OnePlus is issuing a new update for the OnePlus 3 via OTA right off the back of the Blueborne fix. A couple of days earlier, both the OnePlus 3/3T were issued small patches that fixed the serious Bluetooth security issue. It brought other things as well like the boot animation and the soft screen calibration.

This new open beta update is a hefty 1526 MB in size and it only mentions one particular thing in the changelog. It seems to fix some app crash issues. Now, we’re not sure whether OnePlus themselves found a bug after the Blueborne patch or some users reported random app crashes or something else. But, this is what the app does.

If you have been troubled by any such random app crashes after the Blueborne update, we would like to hear from you in the comments below. The OTA hasn’t everyone right now, it seems. But it should arrive quickly. Remember to check your storage and battery percentage before hitting the update button. Backups are not a high priority for this one. However, you can take one if you just want to stay on the safe side.