The wait of all Titanium S5+ users is over, Now its time to try out some good Custom ROMS for Titanium S5+. After great demand of S5+ Custom ROMS i have taken development of this device bit serious & would release few more ROMS soon. Now talking about the Note 3 ROM for S5+, as we all know how famous is Samsung for its smooth & beautiful interface which also offers unbeatable performance with some extra features which are not found in Stock Android ROMS. This is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Custom ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5+. Added many performance tweaks & modified the original rom to give a Complete Note 3 look. Now the base ROM comes from latest Note 3 base ROM with new Kitkat interface & much more.

ROM Features :

  1. Note 3 User Interface
  2. Samsung Galaxy Icons
  3. Galaxy Fonts
  4. S Voice
  5. Galaxy Notes
  6. S Music
  7. S Sound Recorder
  8. S health 
  9. Smart Memo
  10. Snap Camera 
  11. Snap gallery
  12. Google Play music
  13. Vibrate On Call Connect
  14. Samsung In-Call Screen and Dialer
  15. Some Note 3 & S4 Apps
  16. Samsung Bootanimation
  17. Galaxy Note 3 Ringtones
  18. Samsung Galaxy Wallpapers
  19. Samsung Dailer
  20. Build.prop Tweaks
  21. Fluid And Even More Smoother
  22. Now Finally Pre-Rooted
  23. Faster Streaming
  24. Net Speed Tweaks
  25. Signal Tweaks
  26. Better Responsiveness & Speed
  27. Proximity Tweaks
  28. Battery Saving Tweaks
  29. Smooth & Improved Touch
  30. Samsung Note 3 New Status Bar
  31. Fixed App Not Installing Issue
  32. Fixed Playstore [No Error Now]
  33. Amazing Battery Backup
  34. Super Smooth Performance
  35. Some SD Speed Tweaks
  36. Vividness Patch PreIncluded
  37. No Delay In Making Call
  38. Fast GPS
  39. Zipalign On Every Boot
  40. New Settings

Bugs :

       Almost i fixed all the bugs but, i think the camera shows ‘Green Screen’. I’m not sure about that. I leave this for you. Report any bug if you find. Except camera all other stuffs are working flawlessly. 

Screenshots :

 Downloads :

How to Install :

  1. Download ROM file from above link.
  2. Goto CWM recovery & Take a Nandroid Backup (Recommended)
  3. Clear Data / Factory Reset, Clear cache.
  4. Goto Advanced & Clear Dalvik cache.
  5. Finally Click on Install update/zip from SDcard, locate the rom file & select Yes.
  6. This will install the ROM file automatically.
   I hope you like this new Samsung interface in your S5+. If you have any questions you can ask in comment section. Please like & Share this post. Next ROM will be Android L for Titanium S5+. Keep visiting ! Have a good day !
  • swagatam

    While playing video the screen gets white. How to fix this problem bro

  • manish yadav

    I installed s3 note but its not workjng…now i want my previous version so what i do…plizzzz help fast..i cant restart my phone..and also dont have backup storage…plizzz help

  • Arun

    Bugless new roms are available for s5+ contact me [email protected] or on whatsapp9041920120

  • umar

    Those who facing issues of bootloop problem… Download the philz recovery… For titanium s5 plus… Nd flash it by mobile uncle tool…. Then follow the all steps of flashing rom… Nd format the system/data/cache/dalvic cache/wipe factory reset/wipe cache partiion.. Then flash the.. Hope this will help….

  • Aditya Umate

    after booting up it shows system II has unfortunately stopped.
    plzzzz help me ..

  • Praveen verma

    Hello anjikya sir,
    Can we hide soft bottam key at the time of playing videos in this note 3 rom
    because this option is not provided in karbonn titanium s5+ phone.
    please reply me


  • I Love Samsung ROM, and tried both note 3 and note 4 ROM for Karbonn S5 plus But Both ROMs have Errors, Is there any Samsung/Galaxy ROms With NO Bugs??

  • Siddique

    hey,,, i flash my phone with stock rom and dan i install dis custom rom… but i stop in bootloop.. please friend help me i am waiting for reply..

    • Format system in CWM recovery. It will work.

    • Siddique

      i did that also.. dan get same problem.. please help me out

  • Anonymous

    bro… fix da camera…

    dont leave your job unfnished….plzzzz

  • vikrant

    I install cwm 6.0.4 4 in karbonn s5 plus

    stuck in bootloop..
    and when i tried to complete format…
    it show above mentioned error…
    tried to mount/system bt no worth … showing error..
    In sony rom and also in samsung not 3 rom

    • Maybe you should try Touch recovery for S5+ from here : Touch recovery for S5+ Hope this works !

