PACMAN 5.1.1 Custom ROM1

Many of you might not be aware of PACMan ROM. As the image shows, its a combination of Paranoid, AOKP & CyanogenMod ROM. It offers a unique Custom ROM experience out of the best ROMs available with their own Tweaks and options. As it includes elements from the best ROMs out in the market, it would be a all in one experience for you. Why choose among ROMs, when you have All-in-One ! This ROM has very few bugs which can be neglected as most of the users don’t use those stuffs. Without wasting anymore time, let’s checkout the ROM.

Please Read the FULL POST Carefully !

What’s New and Working?

  1. All in One Rom [Core features from PA, AOKP and CM]
  2. PAC in Black
  3. Status bar tweaksQuick Settings Panel tweaks
  4. Notification Drawer tweaks
  5. Lockscreen Notifications
  6. Active Display
  7. Appbar
  8. Init.d scripts
  9. Build.prop Mods
  10. Statusbar Weather
  11. Recents RAM Bar
  12. PAC Console
  13. Latest Version Nightly Builds
  14. Changelog Viewer
  15. Basically if there is a cool feature out there and it’s open source, then we will try to bring that feature into PAC-man
  16. SIM2 / Dual SIM
  17. Data Only Sim 1
  18. Camera (both front & rear)
  19. Flashlight
  20. Sound
  21. Bluetooth
  22. IMEI detection
  23. Microphone (For calls and some apps only)
  24. USSD (for some Network)
  25. GPS (turn off sync reboot)
  26. Audio recording (Open App, click on 3 dot, Change file type AMR to WAV)
  27. Both Storage fixed
  28. Video recording (use Camcoder record 720p videos with Videocam Illusion

Not working :

  1. Radio fc gone but Channel not coming
  2. Hotspot
  3. Explore your Self.

Screenshots :

Disclaimer :

  • By flashing this, you automatically void your warranty!
  • If your phone breaks, blows up or runs away from you, do not cry to us!
  • Do not ask for ETAs!


  1. Download the ROM
  2. Reboot to recovery
  3. Wipe data/factory reset
  4. Flash the ROM
  5. Reboot your phone
  6. Enjoy

Downloads :

Don’t Forget  You Must Be A Join These Group For Upcoming Development OUR Offical Group

Micromax Unite 2 A106 Official Development Group ???? 

    1. PACMan ROM for A106 Click Here
    2. Ctr V3 Recovery : CTR Recovery for MMX Unite 2.
    3. 3g fix for pacman :3g fix

Bug Fixes :

SDcard as default Storage :

  1. Reboot to recovery and flash Xposed, then reboot.
  2. Now install XposedInstaller.apk, XinternalSD.apk as normal Apk,
  3. Open Xposed Installer now goto Modules and Active all the Apps by checking in all the boxes.
  4. Now Reboot
  5. After Reboot Open XinternalSD app and tick all box like Image (see bellow).
  6. Now Reboot again.
  7. After Reboot, check your SDcard as Defualt Storage.
  8. Enjoy.
Note: No need to update/install in framework on Xposed installer like Kitkat

2. Data Not working?

  1. Go to settings > data Usage
  2. Click on 3 dots on top right >Mobile Networks
  3. Access Point Names > Reset Defaults

3. Launcher Not updating Icons?

Install Lanuncher.apk as normal App

4. If phone not turning on after shut down :-

  1. Take out battery
  2. Put it back
  3. Enter into recovery mode.
  4. Reboot.

Credits :

  • SAI Krishna For Porting
  • Charan Cherry For Helping
  • Munna Mondal India for Helping me in porting.

Special Thanks

  • PAC-ROM Team * Cyanogen Team *AOKP Team
  • DirtyUnicorns
  • SlimRoms
  • Vanir
  • Omnirom
  • Neel Solanki for Bug Fixes.
  • And of course, thank you for your love and support!

Final words :

Make sure you read everything before commenting or contacting me. Its not possible for me to make a complete bug free ROM at this moment, so don’t expect this to have no bugs. But, if you have any doubts, queries regarding anything related to this ROM you can contact me or comment below. I would try to respond you as soon as possible.g

  • abhinav

    Hey can it be flashed with CWM

    • Devs-Lab Staff


  • Shubham Raut

    Yea fix the link i want to download this rom but i cant due to tht 404 error!!

  • Rimond

    Plz fix the link plzzzzz

  • Deepak

    plz sir help me hotspot problem and internal storage problem its a big problem for me

  • Deepak

    storage problem mu unite 2 is 8 gb rom phone and this file we got 3 gb only usable memory plz solve my problem my phone internal storage and phone storage is same same plz help me

  • Aditya seth

    sir is this rom supports the themes of all roms by which this is prepared?

  • Dravin

    How much app storage we get in 4GB variant?? in cm 12.1 its only 800 mb.. plz provide rom for 2 gb or 2.5 gb.. THANKU BTW great work porting these awesome roms.. Just the case of app storage and these will be my daily drivers..

  • Krupasindhu Ojha

    plz fix otg issue
    i want to use it bro
    only 1 problem that is otg!

  • Krupasindhu Ojha

    Plz make a patch vijay for fixing otg its not working..
    plzz fix otg issue..
    i want to use this rom its battry back up is awesome


  • Denis Kuzonov

    Can you please fix Microphone bug (apps cant use it) (probably it’s bug for video too) and YT works strange – no 480p, freezes in the start and etc. For all CM12.1 ROMS

  • Aaron P

    I wanted to flash a new recovery in it. When i did and tried to boot into recovery, it just switches on the phone again. Even when i manually try it doesnt work. PLS HELP!! I cant flash anything without recovery!!

  • Aakash

    GPS issues.
    Phone won’t even detect satellites.
    Turning off sync and rebooting doesn’t help.

  • Aakash

    GPS issues.
    Phone won’t even detect satellites, let alone get a fix.
    Turning off sync and rebooting doesn’t help.

  • Moniratna Munshi

    Plz fix the incoming call not occurring…

  • Vijay Jaiswaal

    check here guys 3g fixed ……….
    storage fixed soon

  • biswajit

    3g not fixed, only 2g working……

  • Aron

    I switched off the phone and it doesn’t boot to recovery. My power button doesn’t work and when I press volume up and down to boot to recovery, it just turns off display. Is there a fix for this because I cant use my phone till this is resolved. Thanks in advance.

  • Ajeej

    Please fix 3G is not network and not search any 3G network where i also selected 3G data network.

    • Vijay Jaiswaal


      • biswajit

        Its not…. Only 2g network working please fix asap

  • Wow man,
    It is bugless rom compared to cm12 and aicp,
    I have found that:
    -Video recording not functioning.
    -does not charge up when switch off .
    -sometimes stuck at boot logo

    In my opinion you can developed this ROM.every one will like it.
    Trust me

    Good luck.hope you will developed a bugless PAC ROM.

  • pavan

    its bugless compared with cynogenmod.
    but not fully bugless. sometimes it was being struck at boot.(after wiping cache from recovery then its working)
    sync is not working. i am really sad about it. please provide sync patch as far as possible. vj.. u rock

  • ajeej khan

    Please provide another link Google drive link not working..