not only that, I find nothing but a vast space with no streets, no bodies of water, and no Pokemon. :'(

  • Aniket

    It’s not working it says ” GPS signal not found”
    Please give us a good hack.

  • Jon94

    I have the same problem. GPS signal not found. But if i use the high accuracy, i manage to spoof to the location no gps error but there is nothing appearing on the map.

  • Jon94

    I have the same problem. GPS signal not found. But if i use the high accuracy, i manage to spoof to the location no gps error but there is nothing appearing on the map.

  • Reldnahc

    Pls. Help. I follow the instruction correctly but when I launched Pokemon go, Gps location not found.

  • Harsh

    Not working for me. Giving me error gps signal not found.p lease help me to get near by gym from my home. Don’t want to go to other locations

  • Harsh

    Not working for me. Giving me error if I select device option for location. The error is GPS signal not found. I don’t want to go in other countries bt want to go near by gym while sitting in my home. Can you please help on this

    • b ouch

      I got the same thing until I turned off the VPN app. It doesn’t seem to allow internet connection. Should work after that.

      • Rezei Tadako

        It worked for you? How? I don’t know what you mean by turning off the VPN app. Will you make the instructions clearer? Thank you! 😀

      • Daniel Steinmann

        Everytime I login it says “failed to detect location”. I have a galaxy s5. Please help

  • Nick

    GPS not found

  • Calvin

    Followed the steps. It says GPS signal not found. Using android 4.4 how can I make it work?

  • Goodfella

    Does not work for me neither. It says ‘GPS signal not found’. I think because the GPS is set to ‘device only’..
    I managed to change location by selecting ‘allow mock locations’ in Enable Developer options. My position then changed to the chosen destination, but there are no pokestops or gyms and I get the message “Failed to detect location”

  • THE mima

    I got to the location but i aint got nothing to move with


    Thanks a lot. It is working for me 🙂

    • Craig

      Are you sure it didn’t work for me
      It just spawned me in the place but with no Pokémon or nothing

  • Katie

    I did everything you said it took me to where I wanted to go when mock location was on but as soon as I disabled it I was back at my current location using android lollipop

  • Yong Thai Fei

    Hi, i followed exactly ur steps, but after i turned off the mock location, i went back to my real locantion, why?

    im using redmi note 3, miui 8.


  • ura

    not working. it keep come out gps signal not found

  • PlayfullMind

    if you check the Mock Location, it shows “Cannot Locate the Location” but it moves using joystick, but If you uncheck the Mock Loc. you automatically return to.your current location and the joystick will not work.

  • David

    Hi. I have tried the steps in “go gps hack for android lollipop kitkat” but the pokemon go gives a msg “GPS signal not found”. I am using android 4.4.4 no root. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Jade

    Just tried this out and I made sure that i followed each of the following directions correct. When I launched the game it said GPS Signal not found..