OnePlus 3

OnePlus is a company that is very well known for it’s timely software support. Yesterday, June 26, OnePlus held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. While most of the questions were about the newly launched OnePlus 5, there was one question that was regarding the Android O update for the OnePlus 3 and 3T.

OnePlus has responded and assured that the Android O update will reach the OnePlus 3 and 3T by the end of this year. Usually though, significant updates such as these take longer than promised by OEM’s. Though OnePlus has a good track record in providing updates, don’t be surprised if the update takes longer than promised.

Assuming that OnePlus doesn’t launch a OnePlus 5T this year, it should be no surprise that the flagship OnePlus 5 will receive the Android O update first. Considering the fact that Oxygen OS is a very light skin on top of Android, it would be relatively easier to push updates faster than other OEM’s like Samsung.

Android O was introduced in Google I/O 2017 and brought a few significant changes under the hood. Several features including Notification Badges, Picture-In-Picture mode and Adaptive Icons are part of the new Android version.

Recent reports have pointed out that Android O maybe called Oatmeal Cookie. The first evidence lies in the source code of a Pixel device running Android 8.0 in which the word “oc-dev” was used on many occasions. Secondly, “oatmeal_cookie” was used in the sample code that was used in the presentation slide that was used in the Google I/O presentation slide. However, Google is well known for surprising us and we still hope that the name is Oreo.