Moto G4 Plus Nougat update
Moto G4 Plus Nougat update

Motorola has launched the next smartphones in its Moto G series being the Moto G5 and the Moto G5 Plus at the MWC in Barcelona last month and subsequently launched the Moto G5 Plus in India on March 15 and has already sent out invites for its event on April 4 where the company will launch the Moto G5 in India. However, the company has been busy giving the updates to the older G series phones particularly the G4 Plus which already got the Android Nougat update at the start of this year. Now the company has been testing the Android 7.1.1 Nougat update on the G4 Plus.

This information has been known from the phone’s GFXBench results which show that the phone known to be Moto G4 Plus is running Android 7.1.1 Nougat. We know that the company has not been very good at giving updates in the past with the company reportedly saying that they would not be able to give regular security updates to its devices due to lack of time.

As for the specifications of the phone, the Moto G4 Plus runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 octa core CPU @1.6GHz with Qualcomm Adreno ™ 405 GPU with 1920 x 1080, 5.5″ inch LCD display. The device shown in the results is the 2 GB variant of the Moto G4 Plus which has 32 GB of internal storage.

Motorola and its parent company, Lenovo have been known to lag behind in the security updates department but it is good to see that Moto G4 Plus will become only the second device after OnePlus 3T to get the Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

  • Djidji

    Few minutes ago my moto g4 got the security update in Romania…NPJS93.25-14-4

  • I am in France, but still not coming latest android version for this phone.

  • Edwin Ramirez

    I got my Nougat update a month ago. Lenovo sure has taken it’s time. Not to mention that I have never received a security update.
    Good news that my Moto G4+ Will get another update but who knows when.

  • Han Danarts

    Check for updates, I’m in the us and currently downloading the update

  • AK ?

    Iam getting full heating problem.. for g4pluss

  • Tom Weisser

    Nougat notification hit today for me in the US

  • Edwards

    Installation of apps via mobile internet is not working …first fix tat issue then go for next version …..

  • Aaron Bell

    I’m in US and I still don’t have Nougat. What the flip r u talking about

  • Kim Crawford

    Don’t do nougat on moto g4 plus. Wifi fails since update. Spoty at best. Hurry with fix please. Yes I have tried all the possible fxes except throwing phone against the wall. Don’t make me have to change to another phone designer.

  • Deepak Yadav

    Bro it’s snapdragon 617 processor

  • Tao Ronaldo

    Oneplus 3/3T got the update about a week or two weeks ago. But I guess it’s unfair to compare flagship devices with a mid range one. However Moto used to be known for their quick updates. That’s why people bought it. But there’s nothing impressive about their updates anymore.

  • Nathan McLean

    I’m in Canada with G4 plus got the 7.0 update late February

  • Shoaib Ashraf

    It runs on SD 617 not 615.

  • jeremy

    No Updates for you America! (Says Lenovo, a Chinese company, which apparently has no time for such things)

  • MANI S S

    G3 third gen? Closed for ever?

  • R. “draoul” Ardvark

    I’ve been waiting since October for the update… Keep hearing every so often about the update is finally coming, then nothing. Motorola, stop the bullshit! I’ll think long and hard next time I need a new phone!

  • Jacob Frank

    Actually the G4 Plus already has had Nougat for a while here in Canada

  • YC

    My moto g4 (uk) got the Nougat update last month. Still running on December 2016 security patch though.

  • Travis

    US, no update yet. Can you indicate you are in India so you don’t confuse people anymore?

  • Sanidhya Bhardwaj

    Hey….I upgraded my Moto G4 Plus to nougat 7.0 using soak test. Will I get the new update of nougat????

  • William Knudsen

    Is this just in India? We haven’t received any update here in the U.S. Still on the July 2016 security update. Lack of regular security updates has to the understatement of the year 2016. How about no security updates ever again. At least be honest.

    • j James

      Second time with a Motorola. Figure I would learn. Nah. Fell for them again. LG or ZTE next time.

    • Sam McCormack

      That’s awful. In the UK we got Nougat a few weeks ago, so it should reach you within a month, I hope.

    • Mindhead1

      Getting tired of waiting for Nougat. Considering a flash of Lineage OS 14.1. I did it to my Moto X 2014 and it worked great.

    • Elton

      Of course we all got nougat

  • Richard Footitt

    I don’t know where you are located but here in the USA I’m still waiting for the nougat update. Still on marshmellow.

    • Madhav Pulivendala

      @Jak and Richard, wasn’t the update to nougat global, give or take a couple of months ?

    • Sandeep Bhatia Jr

      everyone got the nougat update in the beginning of the year in india and in US also I think

    • Dewayne Mitchell

      Wife and I both have g4 and mine just got the update and my wife’s still doesn’t have one

    • Aaron Bell


  • Alvin Williamson

    It’s about time…