Just last week, a Japanese tourist fell to his death at the Taj Mahal while trying to take a selfie. With the selfie craze at an all-time high, a startling statistic has surfaced — in 2015 there have been more deaths due to selfie mishaps, even more than shark attacks.

In 2015, the causes of death due to selfie mishaps has risen to 12, while there have been comparatively only eight deaths due to shark attacks, Mashable reports. This confirms the rise in users’ absent-mindedness while trying to get a good self-portrait.

While this report might seem outrageous, unruly incidents involving selfies have been making quite a few headlines in the recent times. The craze around selfies has been on a tremendous rise, with the word even making it to the Oxford dictionary last year. Smartphone companies have started making phones designed specifically for selfie addicts, and governments have also started rolling out advisories for taking a safe selfie.

Sharks vs. Selfies
Sharks vs. Selfies

The report states that one of the leading cause of deaths involving selfies was being hit or injured by trains, in pursuit of getting a photo with the train. 22-year old Jared Michael recently tried taking a selfie in front of an oncoming train. The train driver yelled at Michael to get out of the way, but when he wouldn’t listen, the driver simply kicked him on the head.

Recently, a 29-year-old rammed his car into a tree while trying to take a selfie, injuring quite a few people in the process. Last year, a Polish couple fell down a cliff at Cabo da Raca in West Portugal. The couple of was trying to click a selfie at the edge of the cliff, and the worst part is that their two children witnessed their parents falling hundreds of feet.

A man even got bit by a rattlesnake while trying to take a selfie with it, and had to eventually raise $150,000 to pay off medical bills. As the craze for selfies refuses to die down, it is important to know where to draw the line for photographs.

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