The OnePlus One was a great phone and offered a lot for its price. One more thing to note was that it ran CyanogenMod out-of-the box. CyanogenMod was an extremely popular custom ROM that supported many popular devices. Now, after it’s death, LineageOS has taken off.

The extremely popular OnePlus 5 has now received LineageOS 14.1 based on Android Nougat unofficially.

LineageOS offers extreme customisation and very fast updates. Since it’s open source and all free, any Android user can install it on their phone as long as it is supported. It offers ‘Stock Android’ experience with no bloat installed. Since it’s a very light skin on top of Android, users tend to notice speed boosts when coming from other relatively bulkier software.

The OnePlus 5 has been the perfect choice for users who expect great specs on a budget. The OnePlus 5 sports the top end Snapdragon 835 SoC coupled with upto 8GB of RAM. As expected, the OnePlus 5 performs faster than almost all the counterparts in the industry.

Now with LineageOS available for the beast, the phone will be able to take full advantage of it’s hardware.

One very disclaimer is the fact that the unofficial LineageOS ROM for the OnePlus 5 is still under testing and can be highly unstable for daily usage. Therefore we would recommend you to wait for a month, so that the bugs are ironed out.

For information on the stability and installation steps, please visit this link below.