Pokemon GO for PC
Pokemon GO for PC

Android does have tons of features to offer but it’s not that good to make it your Primary OS of your PC. If you’re an Android gamer, only thing that limits everything is the comfort of playing games, small screen size & lot more. Many people might suggest you to install Remix OS & enjoy Android games directly on PC but it would be a hell lot of pain as you won’t be able to enjoy Windows like features. To tackle all these issues, Android Emulators came into the picture.

Pokemon Go the augmented reality game has taken the Internet by storm. Different Pokemon GO hack have been released to make the game lot easier. Everyone playing this game has been somewhat like turned into zombies who are stumbling across different cities around the world. Days after the release of this augmented reality game, people were found walking into unsafe neighborhoods, barricading into people’s houses, getting robbed by burglars in the process of catching Pokemon.

In this article, I am going to explain a way, using which you can play Pokemon Go on PC from the comfort and safety of your house. All you require is a working Windows computer, a bit of patience and brain.


To start playing Pokemon Go in your computer right from your home, you will need to install and set up a bunch of tools exactly in the right order. To start with, just download the files given below and follow the given instructions carefully.

  1. The first thing you will need is a windows PC to install the software.
  2. Bluestacks. Download it from the official website from here.
  3. Last, but not the least. The game itself, download Pokemon Go but don’t install or run it until it’s time, or it won’t work: Download

After downloading, just put all these files into a single folder so you can easily find them later. Do not rush to install any of the apps without knowing what to do next. If you will carefully follow what I have mentioned below, you will be playing Pokemon GO without any issues.

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How to setup & play Pokemon GO on PC

1. Install Bluestacks

Installing BlueStacks for Pokemon GOFirst, install Bluestacks on your computer. Make sure it’s working fine and doesn’t crash while running. If you’re experiencing issue download a latest fresh copy from their website and install it again.

Step 1. Download the BlueStacks.exe file from the above link.

Step 2. Install the file in your Windows PC/Laptop by executing the file normally and granting permissions if required.

Step 3. During the installation process, you will be presented with different tips. Once the installation is done, make sure to Sign in using a Google Account or you can create one.

2. Install Pokemon GO

Installing Pokemon GO in Bluestacks

Step 1. Once you’re done installing Bluestacks, Go to Home > System Apps > PlayStore.

Step 2. After launching Google PlayStore, sign in with your existing Google Account or you can create new.

Step 3. Search for “Pokemon GO” and download the app by Niantic, Inc. Once the downloading is done, you’re all set for the next process.

Don’t launch the app after downloading as we need to restart the Bluestacks emulator.

3. Restart BlueStacks

Step 1. Navigate to BlueStacks Homescreen and close all the apps to avoid freezing of the Emulator.

Step 2. At the top-right corner, click on the Arrow that is pointing downwards.

Step 3. From the drop-down menu, select “Restart Android Engine” to restart the Android Emulator/Tablet Bluestacks.

4. Set up Fake GPS Location

Fake GPS Location to play Pokemon GO on PC

Step 1. Open BlueStacks App and launch and application except “Pokemon GO” and you’ll find a navigation bar at the bottom of the window.

Step 2. At the bottom-right corner of the screen, you’ll find a GPS icon as shown in above image, click on it.

Step 3. It will launch a Maps Application. To Select any location, scroll the red GPS indicator to that location and click on “Set” at the top-left corner. Tip: You can use the Zoom-in and Zoom-out option to visit specific places on Map.

Step 4. Don’t close the location App and click on Home button on the Navigation bar, it will take you the Home Screen. Now it’s time to begin playing!

5. Play Pokemon GO

Playing Pokemon GO on PC using Android Emulator BlueStacks Memu and Nox PlayerStep 1. Launch the Pokemon GO App and login with your Pokemon GO trainers account. You will have to set up Pokemon Go exactly as you would set it up on a standard Android or iOS device. Log in with Google or old ID and it should automatically load your previously set up Pokemon Go account.

Step 2. Accept all the terms and agreements of the game, if asked.

