The MIUI V5 was launched in 2014 which didn’t failed to impress MIUI fans by its unbeatable Performance & Smooth interface & Better color production. MIUI V5 has got all new icon shades, shadows &  better settings menu. This Miui rom has all the latest Miui Apps. The best part of Miui rom is, it has its own Security center which offers great security against unwanted programs & Files. With thousands of downloadable themes, a clean and beautiful UI, MIUI V5 is the best option to have a great appearance. The themes are so powerful that they can change the look of everything such as wallpapers, icons, status bar, fonts, messaging application, dialer and contacts, boot animation, and even sounds such as the boot audio, ringtones, notifications and alarms. MIUI V6 has made these core functionality of Android more powerful.  You can star important messages so they don’t get lost in the heap of other messages. Your contacts will be regularly synchronized with your Xiaomi account. You can blacklist your contacts to block unwanted calls. Get ready to experience MIUI V5 Custom ROM for Karbonn A30 which is Visually stunning, Stunningly Simple.

Features of MIUI ROM for Karbonn A30:

1. Phone
Fix – When user was answering call, the status of the upper Status bar was irregular
2. Locks screen, Status bar, and Notification shade]
Optimization – The push icon displays pushed apps’ icons

3. Browser
Optimization – When a page is added to the Useful tab, the corresponding shortcut square’s background is the same color as the page’s (11-27)
4. Music
Optimization – MiSound prompt added
Fix – Sometimes playing default video would cause FC
5 Download
Fix – Sometimes changing the system language would cause app to FC
6. Gallery
New – Cloud images can be played as slide show
New – User can share cloud images using third-party apps
Optimization – Faster loading time for start page and local images page
Optimization – Screen saver settings moved to system settings
Fix – When Gallery was open, the bar along the bottom of the screen would flicker
Fix – Sometimes an error would cause cloud images to increase to over 1000
Fix – When user closed cloud album, cloud album images would still be displayed as screen saver
Fix – The on the local storage page, the phone’s internal storage and external SD card were being displayed with the same name
7. Themes
Fix – Themes with incompatible components cannot be applied
8. Video
Optimization – Improved display for details page when viewing with lager system font sizes
Optimization – When DLNA devices are found, they are displayed in the same directory
Fix – Sometimes, when coming from the player interface, the details page would FC
Fix – When system was set to English, some menu titles were still displayed in Chinese
Fix – When user tapped search button, two loading animations would appear
Fix – Sometimes app would FC in list view

9. Weather
New – Weather data for cities out side of China added
New – Inclement weather warning feature
New – Trends data now includes weather data from the previous day
Optimization – Improved weather animation for clouds at night
Optimization – User can swipe between pages
Fix – Some themes couldn’t get weather data

10. Security center
Optimization – Increased efficiency for virus scans using cloud definitions
Fix – After virus scan, app names and icons weren’t displaying properly in virus detail list
Fix – When system language was set to English, part of the Power settings interface was still in Chinese
Fix – When cleaning up trash, checking for large install packages would cause FC
Fix – Sometimes in Permissions, when user was looking at logs, app would FC
Fix – Sometimes during “Clean up” process app would FC
Fix – Sometimes the number of items cleaned up would display “-1”
Fix – Sometimes changing configurations in Power settings would also enable vibrate
Fix – When using a custom power configuration, notification sound on touch feature didn’t work
Fix – Sometimes in the auto-clean configuration for cache, the “Never” setting didn’t work
Fix – Sometimes power configuration would continuously change back and forth between Sleep and Default

Downloads :

Screenshots : 

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  • Riyadhahmad

    Hi mishra,
    I’m really happy for your wonderful job of creation for karbonn A30.
    I to request you please creat a custom kernel swap supported for A30.

  • Nadeem Choudhary

    Plz reload custom rom and sd card file is not working…

  • Gr8 ROM, i liked it. Please upload SD card fix again. The link is broken.


    Dear Bro, I am to request you please develop Lolipop rom for karbonn A30, it is already out there, but one has to complete surveys etc. to download, pl help out

    • Sorry for the late reply DRDKUNDU ! Ya i'll develop a Lolipop rom for Karbonn A30. Just need a tester to test that rom if you are ready to test then Contact me on

    • Rams

      Hi Misra,

      I am ready to test that rom if you don't mind…?

