Since last year, Google has had the favor of Qualcomm with its Pixel lineup. When the pair debuted with a Snapdragon 821, they were the first device on the market with the new silicon. So, when this year, rumors from credible sources crept up the blogosphere, the trend would continue. Since then, most experts added the Snapdragon 836 to the spec list of the upcoming Pixel 2 or at least the Pixel 2 XL.

Now, we have new twin reports from Android Police and XDA. Both sources not only debunk previous info but have negated the existence of the SoC altogether. Both reports cited industry insiders working with Qualcomm and said they were confident about the new info. Particularly, the insider says that there has never been nor will be a Snapdragon 836. Well, so much for the old rumors. The Pixel 2 phones, rumored to be released on October 5th will then be in the vein of all other flagships sporting the Snapdragon 835.

Also, the missing SoC will not create a big hole in the spec sheet of the formidable Google twins. It is well known that the tried and tested S835 has stood up to its flagship status. Even then, it performed remarkably with pretty much all high-end offerings this year. Moreover, even with the S835, the Pixel 2 phones will still be in for a treat, as their predecessors possessed the S821 chip. The new development can also be backed up with recent FCC filings of the Pixel 2 that popped up with MSM8998 (aka Snapdragon 835). And since both siblings traditionally come with the same chipsets, we conclude this year will be the same too.