Motorola presentation leak
The leaked Motorola slide

Recently we had shared a leaked presentation that showed what looked like the complete Motorola MOTO line up for this year. The presentation alluded to a MOTO gS and gS+ device in place of the MOTO G5 family which we assumed would be a product launched in the next year because the latter had already been released. Now, Android Authority is claiming that through trusted sources it has found what these placeholder titles were for. Apparently, Motorola is planning to launch a MOTO G5S family sometime later in the year.

In the images, we can see the MOTO G5S in Gold, Grey and Blue livery options. The handset retains a lot of design similarities with its predecessor, a large display, lozenge-shaped fingerprint scanner and an earpiece up top flanked by a notification light and selfie camera with what looks like a dedicated flash unit.

The story remains similar at the back with the camera bump existing with a camera lens and dual-LED flash integrated within. Motorola has redesigned the antenna lines though and more importantly, the MOTO G5S signals the return of the Batwing logo inside a dimple.

The article goes on to state that the MOTO G5S will feature a full-metal chassis instead of just having a metal back plate and plastic sides. This would impart the handset a more premium feel and justify a premium on its pricing vis-á-vis the regular MOTO G line. From the earlier presentation, we were already aware that the MOTO G5S would feature a 5.2-inch full-HD (1080 x1920) display and the MOTO G5S Plus will have a 5.5-inch full-HD screen. Currently, this is all the information available on these MOTO handsets and we eagerly await more details like pricing and launch window to share with you.

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