Some time back, OnePlus 5 owners who tried to make a 911 emergency call, were unable to do so because of a bug. Now what did this bug too? Just when anyone started to dial 911 to report about an emergency, the phone simply rebooted. So whenever someone tried to dial 911, the bug caused the phone to reboot, which honestly was a big issue because sometimes you might be able to dial only once if you’re in danger. And this bug could have created some grave repercussions for the OnePlus 5 users. But luckily, it didn’t.

The issue first came to light when a Reddit user, owning OnePlus 5, warned the users about this vulnerability. Though the problem was limited to USA and UK only, it was found that it was not only the OnePlus 5 that was at bay, but other smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7 and S5, Asus Zenfone 3, Moto G5 as well as Sony Xperia Z3 also shared the same bug citing.

Soon enough OnePlus took a note of this reporting and immediately started working on the issue. “We have been in touch with the customer and have tested a software update that has resolved the issue,” a spokesperson for OnePlus said. “We will be rolling out the software update shortly,” he assured.

“After talking with OnePlus and sharing my log files which included the issue, the[ir] tech team was able to send me a test update and the 911 bug has been fixed,” the user commented. And hence, the issue was found and a hotfix update was able to fix it. OnePlus worked directly with Qualcomm to fix the issue since it was related to the modem (which Qualcomm provides). The update has reached most OnePlus 5 users, if not all.

Even though OnePlus was able to quickly roll out updates for the “911” bug, soon it started to create another problem for the OnePlus 5 user community. Apparently, after installing the update, some users are seeing unusually high battery drains on their devices. And accordingly, they have taken to the OnePlus forum to report about the same. The decrease in battery level ranges from 20-50% in a single night, and some users have pointed that even on Doze mode, the battery level dropped by 20-25%.

Currently no one knows what’s causing this, so there is no workaround for the same. Factory resets might prove to be an alternative though and you can post about the same in the comments below, if it works out for you. OnePlus hasn’t really acknowledged this officially, but they might be already on their toes to rectify this one as there is a long thread about this on the company’s forums.