Recently HMD Global had confirmed that it plans to launch all three NOKIA brand smartphones it revealed at the Mobile World Congress earlier in the year by June. The company stated that it plans to have a presence in all major markets by the end of the month. This was reinforced in a tweet (below) by the company’s official Twitter account.

Thus, we should be expecting the company to announce the NOKIA 3, 5 and 6 in the EU, US and India markets sooner rather than later. But that is not the only news that the company had to share with its ardent following. Yesterday, HMD announced that all three of its current devices would be getting updated to Android O as soon as Google makes it available to the OEMs.

HMD’s official stance on point being,

The smartphones will get the Android O update once the new release is available from Google for their OEM partners, the same way HMD Global is committed to the monthly

This not only augurs well for the brand but also means that HMD is committed to providing a good hardware and software to its customers; which is somewhat in short supply these days.

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Do note that the three devices noted above are not the only NOKIA branded smartphones that HMD plans to reveal this year with up to three more handsets in the works, including the flagship NOKIA 9 and premium mid-range units like the NOKIA 7 and 8.

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