      Waiting for your replay !

    • Hey Rams,
      Please contact me here

    • Rahul B.Lohar

      apps are note moving to sd auto focus is fixed but apps are not moving
      please help

  • Rams

    Even i am also having the same issue with the sd card patch but without sd card patch it is working for me.
    Ajinkya please check whatsapp bugs :::..!

    • Are you facing the same problem with other messenger services like hike ?

    • Rams

      Hi Mishra, sorry for the late reply,

      Even i am facing same issue with the hike and whatsapp plus as well…. 🙁

    • Try this Goto recvoery > Advanced > Fix permissions & clear cache & dalvik cache. If this doesn't works do a complete factory reset, Because this is compatibility issue of whatsapp with this rom.

    • Rams

      Hi Mishra,

      Your new Samsung rom is excellent i really love it, Can you help me one thing..

      My query is i want to use the MIUI rom from your site but the thing is unfortunatly my sim 1 slot was damaged,actually in samsung rom i can get 3g on sim 2 but in MIUI rom i don't have that option.

      Is there any possibilities to activate 3g on my sim 2 in MIUI rom can you please help me if any possibilities ?

      I hope i will get a positive reply from you…:)

    • I'm really happy for your wonderful experience with S5 ROM. It would be great if you post this positive comment below S5 post which will help others to choose it. I think the solution to your problem is over here :
      Hope this helps, Keep visiting ! Checkout some ads on site to support my work. 🙂

  • Vishal Gajul

    i installed your sd card patch but still its not showing sd card and still my camera is getting green even in stock rom…tell me something!!!!!!

  • Vishal Gajul

    How to install SD card patch !!!!

    • Same as you install custom rom. Install zip from sdcard.

  • Rams

    Hi Mishra,

    I really thankful to you for giving this wonderful roms.We are facing whatsapp issue can you please look into this issue please.

    • What kind of issues? Please explain !

    • Rams

      Thanks for your replay.
      If i want to send a picture or any media file through whatsapp directly then it will automatically closes the whatapps, even when i get the picture from my friend i am unable to open it through whatapp.If i want to open then i need to go to gallery there i can able to open the picture and i am unable to send to new whatsapp message as well….
      Please check the issue… i love this rom .. 🙂

    • This sounds like whatsapp compatibility issue with this rom, have you tried whatsapp+? Please inform if you ae facing the same issue with whatsapp+ & other messengers.

  • Vishal Gajul

    The link is not working at all even after putting https.

  • Anonymous

    what's app getting crash in this rom

  • hi dear, I want to install Custom Rom for Karbonn A30 But Plz till me that sd card bug fix or not

  • All links are not working. Please check on all posts.

  • Anonymous

    hiii….i hv karbonn a30…. i want to install custom rom on my phone… should i do that???

    read your blog and did following but its not installed
    i did these steps
    1— rooted ma phone using framaroot.
    2—installed cwm
    3—selected image and flashed
    4—downloaded rom 4.2.2 miui for karbonn a30 placed on sd card
    5–opend recovery mode wiped user data and cache partion

    then wt to do pls explain plzzzzzzzzz…………..

    • You have done few of the steps correctly i think you not installed the Custom recovery properly Please follow the steps mentioned in the blog. You can comment below if are still not able to flash this rom. Thanks for visiting.

  • Sir sd card not working pls help

  • Anonymous

    Please help me sir i flashed the rom and the patch of sd everything is gud but it is not showing sd card without which rom is useless plz help sir

    • I will surely fix the sdcard bug in few days and inform all of you on facebook page.

  • Anonymous

    Hello plz help me i flashed karbon a30 miui rom everything is good but it is not showing sd card plz help me

  • Anmol

    Hi Ajinkya,
    Thnks for this wonderful MIUI port. I have tried it on my Karbonn A30 and works really great.
    I would request to get more ROMS, may be latest MIUI 6 or any Kitkat based ROMS for karbonn A30.
    Thanks in advance….

    Keep up the good work….

    • Thanks Anmol ! Sure i will try to port some other custom roms for A30 soon. Stay tuned. 😉

    • Anonymous

      that addfly link isnt working..????i tried https..

    • Anmol

      Hi Ajinkya, did you managed to get any ports for Karbonn A30. May be can you suggest some good websites were I can find some good ports….