MOTO Z2 leaked render
The leaked MOTO Z2 render courtesy Android Authority

Motorola has had a hard time containing various leaks around its products in the recent past, with a recent leak of the images showing the complete refreshed MOTO Z line for this year. The leak alleged that there will be three handsets in the family, the MOTO Z2 Force, the MOTO Z2 Play and a third handset simply known as the MOTO Z2.

In a recent report, Android Authority has gotten hands on a clear frontal shot of the MOTO Z2 which can be seen to be a recent Motorola MOTO device thanks to the presence of a lozenge-shaped fingerprint scanner below the display panel up front and due to it conforming to the broad design conventions that the company has seemed to selected for its current generation of phones. It is envisioned that keeping in line with the other two handsets in the family, the device will also feature support for the MOTO MODs accessories thanks to the presence of contact pads at the bottom rear of the device.

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Currently, there is no information regarding what hardware the MOTO Z2 will carry although the Z2 Force and Z2 Play have had some information surface from a leaked presentation. It is alleged that Motorola plans to unveil the phone sometime around early June but that too is based on hearsay and not facts.

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