Motorola presentation leak
The leaked Motorola slide

In a surprising turn of events, the official Twitter account for Motorola Canada has revealed that the company plans to launch “a bold new phone” on June 1. In a tease, the company has attached a GIF which shows us the iconic batwing logo but not much else.

Currently, we do not know what exactly Motorola has planned for release on June 1 but speculations are rife with near constant leaks of the MOTO Z2 series handsets. Motorola also has to launch its budget focussed MOTO E4 line of smartphones and has already confirmed the revival of the MOTO X series of devices with a MOTO X4 slated to launch sometime this year.

At this point, it is less about when and how but rather what the company has up its sleeve. This, considering the entire Motorola MOTO line up for the year has already been leaked onto the internet.

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