OnePlus has a very strong presence in India and China, but the brand has global aspirations and there is many a land which the flagship killer brand has not set its foots on.So, the company has just announced it is planning a soft launch in Australia this month itself.

Talking on the OnePlus forums, Carl Pei, Co-founder of the company said that the initial launch will be to test the supply chain and shipping process. “We’re finally taking steps to enter Australia, and we’d like to enlist your help. Later this month, we’re bringing the OnePlus 5 to Australia through a soft launch program. The goal will be to test our product and supply chain, and we’ll be opening up a limited trial run for sales.” said the company.

Pei also expressed some disappointment on the late arrival of the brand in Australia. This meant that buyers would have to purchase the product from importers and third party-sellers paying more in the process and ending up with no local warranty. The massive Asian continent has seen good demand for the OnePlus phones, especially the OnePlus 5.

“I know that many of you have purchased our products via friends or family traveling abroad, or through parallel imports. This can’t compare to the user experience when dealing directly with OnePlus. Sorry that you had to endure this, and that it took us so long.” he said

There aren’t any dates for when the soft launch will happen this month, but Pei mentioned they will bring the latest premium flagship OnePlus 5 to Australia. As we know, the 5.5-inch OnePlus 5 costs US $479 RRP compared to the Galaxy S8’s $719 and the iPhone 7 Plus’ $769. That’s a huge discount and one more option for Australians on the platter. We don’t know the exact pricing as of now, but it will be close to the Chinese price.