Step 3. Wait for the game to load and select your desired character and begin playing.

Now, after all this, we are finally ready to play the game on PC

When the game finally starts, you should find yourself at a fake location which you engaged earlier through FakeGPS. Every time you want to move to another location or a different spot, you have to go back to FakeGPS and engage a new location. Now enjoy playing Pokemon GO right from your computer. Just make sure you avoid making long-distance map jumps as it may reveal GPS spoofing.

If you followed every step exactly how I told you, then you should be able to play it without any issues by now. If you still have any problems or troubleshooting issues, feel free to comment below. I will try to reach you as soon as possible.

  • Garrett Combs

    10/23/2017 They are cracking down on knows emulator models and versions try again if you find a new emulator or a way to spoof the emulators device, ie my emulator says I am using Android version _._._ kernal version _._._ build number etc anyone with the same ones as me won’t be able to run the game, I’m sure most of you understand this already but figured I’d post this for the confused noobs(like me) who don’t understand what they are doing 😀

  • Ljay

    DOESNT WORK AS OF 16th October 2017 – failed to authenticate both google sign in & Pokémon trainer sign in ;|

  • Marina Taccori

    il gioco resta sempre in carica, poi dopo un bel pò esce la schermata di autenticazione fallita….

  • Long Wei Hong


  • Kyle

    100% working. Riiiiiight.

  • KamPow

    Unable to authenticate

  • Marta

    I can log in to the Pokemon, I’m forced to update, to the latest version that is 0.75.0 of September 12, 2017. When I go into the game, tell me tha
    t the application is not compatible with my device.

  • Ash Kechum

    Its Always showing unable to authenticate. Help please

  • Akshay Prasad

    It says my device isnt compatible

    • Sissy Sparrow

      For me too T_T

  • Lyra

    Has anyone gotten this to work lately? 9/2/17

  • Lyra

    Has anyone gotten this to work lately? 9/2/17

    • Aarya Patel

      hasn’t worked yet for me

  • Thalisson Silva

    No GPS signal, when will it work again?

  • Lenin Apex

    i mark my fake location on the map and its says that gps signal not found!!!
    any help or tips about it???

  • Mars Nicolaou

    Unable to locate GPS and fails to authenticate. We’re on Bluestacks 3 now.

    I’ve attempted to use King Root and Lucky Charm APK’s to maybe use other GPS spoofers and trick the game to authenticating… I’ve had no luck.

    Hope you guys give us a working update.

  • Q Steele

    Also, Why Download the APK if we’re going to install using google play?

  • Q Steele

    Still getting Authentication issues at of 08/18/2017
    Please Advise

  • Vernon Castle Tyler III

    all i get is unsupported OS when i try to log in.

  • Renato Vishnu

    Will you fix this?

  • Robert Miller

    im having issues with Go saying its not compatible with the device. did i miss a step somewhere?

  • Danny Nishri

    I am unable to authenticate and get GPS signal not found

  • Jatinder Saroya

    how install other frimware in nox any one know

  • Flor Wisent

    unable to authenticate

  • Eraser-sama

    For anyone getting “unable to authenticate”:

    This guide was written for Pokemon Go version 0.55.0. But since the release of this article, Pokemon Go has been updated to version 0.69.0. Because of the update, this guide won’t work. We need to wait for Bluestacks to be updated or for someone to figure out how to make it work.

  • Hoca Lee

    unable to authenticate

  • Rez

    Not working, just getting “unable to authenticate” errors when trying to log in. Guessing they’ve done more to protect against spoofers.

  • Mike Klein

    still does not work and any “does not work” comments deleted ?
    “this app is not compatible to this device or software”

  • Lasse SteamedCow

    I can’t log in to Pokemon Go due to unsupported OS. Is there a fix for that? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c11856de9bdf5e29854db51f9e91b3b57c5fe417e4e0127d32c036ba376ac9a2.jpg

    • I guess they are fixing this! 😐

      • Liizaa

        can u find another way?

    • Grzegorz Nawrot

      What is your Windows? 10?

