Google Pixel XL 2 render
A leaked Google Pixel XL 2 render

Google has finally revealed that the Pixel 2 brothers are coming on October 4. The official confirmation came on the company’s Twitter handle via a video clip. The confirmation will finally put to bed all other speculation regarding the launch date. The new info comes just a day after a billboard put up in Boston pointed to the same date was reported online.

In the 30-second long video clip, Google points to some features that will be the USP of the Pixel 2 lineup. Google thinks a lot of people wonder Why their phones run out of storage. Or why do their phones take blurry photos, or why does the phone not understand what the user wants. Those questions will be answered on October 4, the company says.

The questions in the teaser hint that the Pixel 2 will have micro SD card slots, unlike the Pixel. Also, they might have more storage capacity too. Similarly, even though the Pixel lineup had a camera to reckon with, the Pixel 2 XL might take it to the next level with dual cameras. And lastly, Google is planning to bake-in a better Assistant with wider language support and stronger AI capabilities.

Both the twins have now already passed the FCC as we know it. And it is common knowledge that the bigger sibling is made by LG. While the smaller sibling is made by HTC. The new duo should obviously come with sweet delights like Android Oreo out of the box and a Snapdragon 835 chipset as part of the package.