    • Man Ixh

      hey vikrant !! peoples are getting eroor in cwm ..
      so here the solution
      first you flash the stock rom-> link – ( )
      *remember read each and every step this is 100% working *
      after flashing the stock rom now install cwm by this meathod nad yes its safe nd simple – link -> ( )
      * read each and every step and remember while in flashing process an option will come you have yo click "NO" ) follow eack and every step and done you will have a working cwm recovery .. you can make nandroid backup of your stock rom after that 🙂 and can flash other rom 🙂

      if you want any help you can post 🙂



    • Hey Man first of all thanks for this great guide as i wondering how to fix this issue from past few days but couldn't find any solution as i don't own a Mediatek device. Talking about the camera bug even i replaced those files but still couldn't fix back cam. But don't worry i have a better ROM than Note 3 & soon i'll be posting it. Keep visiting !

    • virendra singh

      thanx bro.. it works!
      now waiting for more roms!

  • Anonymous

    bro im getting boot loop
    and when i try to format
    im geting error while formatting
    E: format_volume: make_extf4fs failed on /dev/block/mmcbli0p5

    plz help what to do ???

    • Anonymous

      i manage to restore to stock via ygdp .. but i want to try your custom roms.. again root via framaroot and install recovery via mobile uncle tool… now when i enter to recovery im unable to mount system or format system .. you recomend to format before installing custom rom ..if i install custom with out format only bootloops occur.. so what to do bro.. i really wanna try your roms plzz help im waiting ;((

    • I suggest you to Install Stock ROM then root your after that install CWM by this method : CWM for S5+ If this doesn't work either i'm afraid you need to consider your warranty. Hope this helps !

  • yasaswi

    will this also works for titanium s5

    • No, this is for S5+ but you can install Galaxy S5 ROM for Titanium S5. Keep visiting !

  • Anonymous

    Hey bro…..i am a porter as well…and i have ported fly ui…
    Can u give your whatsapp no…i need to contact you personlly

    • Hey that's really great but i can't give my No. here as it would lead to spam messages from people. Hope you understand. Please inbox me here : & Welcome to Karbonn Android Development ! Keep visiting !

  • siddhartha pandit

    Ajinkya bhai please post android l custom ROM for titanium s5 plus

  • siddhartha pandit

    Ajinkya bhai please post android l custom ROM for titanium s5 plus

    • Hey siddhartha,
      I was posting Android L rom for S5+ but one of the user insisted for a video walkthrough. So, the video will be ready tomorrow & i'll post the rom as soon as possible. Keep visiting sir ! Have a good day !

  • Please reply Ajinkya Bhai..and post the android L ROM for karbonn titanium s5+

    • I'm not at all angry bro actually its difficult for me to carry on ROM work & University exams. So, i'm less online in blog works. Hope you understand.

  • Ajinkya Bhai please fix the bug then post the ROM Bhai if you are angry with my behavior then I am sorry…bhai

  • Anonymous

    Moeez plz send pics

  • Ajinkya Bhai how much days more to upload Android L for titanium s5+….please reply

    • ROM is ready should i post the buggy rom? If so than i can post it tomorrow.

    • If its a minor bug than please post it but if its a major bug than please fix the bug

  • Ajinkya bhai please add OTG support in Android L rom that you are making and of cource please post it soon

    • Anonymous

      Moeez plz send me the pics if u have installed the xperia rom in s5 plus

      Email [email protected]
      Plz send it its urgent
      Thnx 😀

  • Hey guys got Xperia Z Rom for karbonn titanium s5 + here is the link

  • You are killing my patience

  • Ajinjya bhai please post android L for karbonn titanium s5+ …please…please…

    • Sorry for the late reply just because of my university exams i don't get time to look over blog but i'm trying to develop L rom & have almost completed but might take some time. Keep visiting !

  • Ajinjya bhai please post android L for karbonn titanium s5+ …please…please…

  • Charan Raj

    waiting for android L

  • Please do it its urgent …….bhai

  • Ajinkya Bhai its my humble request please fix the camera bug of note 3 custom ROM for titanium s5+

  • Please reply

  • Ajinkya Bhai how much days more for posting Android L for karbonn titanium s5+


    • Moeez sorry for my very late reply as my university exams are going on. The thing is i am trying to boot Original Kitkat 4.4.2 with pure Android L on S5+. Soon i'll disclose the final work. Thanks for your Support !

