Back in 2014, New York Police Department (NYPD) announced that alongside guns and badges, those who will join the New York City Police Academy will also be getting smartphones but their choice is rather unusual.

While you could argue that NYPD should either pick up an iPhone or Android, they actually decided to go with Windows Phone. At the time of purchase, Windows Phone have already slipped down to just less than 1 percent of total market share.

While choosing a dying OS doesn’t seems to make any sense, NYPD is said to chose the platform mainly because of its security features and the ability to be remotely managed. Many was dismayed by the choice but the decision was final and maybe is regretted just a year after or maybe not?

According to reports, NYPD will now start ditching their $160 million worth of Lumia smartphones in favor of iPhones. This is following Microsoft’s discontinuation of the operating system which runs NYPD’s smartphones and custom-engineered apps.

Nokia Lumia 830

The smartphones given to over 36,000 officers were Lumia 830 and Lumia 640XL, both which are very old Lumia devices. Although both officially supports Windows 10 Mobile, it won’t take long enough for Microsoft to start pulling the support plug off these devices. Considering Microsoft’s sketchy tactics.

Microsoft Lumia 640XL

But the deputy commissioner defends their decision of choosing Microsoft’s Windows Phone over other popular platforms that time. “Three years ago we made the decision to bring mobility to the NYPD,” the commissioner said. “At that time, neither iOS nor Android phones allowed us to cost-effectively utilize prior investment in custom Windows applications.”

The NYPD didn’t specified the exact iPhone model they are getting, but it seems very unlikely that they will choose iPhone 8. Recent reports suggests that Apple will be charging $1000 USD for their latest iPhone, which is about $350 more than present iPhones. But whatever model they are getting, as long as it has a 64-bit processor, it will be just fine.