  • Rock

    Sometimes ( Unable to Authenticate )

    Sometimes ( Device not Compatible )
    Which Version of Bluestacks & Pokemon Go to use? I am using the Latest

    • I guess they read this guide & are fixing it!

      • tsukasadt

        If you come up with a new way to do this, could you e-mail it to us, instead of posting a public article? xD

        • Rock

          Nah!! Email is not an Option! it would be Many People 2 Email then!

      • lmao PokemonGo devs trolling us

  • Nuno Geraldes

    Hi guys, I did exactly the same and it takes a bunch of time to give me a message that he could not login… As anything changed? Bluestacks latest version? 5.0.0? Thks

  • Jessica Cauley

    Not working

  • Ridvan Duman

    It gives me an error saying: “Unable to authenticate”. Any tips?

  • Blucky Tasha

    it either comes up with Unable to authenticate or Device, OS, or software is not compatible with Pokemon go. 🙁

  • Broulibra

    I have followed every steps but when I try to login, I have the message “unable to authenticate”.
    What can I do ? Thanks

  • gregorius

    hello, i cant play with this, it says Unable to authenticate. can help me solve this problems?

    • Marc Beuford-willis

      yeah, you gotta update google play services or google accounts aren’t usable

  • Kondziu

    can someone tell me how to fix error this device is not compatible? please

  • Lementina D’artuctar

    Doesn’t work anymore… I get the “Authentication is failed” message whenever I try… but it works on my phone tho.
    Any idea, maybe they upgraded it?

  • Ztakk

    Getting Unable to Authenticate errors. Doesn’t work 😐

  • Conny Ahlgren

    So I followed everything here, and the only thing I get is this, and after about 2min it cant auth, tried both with google login and trainers login, same thing, any tips for this? have tried turing of and turing on windows 10 location settings, no diff in that

  • CueioDoSatan

    Is it working on 0.69.0? I’m trying here and it gives an error of incompatibilty with device/os.

  • Diogo Moreira

    now i get not compatible or unable to autenticate

  • Diogo Moreira

    I got it working 2 days ago, now i cant

  • David

    It was working for me for about a day but then after work i tried to play the game and now i get this. Is It just me or is it still working on bluestacks, and how do i fix this? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b15cc715ee8f2eb4774adc65f662b673fe9c1e74b9f796890fabb451d3199884.png

  • Kevin

    Not working when i start the app and try to login it always says authentication failed

  • Anti Bucuresti

    It says” Unable to autenticate. Please try again” I did exactly hat you told me. Please help me. Could you try again on your PC those steps and tell me if it works?

  • Anti Bucuresti

    It says “Unable to authenticate” 🙁

  • doesn`t work anymore? worked 1 day for me, now just: “this device,OS, or software is not compatible with Pokemon Go”

  • DarknessInside97

    Yesterday I was playing normally, but today it says that the device is not compatible. How can I fix that?

  • Vins

    Doesn’t work anymore, please help me

  • Mike Klein

    Does not work anymore, I get the error message “this app is not working with this device or program”. any fix for this ?
    worked perfect for like a day 🙂

  • plana

    yesterday in morning it work`s but in afternoon stopped, say not compatible,
    aaagh! now my son have 3 exclussive continent pokemon and not me!!!! hehehehh
    thanks, yesterday we pass a good day in the app, for short time…. but it was so fun!

  • plana

    yesterday in morning it work`s but in afternoon stopped, say not compatible,
    aaagh! now my son have 3 exclussive continent pokemon and not me!!!! hehehehh
    thanks, yesterday we pass a good day in the app, for short time…. but it was so fun!

  • mike bulmer

    It worked for one day for me, now I’m getting the unable to authenticate error. Tried uninstalling, and reinstalling, but no dice.

  • emis

    unable to authenticate, why?

  • Glenn

    Unable to authenticate 🙁

  • Mike

    I don’t know if the game was updated recently but its letting me in after I log in, Says the device OS or software is not compatible, screen shot for proof.

  • Ze Pokemon

    I keep getting the “unable to authenticate” message..
    Guess it does not work.

