MOTO X4 leaked render
Recently, Motorola showed off its latest MOTO flagship, the MOTO Z2 Force but that is not the last release for the company. We expect to see the MOTO G5S range and the MOTO X4 before the end of the year. And the latter is what we are here to discuss today, post multiple false flags and starts with regards to its reveal, noted tipster @rquandt has given us details regarding the upcoming MOTO X4.
If this is actually true, a €350 (~Rs 26,250) price tag for a phone of the MOTO X4’s calibre is quite a good bargain. It has been alleged in multiple conflicting leaks and reports that the MOTO X4 will be coming with either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 or 630 chipset. Even if we assume that it comes with the latter weaker chipset coupled with 4GB of RAM, a dual-camera setup and a 3000mAh battery unit inside a premium glass and metal chassis the value proposition makes a lot of sense.
Although none of this actually verifiable we can only hope that the company gives the former top-of-the-line X-range of handsets the love they deserve. Currently, the MOTO X4 is slated to launch sometime later this year along with the possibility that it might be the first non-Google handset to support Google’s MVNO Project Fi network.
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