OnePlus 3T Oxygen OS

With the OnePlus 5 about to launch most current OnePlus 3 and 3T users are in a fix about what will happen to their devices in terms of software support. The yesteryear flagship killers were the first handsets from the company which followed a stringent BETA build cycle with regular updates. Till now there was a vague response from the company regarding support for the OnePlus 3 and 3T but today Pete Lau tweeted out a statement that officially confirms that the older smartphones will get updated to Android O.

This confirmation could not have at a better time although it has not been specified when the handsets will receive this update. The latest iteration of Android should start appearing for the existing Pixel and supported Nexus handsets around August-September of this year. Ideally, seeing how OnePlus has its own taken on Android called Oxygen OS, we should not expect it any sooner than towards November-December of this year.

Android updates are necessary, not only from the perspective of keeping the device up to date but also pushing important security updates. These are important because they keep a user’s device secure against increasingly sophisticated attacks that seek to compromise one’s data and control.

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