  • Gururu

    why the pokemon go is not compatible with the bluestack? i downloaded it the one in the link

  • Shane Akers

    It says it must update?

  • Vins

    It worked until a couple of hours ago, now fail to autentication problem, again! Please help

  • Tyler Almonrode

    Im stuck in the loading screen as i try to log in with my Gooogle ID. any help?

    Edit: finally got something to pop up, it says “unable to authenticate please try again later”

  • ashybashy

    Im stuck on the log in screen, anyone with the same problem?

  • Sebastian Hidróbo Tamayo

    Worked perfeclty now I can’t play the game and got this message “This device, OS, or software is not compatible with Pokemon Go” 🙁

  • David

    It doesnt work anymore, just got back from work and now its not working on both PC and Laptop. It’s “unable to authenticate” and “not compatible”

  • Arturo Beltran Valencia

    I followed your instructions, but I got this error “Unable to authenticate” , I have tried both, google and trainer club

  • Bob

    Everything works fine. But how can i move. Because i cant move around with my arrow keys.

  • David

    Its blocked. Can’t log in, i keep getting “Unable to Authenticate”.

  • Snorkacks

    aaaaand fixed 😉
    worked til like an hour ago, then gone.

  • Dani Alcantara


    How are you making it work? Are you using bluestacks or another one, such as memu? Any tips?

  • Joku jokin

    Dont work anymore. Says device os not supportet

  • Rayth

    Unable to authenticate And a not suitable device error on 24/07/2017. Looks like it may have been patched?

  • Joku jokin

    Not working anymore? saus this device os or sohware is not compatible. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Just Fun

    Works slow but at least it works! Thanks in a milion!

  • Morten Jensen

    Dont waste your time people. The game works but you cant catch your first pokemon without an error and when you log off you have to start all over with your character design. Oh and now I cant pick a nickname without error.

  • DarknessInside97

    So, if I want to move around I must set another GPS location? That’s like asking to Niantic to ban you. And another thing, in the title it says that I can use the arroow keys and even in the app is says so..so how can I make it so I can move with WASD or the arrow keys? Also how can I turn off AR mode? It freezes and closes the game.

  • Jawad Messabihi

    “everything works for me except I cant turn of the AR for catching it freezes the game.” i have the same problem

  • juan

    Like the comment below me says everything work fines but when i try to catch a pokemon and try turning the ar off it freezes is there or is there going to be a fix for this?

  • Jonathan Rivera

    I do, any solutions?

    • Smiley

      I haven’t found any..

  • Hello :)

    Sadly my WASD/Arrow keys are not working (I cant move with them) 🙁


    i cant catch a Pokemon i have an AR issue

  • Amber Rice

    everything works for me except I cant turn of the AR for catching it freezes the game.

    • David

      Is your pokemon go still working on bluestacks?

    • Rock

      Which Version of Bluestacks did you Use?

  • How do you fool the GPS location? I have followed the instructions but can’t catch the starter pokemon because there is that error message at the top of the pokemon go screen saying unable to find gps (or however it words it) Any advice or tips appreciated.

  • Larry Wicklow

    It is currently working in Italy, the problem is that I got soft banned after 3 min playing (and I selected a nearby town, so not spoofing that much). but at least it worked! thanks man

    • Don’t move too fast and try to change location and start the game after certain time to make it look natural.

  • jeffrey monroe

    I am having a hell of a time even moving in the game. cant figure out how to use/set keyboard for controls

    • Fuszion

      You cant move around at this time while in game.

  • Jatinder Saroya
  • Jatinder Saroya

    login from club trainer

  • Jatinder Saroya

    today pokemone work in blue stacks i app use app opps.after update bluestack and i run this game brfore two days it work
    blue stacks letest
    pg 0.69.0

  • Jatinder Saroya

    try memu new emulater pokemon work in

  • Florin Gocea

    NOT WORKING stop trying to fool people, and its also says updated 23 july 2017, its 23 july 2017 and the game still doesn’t work, so please stop with this mess, its been like 5 months, and with all the hackers in the world we cannot find a solution to “cheat” it.

