Funny Motorola Moto Z Advertisements
Funny Motorola Moto Z Advertisements

Since Lenovo acquired Motorola, a lot of things have changed. Many issues were reported & Lenovo is seriously struggling to gain the same old Motorola fan base. Just to make things more like how “Motorola does it”, Motorola USA has released a series of Advertisements to promote it’s Moto Z with Moto Mods.

This Valentines season, Motorola has created some funny Ads of couples complaining about their relationship with their partners, in a marriage counselor’s office. With this Ads, Motorola says to Move on to a new phone rather than complaining about the issues of your old phone which was not a perfect relationship. I love how Lenovo’s Advertisment game is on point.

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  • booboodafoo

    Don’t ever buy anything Motorola. I did and cancelled the order 20 minutes later. I was going to finance through Affirm their financing company. The financing still hasn’t cancelled even though I cancelled my order immediately. Don’t ever deal with Motorola or Affirm the phone financing company they go through. Motorola sucks!!!