Oukitel, a Chinese phonemaker, is set to launch their new Android smartphone in June, The Verge reported.

The said company is already deeming their device as “the king”. Although it might not be the kind of smartphone most of us would want to have, but this device has one impressive feature, a 10000 mAh of battery. We already seen that feature from their last device, the K10000, but Oukitel is not sailing the ship without anything new onboard.

The K10000 Pro, a successor to K10000, will not only be sporting a 10000 mAh of battery but also a fast charging capability. Charging K10000 Pro will only take three hours and the secret lies on its 12V/2A charger which the company said to have the flash charge technology.

But pushing boundaries will only cause compromises. In K10000 Pro its the weight. This device is said weigh lighter at 292.5 grams. To give you a perspective, my old Nokia Lumia 920 weighs around 185 grams which feels like a ton in the hand if you are holding it for the first time. Didn’t we complained about that when it was first released?

K10000 Pro will have a 5.5-inch 1080p display powered by octa-core Mediatek processor running on 1.5Ghz coupled with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage which is expandable. The K10000 Pro will keep the same camera as its predecessor which technically released in 2015 so there’s no special about that except Oukitel decided to improve some camera software algorithms. It is still not clear though in which version of Android it will be running but we might expect Android Nougat out of the box. Oukitel K10000 Pro is said to last for about 10 to 15 days with just one single charge, just like the K10000.

Maybe its nice to have one during vacation trips (also hoping for IP68 rating). How about you guys? Would you want to have one? Tell us in the comment section down below.