OnePlus, Chinese Smartphone maker announced its 2015 ‘flagship killer’ OnePlus 2 few days ago. OnePlus allows users to buy their smartphones through invite system. However, OnePlus 2 invites have crossed 1 million mark within 3 days, which is pretty impressive.

OnePlus 2 Invites crosses 1 million
OnePlus 2 Invites crosses 1 million

However, we should point out that this is just a reservation for the right to buy the phone, as opposed to being a pre-order. That being said, the high amount of interest shown in the handset is a good sign for the company nonetheless. while the system might system odd for some, it’s actually a pretty clever way of managing expectations.

Once a user received the invited, it means they are eligible to buy the device, so in some ways it’s fair. It Also saves users pre-ordering and then having no clue as to when their order will be entertained. OnePlus used a similar system last year but according to the company, they have allocated much more stock this year.

In the meantime, OnePlus had also launched a contest in which they are asking interested customers into completing certain challenges to prove they really want the device. It is limited to just 22 winners but you can go ahead and try your luck anyway.

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