Gaming consoles have been around decades and many amazing game titles have been around to entertain millions around, but there is one gaming console which has matured and developed consistently through the years, that is none other than Sony PlayStation.

In these years many companies developed their play machines such as Microsoft with their Xbox Series, Nintendo with their portable consoles but none comes closer with the experience, gaming titles and the strong community with thousands of gaming titles like PlayStation series.

The PlayStation series has come a long way and has again set a gaming benchmark with its latest support to 4k and many tweaks

with the amped up CPU and class leading GPU support with their PS4 Pro.

The major highlights of PS4 Pro will be:

  • Enhanced Gameplay with high visual games support for detailed environment gameplay
  • Native 4k Resolution support
  • A unified gaming community for the PS4 PS3 and PlayStation Plus
  • Greater Draw Distance which helps in providing improved visibility of objects in the background for the Immersive gaming experience.
  • PS4 Pro HD for high resolution
  • Dynamic 4k gaming which enhances games which are not in 4k to approach it.
  • Anti-Aliasing for smoother textures and features
  • Visual FX which helps smoke and steam have a heavier look for a detailed and realistic feel.
  • Vivid Textures to give the rust on the metal or dirt on the clothes a more reality touch
  • Clear shadows for the perception of depth
  • High fidelity Assets which displays more imagery also increasing the number of images on the screen at once.
  • HDR it balances the light coming from the game to match the visual spectrum of human eye
  • FPS boost(locked)(targeted) for a more smooth and consistent frame rates.
  • Boost mode to increase the loading times and the frame rate drops giving a much richer visual and user experience.

If considering all these points aren’t enough then the PS4 Pro has a long list of new gaming titles as NIOH, Watchdogs 2, Call of Duty Infinite 4 and much more which tempts you to buy one and enjoy in 4k.

Apart from that, a strong multiplayer community awaits for the interactive a team gameplay experience.

Sony has done it again and so far nobody can beat them in gaming console expertise If you don’t have a 4k screen or cash to spell then go for PS4 its coming cheap and it would be totally worth it.

Let me know your views and opinions regarding it in the comment section below.

  • Darryn Cerfontyne

    This is the most random post ever, because “Sony has done it again” as if the Pro just came out when it’s been out this whole year.

    No mention of the upcoming Xbox One X even once. Just specs about the Pro.

    I think this is a paid-for article – This is way too obvious.