Recently, post the launch of the MOTO G5 series of smartphones Motorola had detailed its plan for the ultra-budget segment of smartphones. Till last year the MOTO E series was the cheapest smartphone in the company’s product stack which this year that spot has been taken up by the MOTO C. As of now details on the device are sparse and with no launch window to speak of but recently it received its Bluetooth SIG certification and FCC clearance.

The new information verifies two things, firstly that Motorola is actively working on the device and secondly, it is planned to be launched in the US market as well. From the screenshot below we can make out that the device listed with the model number XT1750 will be carrying Bluetooth v.4.2.

MOTO C_Bluetooth certification
MOTO C (XT1750) SIG Bluetooth certification

From the older leaks that we reported on the device, it is likely the MOTO C will be running on a quad-core MediaTek MT6580 SoC coupled with 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. All this hardware will be running on a modest 2350mAh battery. On the OS front, it is likely to be running a close to stock version of Android, v.7.0, Nougat out of the box. There have been allusions that a more powerful MOTO C Plus is also in the works under the model number XT1754. The primary difference between the two devices is that the MOTO C Plus sports a newer MediaTek MT6737 quad-core SoC based on ARMv8 processor rather than the older MT6850 which is based on ARMv7. To keep the prices low, the chassis of the devices will be made of plastic.

Considering this leak, more information regarding these devices should be forthcoming in the coming weeks. Seeing as the MOTO E series of handsets have been leaked recently as well, we should be seeing an announcement in late May or June regarding the launch of these smartphones.

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