OnePlus is announcing an MP Early Access program for owners of the OnePlus 3and 3T handsets. It is an extension of their beta program where users can download non-final builds of Oxygen OS on their handsets to provide feedback and actual statistics to the company. This seems to be modelled after the Google preview program although OnePlus has not made the ROM’s available for flashing instead opting for a more structured program thus allowing inadvertent bricking of devices.

One Plus 3T
The OnePlus 3T, the device is part of the MP Early Access program

With this early access process in place, OnePlus hopes that select users will be able to test and provide detailed feedback on changes they make in OxygenOS before putting it out for a wider audience in their beta program. This also allows these early access testers to pick out any particular use case bugs that were overlooked in the company’s standard bug-testing rounds. This allows for the company to get two rounds of feedback which ensures that a final build roll out should be as smooth and bug-free as possible.

OnePlus has stated that only a maximum of 150 people will be allowed to be a part of the MP early access, so the number of slots available are extremely limited. If you would like to be one of these pioneering folks, click on this link to fill out a form and answer a set of questions, including your current location, the device you own and whether you are comfortable whilst modifying your phone’s software. If you make it through, you will need to sign an NDA and have a Slack account, where you can publish your feedback to the OnePlus team directly and discuss with other fellow early access testers. For now it seems apart from being limited to a OnePlus 3 and 3T you need to be located either in the US, the EU or India to be a part of this endeavour.

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