OnePlus 5

Some of the early bird users of the newly launched OnePlus 5 are reporting issues with their devices. Not only is the handset dropping WiFi every now and then but now a stretching effect is also being reported. Users state that the issue is most notable when scrolling vertically although not every unit exhibits the same.


The issue which looks like rubber banding was first reported by users over at the OnePlus official forums and on Reddit. The latter have pointed out that the issue can be resolved by flipping your handset upside down while devices which do not exhibit this behaviour start doing so once you flip them. This has led to two prevailing theories about what might be causing the issue one of them being software and the other related to hardware.

The hardware theory states that since flipping a handset 180° solves the issue, the problem lies in the panel itself and is unfixable via an update. The software side postulates that it can be an animation or latency issue which the company can remedy via a patch/update. As to why the issue occurs in the first place, it can be attributed to the manner in which touchscreens refresh. There is a minuscule time delay between the time a pixel on the top of the screen refreshes and the one at the bottom. However, once the display is flipped around, the bottom pixels refresh first and you can get this illusion of a stretched image. The users who have a OnePlus 3/3T have tried to replicate the issue as well.

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In the meanwhile, the company has acknowledged the issue and is looking into the problem. Currently, there has been no official statement by them on what might be causing the issue so please stay tuned as we will update this topic as and when OnePlus decides to comment and update the community on point.

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