    • Manjinder Singh

      BRO tryto replace orignal camera driver in root/lib/hardware
      …..try it

  • Anonymous

    bro bahut prob le hain note 3 ke rom

  • Bhai can you fix the camera bug of note 3 ROM of titanium s5+

  • Please post soon

  • Ajinkya Bhai this is Moeez when are you going to post android L ROM for karbonn titanium s5+ can't wait anymore

  • Anish Stha

    Bro When Is The Android L Coming Up.?
    ANd The Camera Says Cant Connect To Camera, None of the videos are working.!

  • ganesh poul

    error while formatting
    E: format_volume: make_extf4fs failed on /dev/block/mmcbli0p5

    • virendra singh

      same problem..
      stuck in bootloop..
      and when i tried to complete format…
      it show above mentioned error…
      tried to mount/system bt no worth … showing error..
      checked if my internal is fried bt its normal in command promt scan throught adb fastboot..
      thanx 🙂

  • ganesh poul

    Thank u bro..

  • ganesh poul

    Plz help me

  • ganesh poul

    I install this ROM in my phone…it shows ROM installation complete .restart ur phone…when I restart my phone…it shows only boot animation screen…and nothing happen

    • Goto CWM Recovery > Mounts & Storage > Format System.
      Now flash this rom. Hope this helps, Keep visiting !

    • vikran

      Can't format systeamsysteam
      Error comes
      Please tell me wyat i do

  • Anonymous

    Can you make an Android L rom for the S5+? It's been a dream of mine man _/_

    • I have already made it. :3. Just testing is remaining.. I'll post it soon. 🙂

      Support my work, just checkout some ads.

    • ganesh poul


    • Anonymous

      Gee thanks for replying dude! Sure thing ^_^ (Y)

  • Anish Stha

    Bro My Mobile is Bootlooping.!
    The System also doesnt format.!
    And Even After Intsalling The Zip It Wont Be Repaired/!
    And Stock Rom ALso Cant Be Intsalled beause my mmobile is not detected by sp flash tool.!

    • I think you have not installed the VCOM USB Drivers for MTK6582M. Install it & then try. Hope this helps.

    • Anish Stha

      Bro I Counldnt Find The Drivers Please Send Me The Links Please.!

    • This will also work for S5+ :

      How to Install :
      1. Open device manager in PC Goto Install Hardware.
      2. Then in popup Search for MTK VCOM Driver.
      3. Locate the downloaded file in the popup window thats all. Now connect your device ( Switched off ) & See in device manager if a new device popsup.
      4. Now use sp flash tool to flash rom in S5+.

      Hope this helps ! Support my work, Checkout some Ads on site.

    • Anish Stha

      Thannks Bro The Driver Worked But Dont Know After I Pressed The Format on The Sp FLash Tool My Mobile Doesnt Appear To Switch On Or Charge.!! WHat Should I Do.?

    • Anish Stha

      And From Your Website The Stock Rom Also Doesnt Intsall. 🙁 Please

    • Bro Sorry but your S5+ if .cdb format so use this method for installing it :
      Hope this helps, Keep visiting !

    • Anish Stha

      Bro After Pressing Start It Doesnt move further up ahead.
      Isnt There any other way of flashing. By Sp Flash Tool Or Somewhat.?

  • Anonymous

    stuck in bootloop. Help

    • Do a complete System format from recovery then install this rom. Hope this helps, Keep visiting!

    • Anonymous

      So Ajinkya can you tell me how to do that.

    • Goto CWM Recovery > Mounts & Storage > Format System.
      Now flash this rom. Hope this helps, Keep visiting !

    • Anonymous

      Yes finally works. Thnx

    • Pleasure is all mine sir ! Keep visiting !

  • Anonymous

    ajinkya thanks for the note 3 but some bugs are there….pls fix the camera bug and some videos are not playing……solve these bugs it will be the best rom

    • Yes i'll fix it soon & currently working on Android L for S5+, Keep visiting!

    • viber

      leave this rom 😉 better explore Android L for S5+ 😛 future in lollipop

  • Anonymous

    hey bro tht playstore thing is a bug…
    bt it is caused due to the irregular internal memory of 12gb
    cn u make the sdcard as the phone storage like in xperia v2….thn thisbissue will wont be ther..
    nd pls make a kitkat rom…waitin fr it

  • Anonymous

    no bro i have installed only 3-4 simple apps .this is a bug and also video is also not playing..only sound aa rhi hai..pls bro bugs ko shi kro…so i found two bugs instalation and video .

  • Anonymous

    not able to install app from play store..showing insufficient space

  • Anonymous

    Do smart pause and smart scroll really works

  • Anonymous

    thanx Ajinkya bro .Rom working fine….but if u can solve camera wil be wonderful experience….!™

  • Great work ajinkya. I downloaded this rom n it is working very smoothly versy stable….waiting for Android l keep supporting s5+ development