Android O Features, Release and Rumors
Android O Features, Release and Rumors

Android v7.0, Nougat was officially released last year in August year being seeded to the Nexus devices and various OEM’s have rolled it out for their flagships in the following months. Over time there has been further iteration on the OS with Google improving on various points, patching out bugs and security holes. This though has not detracted them from working on the next iteration of Android OS, 8.0. As we approach Google I/O scheduled to be held in May, the internet is abuzz with what the next flavor of Android will bring to the table.

As mentioned, there is very little information regarding Android 8.0, O to go around currently. Official confirmation should only be forthcoming during the Google I/O event as stated earlier. This though has not damped the enthusiast communities from speculating which next features that might potentially be part of the latest iteration of the OS.

A tipster had tipped off VentureBeat recently regarding some of these upcoming features and what to expect. One of these features is the called “Copy Less”, a smart function copy-paste where the OS takes information and automatically associates with applications / certain functions. This is already implemented by custom skinned version of Android by brands like Xiaomi to a limited extent. So, if you get a message containing an OTP for an application, the OS smartly copies and applies the data in the appropriate field. We will have to wait and see if Google will lock this functionality behind an OS update or will provide it independently as an update for their GBoard application.

Another feature alluded to be included would be picked up from Google’s longtime smartphone rival Apple’s cap: Responsive text. This feature picks up details such as address, phone numbers, date et al and when you interact with them, opens the respective application for it. While this feature has already been partially updated in individual application like the GMail Web app, it would be a good addition to the greater Android ecosystem.

The final rumoured feature that the tipster hinted was an evolution of various “Tap to Wake” functions like Huawei’s Knuckle 2.0 or Nokia’s Z launcher gesture function. The Mountain View based company is working on finger gestures to trigger actions, where you can draw a specific symbols / alphanumeric character and it will open up a corresponding application or set of applications.

What is the next flavour of Android?

Apart from the features, the next major tease of every new Android release is speculating what its name would be. As Google has clarified that all its builds will have a dessert connection, the Android community is abuzz with what can O stand for. So the guessing game is already on for which savoury sweet is going to be christen the next flavour of Android.

Android 8.0, Oreo?
Is Android 8.0, going to be Oreo

On this front, Google might have recently dropped a clue in the form of launching a game in partnership with Mondelēz – the owners of the Oreo brand called Oreo Space Dunk. A web based app which allows you to flip an Oreo cookie and dunk it into a glass of milk, the harder you flip your handset, the further the cookie lands. The game relies heavily on Google Maps data, also, the company opened up registration for the I/O event just prior to the game being announced. Coincidence, we think not.

If the next flavour is indeed Oreo, it would not be the first time the Mountain View search giant has tied up with a known brand for promotion. We all remember Android 4.0 christened KitKat and how Nestle reaped benefits of being associated with such a massive promotion of its well known wafer-chocolate with cross-promotions such as redeeming Google Play Store credit from packages of certain editions of KitKat’s sold.
Android 4.0 KitKat logo
Android 4.0 KitKat logo
In fact Hiroshi Lockheimer, the president of Android, put up a recent tweet on twitter and one can never be too sure whether it is a funny ribbing or a serious hint behind a veneer of humour.

This is all we currently have on what might be the next flavour of Android, what do you think about this information regarding Android 8.0, do you think it will be called Oreo or do you have your own theory, comment, share and discuss. Follow us on our social media to keep up-to date with the latest happenings in the world of Android.