OnePlus tease

OnePlus is having a hard time containing the leaks and speculations around its upcoming release but today, the company in collaboration with The Verge spelled it out that the OnePlus 5 is going to release this Summer. The phone will be succeeding last year’s OnePlus 3 and 3T with appropriately flagship killer specifications being bequeathed to the yet undetailed device.

We had known for some time that OnePlus would be calling its next flagship the OnePlus 5 due to the fact that the number four is considered unlucky in China, OnePlus’s home country. Another reason that the company attributes to the OnePlus 5 being named so is the number five jersey of former NBA player Robert Horry, who has a huge fan following in the company staff.

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OnePlus has been in existence for a relatively short time but has crafted a niche for itself behind its NEVER SETTLE motto and releasing balanced devices which it titles as flagship killers. Although the company has made stumbles and has two not so popular devices (the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X) in its portfolio, last years OnePlus 3 and its successor the 3T have been received very warmly by the community. The company has also been very successful in keeping these devices up to date with regular updates in the Beta and official software branches. For our complete coverage on the OnePlus 5 till date, head here.

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