The Pokemon GO mobile game is set to get 50 new Hoenn Pokemons in a new update. The game’s popularity soared in Summer 2016, but since then it has been a year. There was an update previously that added gen-2 Pokemons in the game, that update renewed a bit of interest. Now we’re seeing 50 new Pokemons from the Hoenn region. Whats more is that there will be weather effects that will influence gameplay. Niantic has released a video detailing some aspects of this update that brings gen-3 Pokemons.

The video shows that Legendary Pokemon from Hoenn will start showing up in raids soon. The press release has only mentioned Fire lizard Groudon as of now. But others like Ocean master Kyogre and emerald space serpent Rayquaza are among the legendaries for this generation, as are Latios and Latias. We also might see Deoxys being left out of the rrolloutas is Niantics’s way of leaving out one legendary Pokemon.

The other aspect of the update is weather changes. There are six different seasons or effects. And each one has its own implications. Certain weather will make it likely for a particular Pokemon to be found more frequently. So, MudKip, for example, can be found more in rain. Clear weather will enable players to see more grass, ground, and fire Pokemons. While places with windy skies will see dragon, flying, and psychic types appear more.

Moving on, a Snowy atmosphere will get players more ice and steel Pokemons. Moreover, water and bug types will be seen more in the rain as can be presumed. There isn’t any mention of the sunny atmosphere in Niantic’s official post. But we think it will bring out more fire Pokemons. Players can also get more stardust upon catching these adorable new pets.

This update does not include the complete set of Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald collection. There are some still missing but will be updated in a future event. These Hoenn Pokemons come after an update that earlier brought a few from the same region.