OnePlus had just rolled out OxygenOS update 4.5.7 for its latest flagship, the OnePlus 5. The major highlight of this update was the inclusion of Electronic Image Stabilisation during 4K video recording. Today, the company announced that they are withdrawing this update due to performance issues with the promise of a fix ASAP.

The performance issue was only noted during gaming and was so debilitating that a user on /r/OnePlus official OnePlus sub-Reddit termed it as, dreadful. Characterised by incessant stuttering this is what prompted the “NEVER SETTLE”brand to take down the official download mirror for the update from their site. A follow up patch should arrive shortly to resolve this issue.

OnePlus is also expected to roll out another major update for the OnePlus 5 which should tackle the battery drain issues that users are reporting post the update which fixed the 911 bug. Apart from fixing the bug, rumours abound that OnePlus will implement Energy Aware Scheduling (ESA) to make the smartphone a bit more frugal when it comes to power consumption. ESA functions by making optimum utilisation of the CPU’s architecture to reduce battery leakage and drain associated issues. As per claims by OnePlus, implementation of OnePlus will almost double the Screen on Time (SoT) of the OnePlus 5.

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