    • Larry Wicklow

      it worked for me, but i got soft banned. i am now playing with a new account waiting for the original one to be restored. use trainer club account

      • Michael du Plessis

        I keep getting the Unable to Authenticate error, how did you get it going?

    • Fuszion

      It does work you just have to update Bluestacks first.

  • Pui Angel

    HI, i am facing GPS signal not found” & “Unable to authenticate. can help me solve this problems?

  • Pui Angel

    Unable to authenticate.Please try again.” error messages pop up.Please help.

  • Adham Khaled Fahmy

    Unable to authenticate.Please try again.” error messages pop up.Please help.

  • Soham Rege

    Hi! I’m Soham.When I try to play Pokemon GO on PC, “GPS signal not found” & “Unable to authenticate.Please try again.” error messages pop up.Please help.

  • Soham Rege

    “GPS signal not found” & “Unable to authenticate” errors appear.Help would be appreciated.

  • Randy Nickel

    I know its not working yet but you should also update the info on BlueStacks. It looks totally different from the screenshots you have in the instructions. Edit: Actually most of them look different…

  • GetItReal

    guys it just wont work its not compatible cause the dev of pokemon go blocked it from all emulator it was perfectly working a year ago not anymore sry fans

  • bob Ashell

    This doesn’t work. If the author got this to work please post specs and version # of the software. I had to download kingroot on my phone and transfer it over because the link doesn’t work, and if you go to the website it downloads a .zip file.

    Also I just tried loading up pokemon go without all the fake GPS, and it doesn’t even load.

  • Amon Aglar

    Device is not compatible or unable to authenticate issues and GPS location not found.

  • Shisgha16

    Is there any app working with Pokemon GO?

    • We’re trying our various tricks & I guess we’re almost close to the best working method. Stay tuned.

      • Steve Carruthers

        Put that disclaimer at the beginning of your article so people dont waste their time.

      • Sneijder

        omg.. could’t you wrote that shit sentence at the top ?

      • Kevin Op’t Landt

        So do you have any news on this already? Found a work-around?


    kingroot content trojan gen 2, becareful

  • Sujit Ahirrao

    Doesn’t work! Getting Device is not compatible problem.

  • Danny Friskes

    i cant play it still says the device is not compatibale with the game what can i do
    please help

  • Phil Squires

    installed everything as per the step-by-step, but PGO says unable to authenticate when i try to login via google, and it also says no gps in a red bar across the top, even though fake gps pro is active (which i actually purchased for this purpose as it was suggested in the guide).

    Please help!!!

  • neb

    stop trying to beat the game for the sake of it and actually play it the way it was designed

    • Grey Hammond

      Some of us live in a very, very small town, with no poke stops, no gyms, and hell, little to no pokemon appearing.

  • Dimitris Antonopoulos

    Not adaptable yet.

  • nick

    shame it doesnt work. unable to authenticate. fixed that now its not supported by my os or device. all that work for a let down

  • Stephanie Moum

    I ran into a few issues, mainly with the Fake GPS app. I was not able to locate the file in the BstSharedFolder, so there was no way for me to install it as a system app. I tried downloading several other kinds of GPS spoofing apps, but none of them would appear here. I was still able to run the app with LuckyPatcher, so I tried to play without installing Fake GPS as a system app. The game wouldn’t allow me to enter my log in, only my birthdate followed by a “could not authenticate” error message. This really is a shame as I have a Google Pixel, so there’s no way for me to spoof on that since I can’t downgrade Android to 6.0.1. If there is another way for me to do this with a computer or if I’m doing something wrong, I’d really like to know.

    • aggelos trelamenos

      Exactly the same problem here!!!

  • v

    it says the device is not compatible -.-

  • odvejs

    are this gonna be up again soon?

  • HansWurst

    does this work again?

  • We’ll come with a working tool soon.

    • EQRG_Chevalier

      awesome! 😀

    • Mr Me

      when will this be happening?

    • balgaro

      anytime soon?

