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The original Google Pixel

Google’s next-gen Pixel handsets are stirring up a lot of rumours months prior to their launch for all the right reasons and today it might be another feather in the already full cap. A piece of code discovered recently by eagle-eyed XDA Developers users reveals that Google might add an Always On ambient display function to them. Originally, this feature was introduced in 2013 by Motorola (when it was owned by Google) with the original MOTO X under the name MOTO Display. Eventually, this was added to the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) meaning any Android device could support this feature with requisite hardware.

Google Pixel String

Over time, new functions have been added to ambient display but never an Always On feature primarily due to high battery usage. But Samsung has managed to work and improved the efficiency with an Always On OLED display. This has allowed Google to consider adding a similar feature to its own Pixel devices. A Pixel handset running the Developer Preview v.3 of Android O had a string that mentions the word “doze”. This was not to do with the Android feature that keeps applications from running in the background on an Android device thus improving the standby power drain. Thus it was deduced that this piece of code, in fact, deals with toggling on the Always On ambient display

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Other pieces of this puzzle indicate that all this currently an experiment even though the string legitimately does exist in Android O’s Developer Preview 3, it is not yet available for use. In Android O, the ambient display shows the icon of a notification instead of showing the complete text. This also prevents the ambient display from being triggered if the proximity sensor is occluded.

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