The MOTO Z2 Force White Front and Gold back

The OnePlus 5 did not have a pleasant roll off at its launch; Within days of its launch it got hit by multiple controversies but the greatest of these was the issue of “jelly” like effect whilst scrolling. The company hemmed and hawed over the issue until finally, it was ascertained that it was because the OnePlus 5’s display panel is installed inverted. The issue cannot be fixed via a software patch and owners have no choice but to deal with the issue. Now, Daniel Marchena from XDA recently highlighted the same issue with the latest Motorola launch, the MOTO Z2 Force.

Upon further investigation, it is being realised that the issue is primarily caused because the display panel on the MOTO Z2 Force refreshes in the opposite direction as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8+. This is backed up by video proof of the two handsets below.

This is not the first time Motorola devices are facing this issue as the older MOTO Z Force has the display IC located at the bottom according to XDA. It is being theorised that the same is the case with the MOTO Z2 Force causing such issues.

OnePlus had dismissed the case by stating that it does not significantly impact the functioning of the handset and thus it will not be covered under warranty or manufacturing defect issues. It is likely that Motorola will treat this case similarly.

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