Will the XT1902-2 / XT-1902-3 succeed the MOTO M
The original Motorola MOTO M

Motorola, a Lenovo company has been scheduling multiple events for this month of June. There have been multiple leaks regarding events and possibly which devices might get covered and also the estimated price of said devices. Today, another MOTO smartphone bearing the model number XT1902-2 surfaced on the WiFi Alliance website.

MOTO XT1902-2 WiFi Alliance certification
The MOTO XT1902-2 in the WiFi Alliance database

Recently, we had brought to you news regarding the MOTO XT1902-3 showing up on Geekbench and where it might fall in the company’s product stack. The MOTO XT1902-3 was powered by MediaTek’s MT6797 Helio X20 chipset and was suspected to be the successor for the MOTO M. The XT1902-2 on the other hand has the MediaTek MT6757CH Helio P20 at its heart. The WiFi Alliance page also shows that the MOTO XT1902-2 will come with Android v.7.1.1, Nougat out of the box. The database also shows that the smartphone has been Wi-Fi CERTIFIED till a maximum of standard g.

How does this sync up with Motorola’s current product stack, is anyone’s guess since the company does not feature a lot of smartphones in its product stack with MediaTek chipsets. What do you think about this leak? Are you excited about what could be potentially more variants of the MOTO M2, let us know in the comments below.

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