  • $216166036

    This hasn’t worked since ver 0.51. Niantic found a way to disable emulators .

  • Jenny Robyn Groves

    I am getting a unable to authenticate message when I try to log in on my google account

  • drsnooker

    I’m getting device not compatible.. (after not adaptable, missing link for patcher and a hard time moving the fakegps file to the BTSharedFolder)

  • AllexB

    Hi, i got the error ” This device , OS , or software is not compatible with Pokemon GO. ” This is the same error that i got when i couldn’t play it from bluestacks like 3 – 4 months ago… Any solutions ? I still can’t play it and i followed the exactly same steps.

  • ggsh3

    Hello! Does this still work?
    I’ve installed KingRoot, clicked “Try me” and what I get is “Not adaptable yet”. No “Fix me” in sight, only “Request” and “Security check”

  • Did you try with the latest APK?

    • Well, not working again… Is hard to play PGO in bluestacks again…

  • Mr. Davis

    It says the device is not compatible…. I don’t even mess with fake GPS. It’s just too cold to play where I live. Any idea how I can fix it?

  • Manas Ranian Dash

    Does it work on lolipop

  • davis

    not working,,same “unable to authenticate error” again…
    the photos don’t match the software versions, specially kingroot

  • Brooke

    Doesn’t work. Upon installing and logging in, you are forced to upgrade the game version and google play says it is incompatible and won’t give the upgrade. Wasted time!

  • rich reamer

    does not for me either.if you have older PGO installed, it forces you to update to 43.4.
    at that point, after updatin, it always fails with: unable to authenticate

  • Martha Gomez

    Is it work o not?

  • Don

    Going thru the trainer club I get the same that our servers are busy. Going thru a google account it says I need to update my version of Pokémon go. In google play it says my device is not supported so I tried updating thru the browser and the browser is no longer supported by MEmu. What gives?

  • John

    Installation has stopped around 80%. What a disappointment

  • hacker

    unable to authenticate with v0.39 🙁

    • danny

      Has it been fixed? Was going to try this but pointless if it doesn’t work?

  • Skyjumpninja

    as of 11.45 a.m Sept. 29th 2016, this app is not working. it loads all the way to the actuall opening screen for pokemon go, then you recieve the error message from Pokemon go. “our servers are humbled” Blah blah blah. Then nothing. tried more than 8 times and always get same results. Uninstalled. Please update or fix. thanks.

  • Blurb

    Doesn’t work – Niantic says unsupported device.

  • Waime

    Will be an update for 0.39?

  • Harambe


  • Van

    Not working anymore as Android is under 4.4+ on this emulator

  • Animus

    is it working for the new update? v.37?

  • Kevin Maughan

    anyway to make you travel faster?

  • team red

    I have also “Unable to play after install – Our servers are humbled by your incredible response”

  • Sanswalker

    it is not working at all. Our servers are humbled by your incredible response

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      MEmu will come back soon. Currently they are facing too much server load.

  • James

    Unable to play after install – Our servers are humbled by your incredible response

  • james

    server error???

  • Devendranath

    not working in my pc.when it starts a black colour appers and home screen of MEmu will be opened

  • Sarah

    Doesn’t work very well. If you set the GPS anywhere other than the location your IP address is coming from, you get a soft ban and cannot use pokestops or catch Pokémon. If there is a fix for this, please post it. I’m not current on all the latest hacking methods. I just want to be able to play the game when I can’t get out and walk around.

    • lennardmcg

      you have to spin a pokestop 40 times and then the ban disappeares

    • Brood

      It will always revert back to where you are. Key is to not use pokestops further than about a 10 mile radius from where you are, which ought to give you enough to work with.
      Also, if you want to catch anything elsewhere, key in the coordinates and get to the pokemon, upon clicking on it to start throwing balls to catch it, first change your location back to where you were, and then catch it. No soft ban then! 🙂

  • Sarah

    Thanks for making way to play Pokémon Go when I’m unable to get out of the house with out screwing up all my phone settings! Now I can create a new account for the PC version without tarnishing my legit, cheat free account on the phone. 🙂