Apple has got us all booked for September 12, and soon all the rumors and reports about the upcoming iPhones would be finally put to rest. While we still have a little over a week left for Apple’s keynote event, if reports from 9TO5Mac and iCulture are to be believed, we may have a legit naming scheme for Apple’s upcoming generation of iPhones.


The three iPhones- iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8, might not be named as everyone is expecting them to be. Apple blogger and expert John Gruber already thinks, that Apple might not name its new line of iPhones under the “7s” nomenclature. Due to the new designs and spec-upgrades, Apple might rename them altogether.

For starters, the big bezel-less OLED screen model could be named iPhone X, instead of iPhone 8. The “X” in the name, would obviously relate to the 10th anniversary of Apple Inc’s first engineered mobile device. According to iCulture, the “information announced by Apple itself in Cupertino” was revealed by a ‘reliable source’. iCulture’s source has had a decent track record with Apple related leaks and was previously correct about the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, which was leaked by the website before release.

This is in contrast with what has been reported by 9TO5Mac. After talking to several casemakers, at the ongoing IFA event in Berlin, they think that the high-end device might be named iPhone Edition. Previously, some of these casemakers had also shared dummy images of the premium version iPhone in a rugged case, as tweeted by Evan Blass.

So to sum things up, the iPhone 7S might be iPhone 8, iPhone 7s Plus might be iPhone 8 Plus, and the premium iPhone 8 might be iPhone X or iPhone Edition. Confusing, right? Nevertheless, Apple will sort everything out on 12th September.